UPDATE Day 2 Recap: 

The 2015 Call of Duty Championship Day 2 was full of upsets. The day started off with Denial talking down OpTic Gaming 3-1, sending OpTic to the loser’s bracket. As the day progressed, many fan favorite teams like Team Kaliber, OpTic Gaming, OpTic Nation, and more were eliminated. Surprises included Team Revenge that have made it all the way to Championship Sunday. 

After day 2 ended, we are now left wth only three teams: Denial eSports, Team Revenge, and FaZe Red. FaZe Red sits in the loser’s bracket finals, awaiting the loser of Denial vs. Team Revenge. Day 3’s action kicks off at 11AM PT with Denial vs. Team Revenge in the Upper Bracket Finals. The winner of this advances to the Grand Championship match. 

Day 3 will also feature a live gameplay look at Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC MP maps and a new trailer for Exo Zombies Infection. Be sure to tune in.

Day 1 of the 2015 Call of Duty Championship was packed with the most intense action, as 32 teams battled it out in their Groups to secure a placement to advance to Day 2. After all the matches, 16 teams rose to the top.

Group A:

Group A featured OpTic Gaming, Team Orbit, NxG Gaming, and Vitality X. OpTic Gaming took this Group by storm, winning all their series and only dropping 1 match to Team Orbit. With that, OpTic Gaming and Team Orbit have advanced from Group A.

Group B: 

Group B featured Denial eSports, Prophecy, HyperGames, and Klar1ty Gaming. Although Denial was higher seeded, Prophecy came out with all their stratigies and took down Denial 3-2 in their match. Both Denial and Prophecy were able to clean up this group and advance on.

Group C: 

Group C featured FaZe Red, FABE Germany, Automatic Reload, and FABE Allstars. FABE Germany came out strong, but this group saw FaZe Red and Automatic Reload advance through.

Group D:

Group D featured OpTic Nation, Gamers2, Exiles.T1, and SSOF Gaming. OpTic Nation had a strong showing, winning all of their matches. Brazilian team SSOF struggled in Day 1; they were unable to win any series. OpTic Nation and Gamers2 advanced from this group.

Group E: 

Group E featured Team EnVyUs, Team Meance, Mindfreak, and UX Gaming. After a shaky regional performance, Team EnVyUs had a strong showing in Day 1. Although Mindfreak put up a good fight, EnVyUs was able to win their match 3-0 against them. Team EnVyUs and Mindfreak advanced from this Group.

Group F: 

Group F featured Revenge, Aware Gaming, 3SUP, and Team Infused. Revenge was able to sweep through this group and advance alongside Aware Gaming.

Group G:

Group G featured FaZe Black, TCM Gaming, DA.Below Zero, and Ascentia. FaZe Black was able to sweep through this group to secure their spot. Many people expected TCM, the team that placed second at EU Regionals to advance too, but Below Zero came out strong and took the second spot in this Group.

Group H:

This group featured Team Kaliber, Epsilion, Strictly Business, and Integral Nation. This group was termed the ‘group of death.’ Strictly Business was able to take a commanding lead in this Group, securing the top spot. The remaining spot was between Team Kaliber and Epsilon. The match between them went all the way to a Game 5, where Team Kaliber emerged victorious. Strictly Business and Team Kaliber advanced from this Group.

Day 2 Preview: 

Day 2 will feature these top 16 teams going to head to head to secure a spot on Championship Sunday. The top 16 teams will be narrowed down to a mere 3 teams following today’s action. The action kicks off at 9AM PT live here.

Here’s the bracket’s and schedule for today:


Official Recap Video:

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