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A few days ago, we asked you to vote for your favorite Black Ops 4 multiplayer map and today we’ll take a look at the results.

Each and every person plays Call of Duty with their own style. Some will run-and-gun opponents while others will sit back with long-range ARs. Other still will use Snipers or prefer the age-old methods of “camping.”

All of these playstyles generally determine what types of maps we prefer to play. Tighter maps favor run-and-gun type players while long sightlines give advantages to ARs like the ICR-7.

So let’s take a look at those results.

Classic maps led the pack among community votes. Firing Range won out at 2.6k votes, Slums took 2nd place with 2.2k votes, and the recurring Nuketown took 3rd with 1.7k votes.

Nostalgia definitely play a role in these vote counts as the maps are favorites from Black Ops games in the past. The map also play well in Black Ops 4 due to great map design techniques used in their creation.

As we moved down the list, newer maps started to appear. The generalist’s three-lane map of Arsenal got 1.3k votes, barely beating out Hacienda at 1.2k. You can see the full results embedded at the bottom of the article. Now, let’s take a look the community’s least favorite maps.

Out of the 19 multiplayer maps for Black Ops 4, the community voted the least for Madagascar & Elevation. These two DLC maps received only 114 & 128 vote, respectively. These results probably stem from the backlash the Black Ops Pass has received and due to the fact that fewer people play DLC maps over the base game maps in most Call of Duty titles.

Similarly low results were received by Payload at 233 votes, Seaside Sunset at 250 votes, and Morocco at 265 votes.

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