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Call of Duty: Future Warfare, Lag Compensation, Dedicated Servers, Zombies



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Call of Duty, one of the most successful video game franchises in recent years catering to 40 million monthly active players across all of the Call of Duty titles, with 10 million Call of Duty: Elite users and 2 million paying annual members.

With 9 major console/PC releases, an upcoming title ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ and an ever increasing audience, what more could the Call of Duty franchise potentially deliver?
Let’s run through some of the bigger ideas from the Call of Duty community:


Many Call of Duty players have expressed their desire for an overhaul to the Call of Duty engine as opposed to “refreshes” or “upgrades”. Call of Duty is popular for it’s gameplay and mechanics – it’s one of those games whereby you can pick up the controller at your local game store and get right in to the action.
Get enough practice and you’ll evolve as a player, improve your profile statistics, build upon your arsenal of weapons and earn weapon upgrades.

With each Call of Duty release, refinements and graphical improvements are made across the board from textures and lighting to the detail of your players hand. The question to ask here is – why fix what ain’t broken?
It’s fair to say that a total overhaul of the engine will be due at some point further down the road (and these take years of development by the way!) but until then, the current engine continues to deliver one of the smoothest first person gaming experiences at 60fps!

Standalone Zombies Game:

Zombies, probably one of the biggest success stories of Call of Duty. It’s built a major following, YouTuber’s dedicate to the task of finding easter eggs, and an ever evolving storyline that people enjoy. If DLC releases are anything to go by, Call of Duty fans can’t get enough of Zombies, and would probably go as far as to buy a Zombies only Call of Duty title.

The potential for a Zombies only Call of Duty is, well, huge. With a development team dedicated to constructing the story, maps/world, weapons and easter eggs, it would open the door to limitless possibilities – throw in some community involvement and you’re looking at a game with endless replay value.
Larger worlds, more players in multiplayer, new weapons, an ever evolving world that everyone has an impact on, spaceships, there is so much that could be achieved. Plus, with more system resources and less limitations with upcoming next generation hardware, there really is no excuse to go crazy with an already unique addition to Call of Duty.

Execution is certainly up for debate however, 2 separate Call of Duty titles to buy each year is certainly a dangerous concept, at the very least for your wallet, and Activision wouldn’t want to drive attention away from the main Call of Duty title itself. With next generation consoles on the way including bigger storage capacities, having players download the Zombies addition as “DLC” is certainly a possibility as opposed to selling a completely separate title.

More Guns:

The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are 8 years old, yes, 8! The hardware in these machines is considerably outdated, therefore the burden of adding additional weapons and any other extras is simply impossible when trying to deliver a smooth gaming experience at 60fps. It’s been covered numerous times in the past by Call of Duty developers, these systems simply cannot deal with it.

As mentioned earlier in this post, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, and by that I mean the Xbox One and Playstation 4. With the upgraded hardware, these issues will be a thing of the past. In fact some developers are saying they don’t know what to do with all the power available – that’s a very good problem to have!

Lag Compensation / Dedicated Servers:

All games lag, it’s the nature of the internet. You may not notice it, you may not experience it, but you’re lagging in every game you play, and so is everyone else. The internet is a wonderful creation where we can communicate with each other from every corner of the earth, but the quality of people’s connections and their distance to you is just a drop in the ocean behind the technicalities of lag.

How this lag impacts players in a Call of Duty match is very much down to the developers and mechanics of the particular game you’re playing – in this instance, Call of Duty. To try and combat the delays in connection between players of a Call of Duty match, they introduce a system called ‘Lag Compensation’.

Here’s an example of just what Lag Compensation does as posted on the Call of Duty Forums:

Lag compensation IS NOT the throttling of a connection so everyone is playing “on the same level”. It’s the prediction of a players location to make up for the time lost during the physical transfer of packets from one’s PS3 to the server(host). For instance:

At 10.5 seconds you shoot someone at point ‘A’ and that information is sent to the server
At 10.6 seconds the information arrives at the server and the information is processed by the server, the target has now moved to point ‘B’
Lag comp kicks in and rewinds the time back to 10.5 seconds when the target is at ‘A’ to determine whether or not the target was hit

Lag Compensation is a complicated system, and due to the hundreds/thousands of variables it’s impossible to solve.

Dedicated Servers I hear you say? There’s no denying this will improve the overall multiplayer experience and reduce the impact of lag even further, but many people have forgotten the cost element. With hundreds of thousands of people playing Call of Duty at any given time, it’s simply not a sustainable option. Rent-a-Server option anyone?

What are your thoughts?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The best RPD Class in Black Ops Cold War

The RPD is a modest and powerful LMG.



Here’s the best class for the RPD in Black Ops Cold War.

Among some of the returning weapons from the Black Ops franchise is the RPD light machine gun. It offers decent mobility for a weapon of its class, solid strafe speed, and high power rounds.

YouTuber “Eross” shows us in the video below his loadout of choice with the RPD.

The Setup

  • Barrel: 16.5″ Cut Down – Shorter barrel which reduces overall weapon weight. Adds additional move speed while shooting.
  • Underbarrel: Foregrip – Additional horizontal recoil control when firing.
  • Magazine: Fast Mags – 33% boost to reload speeds. A huge boost to a weapon that’s known to have very long reload times. Best to reload before the mag is fully empty for a shorter reload animation.
  • Handle: Speed Tape – 10% increase on aim down sight time. Can be replaced with GRU Elastic Wrap when unlocked at a later time.
  • Stock: Tactical Stock – 40% boost to aim walking movement speed. Massive for a light machine gun.

Tips for the field

  • Planned attacks – Since movement with light machine guns is sluggish, you’ll want to be well-prepared before you get into gunfights. Be sure to pre aim angles as much as possible. You won’t win gunfights if you aim down sight mid gunfight.
  • Find the high ground – Lay waste to any foe in the middle of a field or just generally not in cover. You conquer anyone who can’t find immediate cover.
  • Objective protection – Since you’re using a light machine gun, you won’t be hopping flags often. You can still play the objective though, with the power of defense. Find a nice piece of cover you can get behind with a good angle of a hardpoint, flag or bomb site to be a powerful objective player.
  • Planned reloads – Reloads are long. Don’t get into a position where you’re low on ammo with enemies coming your way. Reload whenever you have downtime, even if you’re only missing 30 shots. You never know when you’ll need it…
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

This Magnum class destroys enemies in Black Ops Cold War

These magnums just aren’t fair



The Magnum in Black Ops Cold War has some traits that make it a bit overpowered.

Powerful weapons in Call of Duty are nothing new. So far in Black Ops Cold War, we’ve seen the power of the Milano in the beta, and for final release, the FFAR and burst rifles were high in power, and have since seen nerfs. New to the family of powerful weapons is none other than the dual wield magnums, which feel like a callback to Modern Warfare’s Magnum “Snakeshot” attachment.

YouTuber “Foxy” shows us in the video below exactly how crazy this weapon is, scoring instant kills from close range, even getting a nuclear killstreak in the process.

The Setup

  • Barrel: 7.2″ Task Force – Boosts to damage, bullet velocity and effective damage range. Takes away some recoil control and max starting ammo. The additional range comes in handy for engagements a bit further from close up. (Can be substituted with the Extended barrel at an earlier weapon level)
  • Body: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight – Additional hipfire accuracy at the cost of aim down sight time. Since we’re going akimbo/dual wield, the aim down sight time does not matter.
  • Magazine: Salvo 12 Round Fast Mag – Fast reloads, more bullets and starting ammo, with no cons since we’re never aiming down sights. Perfect for this loadout. Spam to your hearts content.
  • Handle: Field Tape – 90% Flinch Resistance. Necessary when getting up close and personal.
  • Stock: Dual Wield – We’re going to need two Magnums for this.

Tips for the field

  • Close Range Only – Get up close and personal. You’ll be able to instantly kill players with just one pull of each trigger. Since the magnum is mostly a two-shot kill, dual wield makes this an instant killer.
  • Perk it up – Run Gung-ho. You will only be hip-firing this gun and you’ll need as much accuracy while sprinting and sliding. You’ll also get the added bonus of reloading while sprinting.
  • Tight corners – Hold close angles by objectives and not even shotguns will be able to take you down.
  • Be mindful – The hipfire seems rather random. You may miss shots on occasion due to the inaccurate hipfire.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The best Stoner 63 class in Black Ops Cold War

The Stoner 63 is a heavy and hard hitting LMG.



Here’s the best Stoner 63 class for you to use in Black Ops Cold War.

Historically in Treyarch Call of Duty’s, light machine guns have been among the most powerful weapons in game. With the cost of long aim down sight speeds and decreased movement speeds, having a light machine gun will pummel any enemies in your way.

In the video below, YouTuber “Fortunate” shows off the best Stoner 63 class setup. Its decent fire rate and hard hitting rounds make it a great weapon to take down entire enemy teams.

The Setup

  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x – Three times magnification to better spot targets clearly at range, while getting in accurate shots.
  • Barrel: 16″ Cut Down – Increased shooting move speed by 25%. When light machine guns like the Stoner are fired, the movement speed is severely reduced, so this boost helps just a bit in a firefight.
  • Body: Steady Aim Laser – 20% hip-fire accuracy. Take down enemies when they get close with a bit more precision.
  • Handle: Speed Tape – Additional aim down sight speed. Can be swapped out with Airborne Elastic Wrap once unlocked for even more speed and perks.
  • Stock: Wire Stock – 15% sprint to fire time. The weapon is slow by default. Can be swapped with Raider Pad when unlocked, at the cost of hip fire accuracy.

Tips for the field

  • Awareness – Light machine guns are slow. Always pre-aim your corners and be mindful where an enemy can creep up. Never be in a position to where you’re being fired at first.
  • Headglitches – Stay on cover that will make you hard to hit. Waist-high cover is solid when crouching for additional recoil control, but ideally, you want to find head height cover you can fire over. Enemies will have trouble trying to pick you off.
  • Move tactically from cover to cover – Swap to your secondary when changing positions for faster movement speed, then swap back to your stoner once at your favorite spot. You’ll thank yourself later for not running across an open field with an LMG.
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