It was announced at MP reveal event that you character in Ghosts would be transferable between consoles within the same family, however, Mark Rubin today said that you can transfer your characters between any platform.

This means that you can go from an Xbox 360 to a PS4 and all your character stuff will be available for you. Same with PS3 to Xbox One. Or even between the PC.


“So what we did was we created this idea of your Call Of Duty character – who you are – goes anywhere.

“So if I have an Xbox 360 and I purchase Call Of Duty: Ghosts on 5 November and Christmas comes and I finally get my Xbox One. My character will be there, so I don’t have to start over and start from scratch.”

“And it goes deeper from that,” adds Rubin. “Whatever console I have and I’m playing on, I can go to friends’ houses and I could play on their consoles even if they’re completely different.”

“And you can go back and forth if you want. You can go any platform you want – PC as well. That’s something I think that as a player is important because, again, we hope we’re supporting people who don’t have tons of income.”

SOURCE: NowGamer

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