There’s been a lot of confusion recently regarding how the new Ghosts clan features can be used, and we thought we’d help clear some of it up.

First and foremost, the new stat tracking abilities and new clan features for Ghosts are only accessible via in-game menus or the brand new Call of Duty App. The new app is out now for free on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and for Windows 8.1 OS.

Secondly, many have been asking about how to link your Steam account. You can use the new app to do so. The app will give you an option to use your XBL, PSN, or Steam. If you’re on Android, the Steam feature is missing, and Beachhead is working on a fix.

Finally, as of now, Beachhead has confirmed that they don’t have any plans to enable these new features via the website. Call of Duty Elite will continue to operate for a limited time (expected to be closed down in early 2014) only for Black Ops 2 and MW3. Ghosts features will not be available on Elite. And, there’s no console app either.

Beachhead is aware of some of the clan management issues that fans have been reporting and is working on a fix. And, for those of you who are on Android, if the app isn’t compatible with your phone, note that Beachhead is also aware of this and plans to add more support in the near future.

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