Shortly after all the preorder pages started popping up, the official Call of Duty Ghosts Facebook Page went live confirming the title of the next Call of Duty and to expect more “soon”.

We’re still waiting for the official press release however Joystiq (article taken down) revealed that the first teaser trailer for Ghosts has no gameplay, only quick flashing images leading up to the title at the end. They also stated to expect more leading up to E3…


Engadget is also reporting that Ghosts is coming to next-gen consoles however they weren’t sure if it will release at the same time or a later date.

Both Joystig and Engadget are reporting that Ghosts is releasing November 6th (which makes no sense to us..)


UPDATE: Ghost has just received a proper unveiling via this TEASER TRAILER

SOURCE: @CallofDuty


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