Infinity Ward is really pushing to make the best PC game with Ghosts. Mark Rubin has confirmed that the PC version will have the best graphics out of all the versions of the game available.

“PC is taking a different tack from previous games [in the series,]” Rubin told Kotaku during a phone interview earlier this week during Ghosts’ big multiplayer reveal event.

Older versions of Call of Duty, at least from Infinity Ward, the makers of the CoDs that come out in odd-numbered years, were built with the same graphics assets as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games. “Now, PC has its own set of assets,” Rubin said. “It’s going to look better than any Call of Duty we’ve ever made on PC.”

As of now, they aren’t willing to talk about whether or not the game will support dedicated servers.

UPDATE: To clarify, PCs will no longer be held back by consoles, and it’s pretty much confirmed that ultra high end PCs are ahead of next-gen consoles…

SOURCE: Kotaku

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