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With Call of Duty: Mobile opening up in beta testing in select regions, some YouTubers and users online have started to share some gameplay and details on the mechanics within this new free to play Call of Duty game.

One of the things that everyone knew that was coming was microtransactions, as Activision is working to up their revenue from the free to play mobile market that games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and more have capitalized on.

The Call of Duty: Mobile game features a free and paid Battle Pass system, similar to games like Fortnite, that allows users to rank up their Battle Pass tiers and earn rewards like weapon variants, camo, skins, and more.

As part of the Closed Beta Test, Activision is giving users in the beta 5,000 Call of Duty Points to spend in-game only for the beta duration. The Call of Duty Points can be used for the in-game store, to purchase the Premium Battle Pass, or buy Battle Pass Tiers to rank up.

Image via luigiisolano

The Battle Pass shown showcases some of the content you can unlock while leveling up the pass throughout the game. It features both a free and paid tier. The paid tier features the ability to earn Call of Duty Points as you level up – something Fortnite does with V-Bucks, but something Black Ops 4 does not.

The game also features Battle Pass missions to level up and earn more content throughout the mobile game.

In addition, the game also features an in-game updating store with new content as the game develops over time.

Activision’s new Call of Duty: Mobile game combines the best of the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series into one free to play mobile game that will feature MP mode, alongside other to be announced modes. One of the modes is expected to be a Battle Royale mode.

This new mobile game is in development by Tencent’s TIMI studio in partnership with Activision Publishing and is expected to release on iOS and Android worldwide later this year.

Images via @RaidAway.

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