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Call of Duty: Mobile November 1 Community Update



It’s now been one month since the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile, which reached 100 million users in its first week.

The team at Activision and TIMI Studios have continued to update the game since launch, including the new Halloween event, which will be ending soon.

On a Reddit on Nov 1, Activision provided an update on the state of the Mobile game and a look at new playlists coming to it soon.

Check out the full details from Activision:

We wanted to respond to your requests for clarification about this themed event, including more details of how it works and the probabilities of getting those unique items. We have made many changes over the last week to address that.

  • An in-game article linked to the event that shows more detailed probabilities for obtaining each Lucky Draw item.
  • Summaries of the event breakdown in that linked article.

We aim to have these events feel fair and as clear as possible. With Lucky Draw and other events there are always considerations to make them more clear or balanced based on your feedback, so please do keep letting us know how you feel, positive or negative.

We are always listening and receptive. For now, we are committed to making these changes to show you exactly how an event works and how rare each item might be.​

News & Updates

The Halloween event continues this week with plenty of that content carrying into November, but coming up we also have new challenges, limited time modes, and a brand-new way to play Battle Royale. Take to the skies with the Airborne Chip and find vertically dynamic ways to drop in on unsuspecting opponents!

We have no plans to slow down and here is just a glimpse of the offerings this week:

· 11/1 ~ Halloween Event continues…

· 11/2 – 11/3 ~ 2X Player XP Weekend

· 11/1 – 11/7 ~ Rockets Only Mode and Challenge

· 11/4 – 11/10 ~ Weekly Battle Royale Challenge

· 11/4 – 11/11 ~ Airborne Class Event

\All Dates UTC*

Nestled in between all those events are login events and Personal Milestones, some of which offer access to weapons (like the MSMC Abnormality), cosmetics, or other items. They are new ways to challenge yourself, complete objectives, and grab more tantalizing gear.

Lastly, if you haven’t been keeping up, take a look at our Activision Blog that is regularly updated for all things COD Mobile, whether it is map walkthroughs, strategies for BR or MP, event info, or more.


Over the last two community updates we’ve addressed several pieces of feedback that the community had been inquiring about and there are still a few continuously coming up: controller support and login options.

We’d just like to reiterate that both are still being worked on. We hear you and we also care a great deal about both topics, which is why we are taking the time to make sure they are both fully fleshed out, balanced, and ready to go before announcing anything.

Bots in COD Mobile

  • Since release we have seen many different inquiries of all types about Bots in Multiplayer and Battle Royale. We know you all have a great many questions about this, so let’s talk about Bots. We added bots into Call of Duty: Mobile to provide a way for new players to grow, learn, and thrive without the constant threat of a full team of higher level & more experienced players continually dominating them.
  • They still provide a challenge while allowing you to learn the ins & outs of levels, test out new builds or weapons, and gradually increase your skill. Bots are not present in Ranked matches and in other modes as you grow in skill, you’ll see fewer and fewer bots present. We appreciate all of feedback surrounding this and we will be looking to improve those systems throughout the lifespan of the game.

Cheater Reports

  • This has been a frequently discussed topic this week with many players pinging us about it and we publicly have shown that we are continuously investigating & enforcing on those who wish to upset the balance of the game by using cheats or exploits.
  • This will continue to evolve alongside the game as people try to find new ways to break the system and as our teams work to make anti-cheat as strong as possible. All that we ask for now is report report report! Please continue to report players in-game, but also feel free to tag us or PM us on Reddit or any social media channel. Just make sure to provide the following info:
    • Screenshots/video
    • Usernames and user ID (if available)
    • Date and time of reported match
  • We have no intention of banning players automatically just based on a report, but we will appropriately investigate and enforce on any players who are found to be cheating.

Credit Store Refresh

  • Since our last update the community has been asking about refreshing the items in-game credits store and how often that will happen. Well, hopefully by the time you are reading this update you’ve noticed that the store has just updated! We intend to refresh that frequently in order to always provide options to purchase a variety of different weapons or items with in-game currency.

Just a reminder, while we are always looking for feedback in community spaces, you can also report that in-game (hint – look under the ? icon next to the messages icon).

Bug Reports

For any issue please reach out to Activision Support through the in-game options, but if you are unable to reach out in-game then there is always an online option available through social media or through Contact Us.

Temporary Bans

  • We have seen some reports of a potential issue with continuously receiving temporary bans and that is being investigated. Please note that it may be due to the device having conflicting software that is preventing COD Mobile from updating your player data. If you are encountering that issue, please try uninstalling anything that may potentially be interacting with the app.

Facebook Linking

  • This has come up each week so far with and originally it was all about issues linking your Facebook. For that try please try clearing your cache and you can find a step by step breakdown of how to clear your cache on Activision Support’s COD Mobile FAQ. However, the more recent contacts are about moving data. Please note that you are currently unable to move your stats/data from one account to another.

Purchasing Issues

  • If you are still encountering any issues purchasing anything from the in-game store, whether it is COD Points or a specific item, please make sure the transaction was successful, wait a few hours & restart the game in case there is a delay, and if you still don’t see the purchase then please contact Player Support.

SOURCE: Reddit

Call of Duty

All Black Ops 4 Prestige emblems & how to get them

Here’s every Black Ops 4 Prestige emblem across multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout – and how to unlock them to show off your accomplishments.



Black Ops 4 Prestige Master emblem

Black Ops 4 was the last Call of Duty title to feature a traditional Prestige system, so here are all the emblems and how to get them.

In every Call of Duty game since the original CoD 4: Modern Warfare, players have been able to flex their skill and time put in my Prestiging.

This resets your rank back to level 1, giving you a new grind and rewards to show for it. One of these rewards is a cool-looking new emblem to show everyone in the lobby that you’re a serious competitor.

2018’s Black Ops 4 was the last Call of Duty to feature the classic Prestige system, so we’re taking a look at how to Prestige and every emblem in BO4.

How to Prestige in Black Ops 4

Woods in Black Ops 4's Blackout

To Prestige in Black Ops 4, you need to hit the max level in the game. Once you’ve done that, you can Prestige and start unlocking new items as you continue to do so. And once you’ve Prestiged 10 times, you can hit Prestige Master and get another unique emblem.

The max level in Black Ops 4 is 55 in multiplayer and Zombies and 80 in Blackout, so you need to hit this level 10 times to be Prestige Master.

Here’s a simple guide to Prestiging in Black Ops 4:

  1. Play Black Ops 4 multiplayer, Zombies, or Blackout until you reach max level
  2. Press the ‘menu’ button and you’ll see a prompt saying, “Prestige mode available”
  3. Follow the prompt to the Progress & Unlocks screen
  4. Press ‘Enter Prestige Mode’ in the top right corner of the screen

You’ll have now Prestiged, so keep doing this until you hit Prestige Master!

All Black Ops 4 multiplayer Prestige emblems

There were 10 Prestige levels in Black Ops 4’s multiplayer, with a unique emblem available for players who reached Prestige Master.

Here’s every Black Ops 4 multiplayer Prestige emblem in order.

black ops 4 multiplayer prestige emblems

All Black Ops 4 Zombies Prestige emblems

Black Ops 4 offers separate Prestige emblems for the Zombies grinders. Again, there are 10 Prestige levels to climb through, and a special Prestige Master emblem for those who went above and beyond.

Here are Black Ops 4’s Zombies Prestige emblems.

black ops 4 zombies prestige emblems

Black Ops 4 Blackout Prestige emblems

As part of Operation Grand Heist, Call of Duty 4’s battle royale, Blackout, got its own Prestige system. This acts the same as multiplayer and Zombies, with those hitting level 80 being able to Prestige.

Here are all of Black Ops 4’s Blackout Prestige emblems.

black ops 4 blackout prestige emblems

And those are all of the Prestige emblems in Black Ops 4! For more on this Call of Duty title, check out how many people play it in 2021.

Image Credit:Treyarch / u/Swiiifto via Reddit

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Call of Duty

How many people play Black Ops 4? 2021 player count

Ever wondered how many people are currently playing Black Ops 4? We look at the 2018 Call of Duty title’s 2021 player count.



Woods in Black Ops 4's Blackout

If you’re looking at picking up Black Ops 4, it’s worth knowing how many people are playing the game. We’re taking a look at how many are still playing 2018’s Call of Duty title in 2021.

Black Ops 4 was the last Call of Duty title to release before Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War shook up the formula. It featured the first-ever CoD battle royale, Blackout, which paved the way for Warzone’s incredible success.

The game became free as part of PlayStation Plus in July, but with no joint progression system, there’s less of a reason to go back to it. However, many still prefer the game’s mechanics and maps, so it still has a player base.

Here’s how many people are still playing Black Ops 4 in 2021.

What is Black Ops 4’s player count in 2021?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 operators

Unfortunately, there’s no precise way to tell how many people are playing Black Ops 4 in 2021. However, we’ve done some digging around various player count tracking websites to come up with a rough estimate.

According to PlayStation tracking website PS-Timetracker, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was played by 2,510 of their users in August 2021. Of course, the number is likely much higher because you must sign up to have your stats tracked, and it only takes PlayStation players into account.

Another website, PlayerCounter, says that, at the time of writing, there are roughly 12,000 people playing Call of Duty games released before Modern Warfare (2019). Unfortunately, Black Ops 4 has been included with the other previous CoD games, so there is no precise data.

From this info, we estimate that there is likely somewhere between 5,000-10,000 players playing Black Ops 4 in September 2021.

Black Ops 4 player count comparison

New Warzone Pacific Map

Activision revealed in May that Call of Duty: Warzone has had over 100 million players log in to the battle royale title. According to PlayerCounter, there are 2 million players playing Modern Warfare right now, but this likely takes Warzone into account too.

According to Steam Charts, Black Ops III has 1,300 active users and the rest of the Call of Duty titles on Steam, such as WWII and Advanced Warfare, have player counts only in the hundreds. However, incorporating consoles likely makes the player counts higher.

You can also check out Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Battlefield 4’s player counts for 2021 too!

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty

Black Ops Zombies fans are begging Treyarch for a standalone game

Call of Duty fans are once again calling on Activision to create and develop a massive standalone Zombies game.



CoD Zombies running towards screen

Zombies is one of the most popular facets of any Call of Duty game, and fans are once again calling for a standalone game to create the biggest Zombies experience ever.

When Zombies was first added to Call of Duty: World at War back in 2008, few could have predicted the juggernaut it would become among fans of the legendary FPS series. Since then, Zombies has been a staple in Treyarch CoD games, while Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward have dabbled in it too.

Black Ops Cold War‘s take on the game is certainly one of the most ambitious, with the open-world Outbreak mode a fan favorite. While Cold War has plenty of undead action, fans are still calling for even more: a standalone Zombies game developed by Treyarch.

Black Ops Cold War character fighting zombies

There’s definitely interest from the community around this idea, with Reddit user ‘shweba16’ posting their idea about how it could work on the CODZombies subreddit, while asking others for their thoughts on whether it was a good idea.

“What would you guys think if Zombies became its own separate game like Warzone with Treyarch [as] developers?” they asked. “What if this game had all the maps, running on BO3 mechanics, while also having the upgradeable features from Cold War?”

“The game gets a constant stream of updates, season after season, with Wonder Weapons and maps being added. I’m only saying this since there’s a huge disparity between how much time I’ve put into Zombies compared to multiplayer this year.”

Zombies fans were definitely into the idea, with some saying they “only play CoD games for Zombies anyway,” while others discussed the possibility that they could turn it into a true campaign too, like other popular horror games such as Resident Evil or Days Gone.

Unfortunately for those who love this idea, it definitely won’t be happening any time soon. Sledgehammer Games have already confirmed that Treyarch have built and developed Vanguard’s Zombies mode, which will continue Cold War’s Dark Aether storyline.

Image Credits: Treyarch / Activision

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