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Activision has officially released the first Community Update for Call of Duty: Mobile on a new r/CallofDutyMobile subreddit showcasing the feedback they are aware of since the game’s launch, a peak of what’s coming to the game in the near future, and more.

On October 11, Activision added in a new mode Free for All for a limited time only allowing players to play the classic fan favorite mode in game. The mode will be removed from rotation on October 17.

This weekend in Call of Duty: Mobile will also see Double Soldier XP live from October 12 through October 13. And they’re teasing “A Classic Returns…” on October 14.

Activision also has confirmed they are continuing to investigate bring controller support to Call of Duty: Mobile sometime in the future but want to ensure they get all of the testing of the feature correct.

Here’s the full Community Update:

In this first community update, we’d like to treat you all as well are you’ve been treating us by sharing news about upcoming updates, acknowledging feedback, and teasing some juicy content in the pipeline.

Post image

News & Updates

As we announced last Friday this launch has been a massive success thanks to you all and this is just beginning. Here’s what is going on this week:

  • 10/11 ~ Free For All Mode (Available for a limited period of time)
  • 10/12 – 10/13 ~ Double Soldier XP
  • 10/14 ~ A classic returns….

All of this comes alongside new challenges and events, so just keep an eye out for those in-game notifications to see exactly when those start, how long they run, and to track how you are doing.


We are always looking for feedback and thank you to everyone who has been utilizing the feedback form found in-game (hint – look under the ? icon next to the messages icon) and while we can’t always answer every single little piece of feedback we’d like to address a few frequently discussed topics.

Controller Support

  • We hear you loud and clear that you want to know about controller support. We are currently testing controller support and looking at the possibility of offering this feature sometime in the future, but we’d have to make sure it is properly implemented and balanced. Just hang tight.

Login Options

  • Many of you have asked for options other than Line, Facebook, and Guest as a way to login. Well, good news! We are looking into other options for logging into the game.


  • COD Mobile is an experience that will be continuously updated and improved, and performance is something that this team is dedicated to improving across the board for all supported devices.

Cheater Reports

  • Please continue to utilize the in-game reporting tool to report other players who may be cheating or exploiting the game, found in top right corner (a red exclamation mark) in the After Action report. However, we are working on additional ways for players to report cheaters, so just hang tight for additional updates.

Bug Reports

For any issue please reach out to Activision Support through the in-game options, but if you are unable to reach out in-game then there is always an online option available through social media or through Contact Us.

Facebook Login

  • Some players have reported issues logging into the game through Facebook. If you experience that issue then please try clearing your cache on your phone, then log back into the Facebook app, and lastly try logging in again on the COD Mobile login page. You can find a step by step breakdown of how to clear your cache on Activision Support’s COD Mobile FAQ.

Voice Chat

  • Any issues related to voice chat are currently under investigation, so please continue to report those to our Activision Support teams as they continue to investigate. However, if you are seeing voice chat intermittently then please just try closing all other apps and restart.


  • A common issue with You can check those requirements on any individual app store, but Activision Support’s COD Mobile FAQ has some guidelines for what types of devices are currently supported and other troubleshooting steps that you may try.

Friends List

  • For any players reporting issues with adding friends please make make sure that your friend is playing the same version of the game, Call of Duty: Mobile – Garena is a different version of the game in a region not supported by Activision. You will not be able to add friends from Garena.
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Log into your Facebook account
    • Select Apps and Websites
    • Navigate to Active Apps and Websites
    • Select COD Mobile and make sure the Friends List option is enabled
    • Navigate to Visibility of the App
    • Change the filter to Friends
    • Save the settings

To all corners of the community, whether you are in Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere thank you all for the support. This is just the beginning!

SOURCE: Call of Duty: Mobile Team

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