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Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass: All Tiers & rewards

Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 is here, and here’s every reward that you can unlock in the brand-new 50 tier Battle Pass.



CoD Mobile Operators in Season 8

CoD Mobile Season 8 features a brand-new 50-Tier Battle Pass filled with Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and other items to unlock. Here’s every reward in the free and premium Battle Pass.

On September 7, the Season 8: Train to Nowhere update finally arrived in Call of Duty Mobile and gave players a plethora of brand-new content to check out, including plenty of Battle Pass rewards.

The new 50-Tier Battle Pass has new Operator skins, Weapon Blueprint, Calling Cards, CoD Points, and other rewards for you to get your hands on. Here’s every free and premium item you can unlock.

CoD Mobile Season 8 ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle and Butterfly Knife

CoD Mobile Season 8 free Battle Pass rewards

The free version of the Season 8 Battle Pass contains new a Calling Card, Charm, and the ZRG 20mm from Black Ops Cold War. There are also other fun items up for grabs in it.

Here are all the CoD Mobile Season 8 free Battle Pass rewards:

  • Tier 1: Top Spin Charm
  • Tier 4: Print Analysis EMP
  • Tier 8: ‘Follow the Map’ NA-45 Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 14: New ‘Igniter’ BR Class 
  • Tier 16: ‘Follow the Map’ QXR Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 18: Wingsuit – Print Analysis
  • Tier 21: ZRG 20mm
  • Tier 26: Surface Friction
  • Tier 28: Medic – Print Analysis
  • Tier 31: ‘Follow the Map’ HS2126
  • Tier 34: Ninja – Print Analysis
  • Tier 36: Helicopter – Print Analysis
  • Tier 38: ‘Follow the Map’ Renetti Weapon Blueprint
  • Tier 41: Print Analysis Cluster Grenade
  • Tier 46: Print Analysis Smoke Grenade
  • Tier 50: Spider Chow Calling Card
Seraph Double Agent skin in CoD Mobile Season 8

CoD Mobile Season 8 premium Battle Pass rewards

If you get the CoD Mobile Season 8 premium Battle Pass then you can unlock a brand-new Operator skin for Misty along with a new Weapon Blueprint for the ZRG 20mm.

Here are all the CoD Mobile Season 8 premium Battle Pass rewards:

  • Tier 1: Misty – Undercover Agent
  • Tier 1: M4 – Prince of Time
  • Tier 1: Chicom – Blue Hive
  • Tier 5: Avatar – Fiery Visions
  • Tier 10: CBR4 – Aqua Leviathan
  • Tier 12: Seraph – Double Agent
  • Tier 15: Calling Card – Spies Over Sunsets
  • Tier 19: Charm – Shoot To Kill
  • Tier 20: Shorty – Blue Hive
  • Tier 30: S36 – Winged Stinger
  • Tier 35: Vanguard – Nocturnal Elite
  • Tier 39: Kilo Bolt-Action – Blue Hive
  • Tier 40: M13 – Covert Canopy
  • Tier 44: Emote – Balloon Escape
  • Tier 50: ZRG 20mm – Jade
  • Tier 50: Adler – Dapper

There’s also a Battle Pass Bundle which comes with five epic James Bond-themed items, including a new parachute, folding knife, avatar, and Calling Card. That covers everything that you need to know about the CoD Mobile Season 8 Battle Pass.

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Image credits: Activision