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While the Call of Duty: Mobile Beta makes its roll out across the world, players are getting some peaks at what the full game will offer.

As announced last week, the iOS and Android game will feature a Multiplayer, Zombies, and Battle Royale component. At first, Multiplayer was the only unlocked mode during the Beta, however the menus for Battle Royale started to become active over the weekend.

While the mode is still yet unplayable, one very interesting morsel of information has slipped out. Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale feature appears to include six unique classes that players can select before going into battle.

So far, the six classes are as follows (click through the gallery below for more information):

Medic: Medical Station, Master Healer

Scout: Sensor Dart, Tracker

Clown: Toy Bomb, Anti-zombie

Ninja: Grapple Gun, Dead Silence

Defender: Transform Shield, Reinforced

Mechanic: EMP Drone, Engineer

Each class offers a unique piece of equipment and passive perk. It is unclear at this time if these work on a cooldown system or are earned through other means. A similar system can be found in popular Battle Royale game, Apex Legends, where Legends have a Passive ability, an Ultimate ability with a long cooldown rate, and a Tactical ability with a shorter cooldown rate.

Something to take note of, is the inconsistencies of these items names, and their source material. While some are pulled straight from Black Ops 4 (Dead Silence, Grapple Gun, Tracker), others have been slightly altered in design and name (Transform Shield instead of Barricade, Toy Bomb instead of Monkey Bomb). According to the image, players can also equip camos to these classes.

Lastly, based on the description of the Toy Bomb equipment, it appears Zombies are confirmed for the Battle Royale map in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Images via @AzN_Jerald

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