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With the first major hands on event for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare now live on PS4, there’s bound to be some bugs and issues with the title as the studio gears up for launch.

In this post, we’re putting together all of the known issues that Infinity Ward has acknowledged via Reddit and social channels.

Bypass Jump Fatigue Bug

Some users have shared a clip from Twitch streamers showcasing that it is possible to jump further in Modern Warfare and avoid jump fatigue. Infinity Ward has confirmed that this bug is fixed for the Beta.

This is already fixed, but you won’t see a change until beta.

Penalty for Leaving

The studio has confirmed that they have heard feedback about having a penalty for players who are leaving Gunfight games before they end, which is causing many games to go 2v1.

I hear you. It’s noted here at the studio.

FPS Drop

A big complaint that fans have mentioned as well thus far about the Open Alpha for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PlayStation 4 is a FPS drop that is occurring.

Fans have noticed on the map Pine in the Gunfight Alpha unusual FPS drops occurring, and based on Reddit threads, it appears to be limited to this specific map. Infinity Ward has acknowledged that they are aware of the issue and working on a fix for it.

Known issue on our end, so thank you for reporting!

Flim Grain

Infinity Ward has also stated that they are aware of an issue where Film Grain option will not stay off in the Alpha.

Feedback on Black/Grey Screen when injured

The studio also stated that they have heard feedback regarding the screen turning black/grey when you are injured, and states that they are ‘looking into it’ but ‘no promises’ on any changes to it as of now.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest known issues and more regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Alpha.

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