As part of Infinity Ward’s design decision to allow more play styles and as well exploration and discovery on the MP maps, they’re bringing back a fan favorite aspect of the original Modern Warfare series that has been absent for a while in Call of Duty. 

Back in Modern Warfare 2, for example, Highrise had certain exploration things where you could get on top of the grey building through jumping up on the ledges and crates that were hanging on the front of the building. 


Those times of ‘Easter eggs’ and exploration style aspects will be returning in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this year. The team did not mention how many maps would have this or how it would all work, but they made the comparison to Highrise from MW2 when discussing this aspect of the game. 

Back in the day, players would love to spend time in private matches getting everything sorted to be on the rooftop in Highrise when the match started up. It was always a challenge as you were an easy target trying to get up there. 


It will be interesting to see which maps have it in Modern Warfare and how the Infinity Ward team has implemented it into the game this time around. 

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