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UPDATE: GameInformer shared their gameplay video of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this week, and GameInformer revealed that Modern Warfare is their cover story for the month. Because of that, the gameplay GameInformer recorded was actually done at the Infinity Ward studio with the latest build of the game, instead of a build made for a specific event (with the gameplay we captured).

In their build, the player outlines was working at intended, and this is what it looks like:

Original Story:

With the lack of mini-map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it’s a bit harder to see where your teammates are at all times in the maps.

The game does show a smaller indicator and their name when in your view, but if they’re inside buildings or around objects, there’s no identifier to showcase where they are.

The studio confirmed during the stream this past week that they plan to have outlines for teammates on the maps, but that feature had a bug and was not ready for the build they showcased during the MP reveal event. The final game will in fact have the outlines for teammates, and the outlines will only be shown when a teammates move behind objects or in buildings to help identify where players are.

The outlines are proximity based. Also they would all have to be occluded behind geometry for an outline to be necessary. Outlines only appear when friendlies are behind things.

Although many fans would just prefer a mini-map, Infinity Ward devs have stated that they will monitor the feedback about this during the upcoming beta for Modern Warfare and will then decide what to do. The studio says they prefer fans to get hands on and then report back versus basing their decisions off of just watching gameplay.

SOURCE: Reddit

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