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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty teases 200 players for Warzone



The official Call of Duty Twitter account is teasing the addition of more players for Call of Duty: Warzone soon per match.

Per a tweet posted with the parachute emoji, Warzone will feature support for up to 200 players in an upcoming update.

Call of Duty: Warzone launched with support for 150 players per match, but there will leaks prior to launch that there is support for 200 players planned.

Now, it’s officially happening.

The tweet says ‘We’re going to need a bigger plane,’ but does not say how that will change.

Stay tuned for news as to when this mode will be available.

Call of Duty: Warzone

How to use Black Ops Cold War Operators in Warzone

Cold War Operators have entered Warzone. Here’s how to use them.



Black Ops Cold War operators can now be used inside of Modern Warfare’s Warzone. You cannot use these operators in the Modern Warfare multiplayer.

Recently, the ability to use Black Ops Cold War operators in Warzone has been added. This is in preparation for the first season of Black Ops Cold War and the huge level system integration coming to Warzone.

Within a few weeks, we will see the convergence of the Black Ops and Modern Warfare universe with the ability to cross-progress weapons, challenges, and rank (XP/Prestige) across the two recent Call of Duty titles.

In order to set up for this, Infinity Ward has removed factions from Warzone and have added every operator into a large pool for players to choose from as their preferred drop operator for Warzone.

In order to select a Black Ops Cold War operator in Warzone, you will first need to own Black Ops Cold War and have the operator already unlocked.

Once this is done, all the operators you have unlocked in Black Ops Cold War so far will also be usable in the ‘Operators’ section in the Warzone list.

You may be using a different Activision account on your Warzone account if you’re missing your operators, or you may not have all the operators unlocked.

You can expect to see future Black Ops Cold War operators coming to Warzone as well. When the cosmetic shop drops along with COD point functionality when Season 1 begins, the packs you purchase in-game will clearly list what items and operators will be usable in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

As of writing, all launch operators are in the game. They are as follows

  • Woods
  • Hunter
  • Baker
  • Sims
  • Adler
  • Beck
  • Park
  • Powers
  • Stone
  • Portnova
  • Garcia

It is unclear if in the future the operators will be separated into tabs based on the game they came from. As of now, the Cold War operators are added into the middle of the Warzone roster.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

The 5 Best loot rotations in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Warzone’s map is filled with loot for you to collect. Here are 5 best loot rotations in the game.



Like most Battle Royale Games, your survival in Warzone is dependent on the loot you collect. There are many ideal landing zones that provide good loot and we’ve narrowed it down to our top five.

Call Of Duty: Warzone is set in Verdansk. This large map is filled with a variety of different locations ranging from train stations to hospitals. The second you are thrown into the world of this Battle Royale game, you can choose where to land.

In order to survive against the onslaught of other players who will be out for your head, you will need to gear up fast and make sure you have some quality loot. Some areas offer a better collection of weapons, ammo, and cash than others. For that reason, we’re bringing you the best loot rotations in Warzone.


This location is on the southern edge of the center part of the map. It has several buildings to choose from that have multiple floors for you to explore. This includes the main ward and the two buy stations on either side of that. One of the surrounding buildings even spawns a helicopter.

Regardless of where you choose to look, you’ll find a ton of loot stashes that contain cash. These will also be a great source of weapons and ammo, so be sure to explore as many floors as you can. Just be wary because you won’t be the only one with this idea.

Hospital tends to be a hotspot for players to land in every match. You’ll have a lot of competition coming your way so watch your corners and keep your finger on the trigger. Once you’re done here, you can easily rotate towards either the Train Station or Downtown.


One notable aspect of this map is that it is essentially just a copy of the Grounwards map of Tavorsk District but it is fantastic for looting. There many skyscrapers that you can head to in order to collect some great gear. You can also head towards the offices to search for more.

Downtown also has a ton of buy stations and if you find yourself on the rooftops then you can get yourself a powerful Sniper Rifle. Most players will try to aim for there since they serve as great vantage points to camp at. You can also spot the Stadium and Hospital from there.

Stay alert when visiting here because much like the Hospital; this place is a hotspot for players gathering. There is always the possibility that you aren’t the first to arrive there and snipers could be watching you at any moment.

Storage Town

This is a drop spot that lies on the western edge of the map, just south of Airport. Storage Town isn’t among the most frequently-visited areas on the map, but that just means you’ll face less of a hassle when going here for loot.

There are a total of 28 storage units to loot from and every one of them has something really great. You can explore the structures to make sure you get through every single loot box with minimal fear of being shot down by someone just around the corner.

Aside from the floor loot and loot boxes, you can find a Buy Station towards the eastern part of this area. Head there and get yourself some weapons and killstreaks before rotating to Superstore.

Train Station

This Train Station is located in the South-Western part of the map. It’s a large area that consists of many railway lines and a huge terminal that splits across the entire location. As soon as the game starts, this is a good place to land in search of loot.

We recommend that you land on the rooftops and gear up before making your way down to the lower section of the area. This is because you will find some valuable loot up there, such as a Legendary weapon or killstreaks.

This place will have massive player traffic so you must be ready for a fight. Generally, the first players to get there and collect loot will have a better shot than the ones that arrive afterward.

TV Station

This isn’t one of the largest locations on the map, but it has a good position at the center of Vardansk and has enough small compounds surrounding it for some easy loot. If you’ve played the Broadcast map from Modern Warfare, then you’ll find the inside of the TV Station quite familiar.

A lot of players will come here because of the amount of loot that you can find inside. This makes it one of the riskier locations to visit, but the surrounding open spaces allow you to grab one of the two vehicles and get out of there if things are getting heavy.

Pick up the loot, take care of anyone who gets in your way, and then make your way to the vehicles. This spot offers great rotations, so you can actually head to some other nearby hotspots such as Downtown or Hospital.

That covers the 5 best loot rotations in Call Of Duty: Warzone. Now go out there, get yourself some awesome gear, and bring home the win!

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Aydan drops World Record 60 kills in Solo vs Squads Warzone run

Aydan now sits at the top of the Warzone record holders with 60 kills.



Call of Duty streamer, Aydan, has set the World Record in Warzone kills at 60 – a mark that may never be broken.

As soon as Infinity Ward released Warzone to their latest Call of Duty title, it was a smash hit with streamers. Unlike Fortnite and Apex Legends, the action was non-stop. It gave players several additional chances to win the game and more kills than they could get in any other Battle Royale.

Streamers immediately began racing to see who could get the most kills in a match. To this day, competitive Warzone matches revolve around kill races. We hadn’t seen a ceiling on how many kills a player could get in a single match – until now.

Warzone streamer, Aydan, may have hit that ceiling, registering 60 eliminations in a single Solo vs. Squads game – capping it off with a 1v1 against a Juggernaut to seal the win.

The previous world record is only a couple of months old. Russian streamer, Stikinson, hit the 57-mark on September 15. It only took two months for Aydan to bring that title back to the US with his 60-kill showing.

Of course, Aydan immediately took to social media to brag about his kill record and fact-check it with his fans. “I’m honored to be the first player to hit 60,” He told his followers in a Twitter video after ending his stream.

Will anyone ever break the 60-kill mark again? We can’t say for sure. Anyone who comes close to 60 will need to have a lot of things go their way. It’s a high bar to clear, but not impossible.

At such a clean number like 60, we’d be surprised if other streamers didn’t challenge for Aydan’s crown. It probably won’t happen anytime soon, though, so we can expect Ayden to retain his world record for the foreseeable future.

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