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GameStop has started to put up posters of the Nuketown 2025 preorder bonus [above] in some U.S. stores.

Canadian Retailer Video Games Plus has also posted a close-up image[below] of the Nuketown 2025 preorder bonus for Black Ops 2 on their web site. It is now confirmed that this deal is for PS3/Xbox/Pc. We’ll update as we know more.


Canadian store ‘Video Games Plus’:

UPDATE 2: Best Buy has also revealed in their weekly store ad, that preordering Black Ops II will give you access to Nuketown 2025 [via @UhWiskey]:

UPDATE: CallofDuty.com/blackops2 now has a banner with the NUKETOWN 2025 logo [via @TopFighter] . This officially confirms it:

SOURCE: @AppleMan5487 & Video Games Plus via MP1st

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