In just two weeks, two CDL casters have been removed from working on the League.

Ben “Benson” Bowe has announced on his Twitter that he is ‘no longer’ with Activision and no longer casting the Call of Duty League after being absent during the CDL New York event this past week.


In a tweet, he claims he cannot reveal any more information after receiving advice from his “legal council” and says “that should tell you everything” about why he is no longer part of the CDL.

On Reddit, discussion has sparked after esports reporter Slasher said not one, but two CDL casters were fired. The first was confirmed to by Momo, who was fired after sexual assault allegations surfaced against him.


Although there has not been direct confirmation of why Benson has been fired, a Reddit post that is circulating on the CDL reddit claims that is related to sexual harassment allegations.

Call of Duty League PR has not issued a statement about the firings of the two employees.


Feature Image: Benson is on the right by his long time casting partner Chance. It’s not fully clear who Chance will be casting alongside for the remainder of the season.

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