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Certain Investors think either Disney or Apple should purchase Activision Blizzard



As the gaming industry continues to evolve with a variety of revenue opportunities, some investors are chiming in on which companies should make a leap into the gaming industry in a big way.

Bloomberg reported this past weekend that Gerber Kawasaki Inc’s, a large investment firm based in the US, Nick Licouris thinks that Disney should purchase Activision Blizzard as the company’s stock is currently on a decline as the publishing company could be used to propel esports with Disney TV networks.

“Ideally for an investor you want this to happen now,” Licouris said in an interview. Gerber Kawasaki Inc. owns currently 90,000 shares of Activision Blizzard, which is worht about $4.3 million, Bloomberg reports. In addition, the firm is a large investor in Disney owning 152,000 shares valued at #22 million.

Activision and Disney did not respond to Bloomberg’s request for a comment.

Disney currently owns the rights to showcase Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League on Disney Networks, including ESPN and ABC. Disney’s storytelling abilities could be tied in effectively into the esports market with Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League and Call of Duty League.

In addition, another report from Bloomberg earlier this year stated that Activision Blizzard is on the list from many investors for a buyout target from Apple. JPMorgan claims in this report that Activision would “leverage to an industry rapidly transitioning to mobile” to develop games for Apple.

With Fortnite and industry changes happening over the last several years, Activision Blizzard’s stock declined significantly over the last year. Activision market value is $37 billion right now, after a 43% drop since October 2018.

Of course, this is just speculation from investors and no official information has been discussed from any of the companies.