The Chicago Tribune has interviewed Kevin Gage, the voice actor behind the main villain in Ghosts, Gabriel Rorke.

Kevin Gage is the voice actor of Rorke, and Ghosts is the first game he has ever voice acted for. He’s been in many movies over the past decade.

Q: How did you approach the character of Gabriel Rorke?

A: I’m not a method actor, even in the movie things that I do. I obviously read the script. The scripts are very specific about how one should be acting or behaving in whatever situation. You’re either happy, sad, angry. You’re motivated by one thing or another. For me it really is all common sense. I don’t do a lot of heavy research or practicing. I go with my first instincts and usually they’re on the money. Thank God for directors, including (on) “Call of Duty.” They’d give me direction on where they would like this character to be. I think I got hired for the job because they heard that military cadence, so I really didn’t have to prep a whole lot. It’s easy for me to do that delivery. And when it comes to the evil thing, unfortunately I’ve smoked cigarettes for 40 years and that abusive habit has made it very easy for me to go down to that dark place.

Q: What are your thoughts on this new take on “Call of Duty” and the new story?

A: I haven’t read a script, but the idea of a small group of men that literally have to save the world is cool. This one’s a planetary experience with the whole space thing and it’s by far going to be one of the more exciting games than they’ve had in the past, which were as exciting as it got. I’ve seen some of the destruction in the trailers, which I think would be especially fun for local Southern California people who are so familiar with the terrain. I’m looking really forward to it. My boy, he cracks me up. He tells me that I should be practicing on “Black Ops 2” so when “Call of Duty: Ghosts” comes out I don’t have to listen to myself yell at myself.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune  via @RobsStang

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