Chinese Universe Publishing and Media, a large publishing media company in China, announced that their game development and publishing subsidiary — ELEX — has entered an agreement with Activision Publishing Inc. to develop mobile games based upon the Call of Duty IP.

ELEX has developed other mobile games, including Clash of Kings, Age of Warring Empire, and Magic Rush.

The agreement between Activision and ELEX will last for up to 3 years after the new unannounced mobile game in development launches. Activision and ELEX have agreed to split the profits and development costs equally.

Thus far, Activision has released two separate Call of Duty mobile games, including Call of Duty Strike Team and Call of Duty Heroes. The development team behind Call of Duty Strike Team was shut down a few years back, with Activision internal team working on Call of Duty Heroes.

It’s not clear in the contract when the new mobile game from ELEX is set to launch as of now.

SOURCE: MMOCulture (Feature image is from Call of Duty Heroes.)

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