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Hello everyone!

I wanted to provide update on Charlie INTEL and the future of Charlie INTEL:   

I’m Keshav, and I have been with Charlie INTEL since the start…all the way back to June 2011, posting all the articles and tweets you’ve seen! Since June 2011, Victor, Peter, and myself have been operating charlieINTEL, FortniteINTEL, and the other INTEL accounts (@bravoINTEL, @theDestinyblog, @Titanfallblog, @FortniteLatest, and @CIGamingNews). I currently do majority of the work on charlieINTEL alongside being a college student. Doing all of this work, alongside school, over the years has not been easy, but it was always fun. CI has become a part of me and what I do everyday.

We have been thinking about what’s next for the CI and how we can ensure it will continue to operate in the long term. And with that, we’re excited to announce today that Charlie INTEL is being acquired by Dexerto, one the largest esports-focused news sites!

One of the things I want to share is that I am not going anywhere! I will still be writing articles on the site, covering all of the big news on Call of Duty, and tweeting (yes, tweeting all of those memes you see!) from the account — just as you are used to seeing from the site and Twitter. As part of being within the Dexerto Network, charlieINTEL will be able to grow and deliver more coverage and content as new resources are available.

Victor and Peter are moving on from charlieINTEL. I want to thank Victor and Peter, and I am so proud of what we were able to create together over the last seven years. We covered eight Call of Duty games from their announcement through launch through DLC season. It has been an incredible journey thus far.

One of the things we always prided ourselves on was being the best source for Call of Duty news, and I want to ensure that CI will continue to be the best Call of Duty news source. Our readers have been incredibly supportive and loyal over the years, and we cannot thank you enough for that! I am excited for the future of Charlie INTEL under the Dexerto network.

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