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Treyarch have just released a trailer for their newest Operation titled “Spectre Rising” for Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

In the trailer, four new characters were shown off for the first time that will be available throughout the Operation.

  • Blackjack, the Black Market mercenary trader
  • Sarah HallBlack Ops III’s CORVUS-infected intelligence expert
  • Sergei, Reznov’s fellow Vorkuta inmate
  • Misty, from the Zombies Victis crew
  • David Mason, the protagonist of Call of Duty®: Black Ops II
  • Uncle Frank, an older Sgt. Woods from Black Ops II.

Breaking down who these characters are, Lt. Danny Blackjack aka Danny Li or as most people know him “Blackjack” first appeared in Black Ops 3’s campaign as a member of the 54 Immortals. Nowadays, ol’ Danny is manning the Black Market in Black Ops 4 where he’s sporting more hair and more cybernetic limbs.

Sarah Hall hasn’t appeared in a Call of Duty since Black Ops 3 where she played a pivotal role as the intelligence expert on John Taylor’s Team.

We’ve seen character variations in the past with Hudson and Vacation Hudson and it looks like we’re getting more of these. This version of Frank Woods differs from the one already existing in Blackout because this character model is from the future timeline of Black Ops 2’s campaign. As a 95 year old man, Woods helped David Mason hunt down Raul Menedez and even played a kickass show with Avenged Sevenfold in Black Ops 2’s after credits.

Probably the most obscure from the bunch is Sergei Kozin, a prisoner in Vorkuta that helped Reznov and Mason escape the Soviet prison in Black Ops 1.

Uncle Frank will be exclusive for Black Ops Pass owners, Misty will be a Special Order on April 30, and it is unknown how the other characters will be earned.

Also apart of Operation Spectre Rising are new maps for Black Ops Pass owners and a Blackout map update.

Check out what these new characters look like in-action below:

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