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Clever Apex Legends Horizon trick counters Gibraltar and Bangalore’s rockets

Apex Legends fans have discovered that Horizon’s Gravity Lift can hard-counter other Legends’ Ultimate Abilities.



Horizon Apex Legends

Apex Legends fans have discovered a clever trick with Horizon where she can avoid Bangalore and Gibraltar’s Ultimate Abilities.

One of the many reasons Apex Legends has become so popular is the synergy between Legends abilities. Players can work together to create some devastating combinations by pairing their characters’ abilities.

Legends can also effectively counter other Legends abilities, making for a rock-paper-scissors system. A clever Apex player has discovered that Horizon can hard-counter Gibraltar and Bangalore’s Ultimate Abilities.

Apex Legends Horizon

Bangalore and Gibraltar’s Ultimate Abilities are similar but equally devastating. Both Legends drop a cluster strike of rockets down onto a designated area. Getting caught inside these zones is difficult to survive, but Horizon’s Gravity Lift will allow her to emerge unscathed.

Horizon’s Tactical Ability, Gravity Lift, will lift players 30 meters off the ground for 10 seconds. It’s usually used to gain a height advantage or block off doorways. However, if you’re caught inside the area of Gibby or Bangalore’s ults, you can use the Gravity Lift to avoid the missiles.

Reddit user Jagaleksandr has demonstrated how this clever trick works. After getting missiles dropped down on top of you, simply use the gravity lift and you’ll rise above the explosions below.

Another Reddit user gave more detail, saying that you should avoid strafing while inside Gibby’s impact zone. If you strafe while in the air, the rockets can hit you. Jagaleksandr said to stay while in the air, which shouldn’t be a problem as the enemy will be less likely to shoot at you after dropping the Ultimate on your team.

The Apex community appears to agree that because Horizon can so easily avoid other Legends’ Ultimate Ability, she’s “sort of op,” but the cooldown balances it out.

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Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment