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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

CoD leaker claims SBMM will be reworked in Modern Warfare 2

A new Call of Duty leak has emerged, claiming that the controversial SBMM is being reworked for Modern Warfare 2.



Modern Warfare player shooting at enemy on Picadilly map

Skill-based matchmaking is a major point of contention among Call of Duty players, and a new leak is claiming that SBMM is being reworked for Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty is officially heading back to the present day, with Modern Warfare 2 finally confirmed after huge speculation, and fans have been hoping that the new entry will bring some fresh changes.

Now, one new leak about the sequel has emerged, claiming that Modern Warfare 2 could be bringing some major changes to reduce the impact that Skill-based matchmaking has on players’ experience.

Modern Warfare Operators

SBMM places you in lobbies with players of a similar skill level with the intention of making matches feel more balanced. While the devs have confirmed this has always been a part of CoD, it has become a point of controversy over time.

A report from CoD leaker ‘RalphsValve’ claims that the developers could be aiming to “revise” the SBMM in the Modern Warfare sequel so that the matchmaking feels “less debilitating” to players.

One of the biggest complaints about SBMM is that while it should be used in ranked modes, it makes public and casual matches too difficult, so making this system less strict could provide a wider range of abilities in each match.

If these leaks are accurate, then games could start feeling less strict, but the leaker also added that Modern Warfare 2 could still keep the controversial feature of disbanding lobbies after each game comes to an end.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this is all purely speculation based on leaks, and none of this information has been verified by the developers themselves so it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt.

Skill-based matchmaking may always remain a highly contentious issue among gamers who feel that it ruins matches and makes them less fun, but developers can always make changes to make it feel less restrictive.

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Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare 2 could have VR element according to PlayStation Store

Call of Duty players have noticed that Modern Warfare 2’s PlayStation Store listing includes a VR Headset notice.



Vargas in MW2 with PS VR Headset

Modern Warfare 2 has appeared in the PlayStation Store for players to add to their wishlist. The game’s privacy notices have players speculating that MW2 could support VR.

Even though we haven’t seen any official gameplay yet, Activision have confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 will arrive on October 28 and have revealed Task Force 141 and who’ll be playing them.

With the release date in the wild and the key art revealed, Modern Warfare 2 is at the top of the PlayStation Store where players can add it to their wishlist. This store listing offers up a VR Headset safety notice, opening up the possibility that Modern Warfare 2 features virtual reality in some capacity.

Ghost in call of duty modern warfare 2

As spotted by Twitter user Øddy, if you head to the “Health / Ratings / Privacy / Terms” section of Modern Warfare 2’s PlayStation Store listing, you’ll spot a “VR Headset Safety Notice” and a “PlayStation Move Safety Notice.”

Typically, these only appear for games that actually have VR support — it’s not there for Warzone, Cold War, or Vanguard, for example.

This has led players to believe that Modern Warfare 2 might feature VR support or a VR-exclusive mode similar to Infinite Warfare’s Jackal Assault. If Modern Warfare 2’s campaign includes any missions on the level of 2019’s Clean House, then VR could make for a truly immersive experience.

Interestingly though, if you still have Cold War’s alpha or Vanguard’s beta in your PlayStation library, you can see that these early versions of the games have the VR Headset and PlayStation Move notices. Plus, upcoming games such as Hogwarts Legacy and Suicide Squad also feature the notices.

This makes it possible that PlayStation includes these VR notices as default in the run-up to launch, and removes them if VR support isn’t included.

While there’s a chance Modern Warfare 2 will feature VR in some capacity, there’s far from any guarantee. We recommend keeping your expectations in check until the game’s official reveal which is expected in June.

For more on Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out all of its editions which were leaked through Vanguard’s Season 3 Reloaded update.

Image Credit: Activision / Sony

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Dr Disrespect claims “marketing is saving Call of Duty” in response to MW2

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect vented his feelings towards the marketing behind Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty games.



dr disrespect mw2

Dr Disrespect a.k.a. Guy Beahm had some critical comments in response to the recent Modern Warfare 2 reveal, suggesting that Call of Duty doesn’t live up to the marketing.

Dr Disrespect is not only known for their successful streaming career, but also for their work as a map designer on previous Call of Duty games such as Advanced Warfare.

With Modern Warfare 2 set to come out, the devs officially revealed the first batch of artwork for the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise. Of course, Dr Disrespect reacted to the new art, which prompted an opinion on CoD’s product and marketing.

Ghost in call of duty modern warfare 2

On May 24, players were given their first glimpse of Modern Warfare 2 with some new artwork depicting the main characters. We also got an official release date, leaks surrounding a beta, and more.

This has obviously caused excitement among the Call of Duty community, especially as the game is also supposed to be bringing Warzone 2.

Dr Disrespect hasn’t been too happy with the direction of Call of Duty recently, especially when it comes to Warzone’s Calderas map. As well as offering advice to the devs of Warzone 2, the 2x Champion gave his opinion on Call of Duty’s marketing.

In response to the new Modern Warfare 2 reveal and artwork, the Doc said, “there ain’t nothin’! It’s getting to the point where like marketing is saving Call of Duty. Isn’t it crazy to think that?”

The streamer then goes on to insinuate that the product doesn’t live up to the marketing, “like the actual product isn’t…like its the marketing of it.”

Dr Disrespect slightly stumbles over his words, but it seems he’s suggesting that Call of Duty focuses more on the marketing of their games rather than the product.

We know Dr Disrespect isn’t the happiest with the franchise and FPS genre in general, even creating his own development studio and game to bring the changes and experience he’d like.

For more on Modern Warfare 2, check out our piece on the weapons CoD fans would like to see in MW2.

Image Credits: Activision / Dr Disrespect

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

CoD Modern Warfare 2 (2022) actors: Cast list so far

From Captain Price to new face Alejandro, here’s every actor confirmed to appear in 2022’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.



barry sloane as captain price in modern warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 finally has a release date, and Activision showed off Task Force 141 alongside the reveal. Familiar faces are making a return alongside a brand-new character, so here are all of MW2’s confirmed actors so far, along with who they play.

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 releasing on October 28, 2022, players are gearing up to reunite with Task Force 141. Modern Warfare 2019 completely rebooted the franchise, recasting the fan-favorite members of Task Force 141 with motion capture technology.

Call of Duty players are desperate to check in with Price, Gaz, and the rest of the gang. So, here’s every actor confirmed to appear in Modern Warfare 2 so far.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 main cast

Captain John Price – Barry Sloane

Price in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

The man who needs no introduction, Captain Price returns in Modern Warfare 2 with Barry Sloane reprising the role.

Hailing from Liverpool in England, Sloane appeared in a number of British soap operas before starring in Revenge and Navy Seals drama Six. Sloane took over the role of Price in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, providing mo-cap and voice acting for the SAS Captain.

Sloane returns in 2022’s Modern Warfare 2, with the captain’s iconic voice opening the key art showcase.

Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick – Elliot Knight

Gaz in call of duty modern warfare 2

Sergeant Kyle Garrick was one of the three playable protagonists in Modern Warfare 2019 before it was revealed his nickname is Gaz — a fan-favorite character from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Elliot Knight, who has appeared in popular shows such as How to Get Away with Murder and HBO’s Titans, portrayed Gaz in Modern Warfare 2019 and will reprise the role in 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley – Samuel Roukin

ghost in call of duty modern warfare 2

Although Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley didn’t appear in Modern Warfare 2019’s campaign, he arrived in multiplayer and Warzone as part of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Ghost has one of the most iconic outfits in Call of Duty thanks to his skeletal balaclava. Craig Fairbrass and Jeff Leach previously voiced Ghost, but now Samuel Roukin is stepping up to the plate in Modern Warfare 2.

Roukin is an English actor, writer, and DJ who has appeared in the Oscar-nominated Happy-Go-Lucky, as well as Marvel’s Agents of Shield.

John ‘Soap’ MacTavish – Neil Ellice

Soap in call of duty modern warfare 2

After appearing as the mute protagonist of the original Modern Warfare, John ‘Soap’ MacTavish firmly cemented himself in Call of Duty’s hall of fame after Kevin McKidd’s performance in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

Soap was teased at the end of 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot and then appeared in multiplayer and Warzone as a playable Operator. Neil Ellice, who has appeared in Loki and the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn mini-series, voiced the new Soap and returns in 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

Colonel Alejandro Vargas – Alain Mesa

Vargas in Modern Warfare 2

While everyone else on this list has been seen before, Colonel Alejandro Vargas is brand-new to the Modern Warfare franchise. Vargas is part of the Mexican Special Forces and will join Task Force 141 in their mission — whatever that may be.

Vargas will be played by Alain Mesa, who has provided voice acting in video games such as The Division, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Forza Horizon 5. We’re not sure what role the Mexican Special Forces operative will play in Modern Warfare 2, but he’s set to be a “key member of Task Force 141.”

Kate Laswell – Rya Kihlstedt (unconfirmed)

laswell in modern warfare

CIA officer Kate Laswell oversaw Alex’s mission in Urzikstan in Modern Warfare 2019 and has a close working relationship with Captain Price.

As revealed by the dialog in Modern Warfare 2’s release date announcement, Laswell has returned to oversee Task Force 141’s mission. Although Rya Kihlstedt isn’t confirmed to return for the sequel, the voice sounds almost exactly the same.

Kihlstedt has appeared in Home Alone 3, Deep Impact, and most recently, the Superman and Lois TV Series.

Farah Ahmed Karim – Claudia Doumit (rumored)

farah in modern warfare

Alongside Gaz and Alex, Farah Karim was one of Modern Warfare 2019’s playable protagonists. Farah was the Commander of the Urzikstani Liberation Force and joined Alex in his mission to find the missing chemical weapons.

Claudia Doumit, who plays Victoria Neuman in The Boys, portrayed Farah and, if leaks are anything to go by, will return in Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Season 3 Reloaded update appeared to leak MW2’s editions, where players who purchase the Red Team 141 Operator Pack will receive Farah as a playable Operator, but it remains to be seen if Doumit returned for the sequel.

For more, be sure to check out all of Vanguard’s actors, as well as the “amazing” new squad HUD in Warzone.

Image Credit: Activision / Barry Sloane via Twitter

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