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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile devs confirm 3v3 Gunfight Mode release date

The release date for CoD: Mobile’s 3v3 Gunfight mode has officially been confirmed by the game’s developers.



cod mobile 3v3 gunfight

CoD: Mobile fans will be pleased to know that an official release date for the upcoming 3v3 Gunfight Mode has been announced by the game’s developers.

Gunfight has been a popular inclusion to the Call of Duty franchise since its debut in 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot. It has since reappeared in Black Ops Cold War Season One, and now there is a concrete date on when CoD: Mobile players can expect to see it on the smaller screen.

The mode focuses on close-range 2v2, and in this case 3v3, affairs with pre-determined loadouts on tightly-packed maps. Patch notes for CoD: Mobile’s recent Season One launch indicated that Gunfight would be returning, and it’s sooner than you might think.

cod mobile gunfight

In an official Tweet from Activision, they have stated that 3v3 Gunfight will be available to play in CoD Mobile on February 5 at 4PM PT.

So it’s not too long before you’ll be able to lock horns with teams of three in Gunfight. If PT isn’t your local time, then here’s a complete list of start times for the 3v3 Gunfight Mode.

  • ET – 7pm
  • CT – 6pm
  • PT – 4pm
  • GMT – 12am

The Tweet also states that the following maps will be available to play from the get-go: Reclaim, Cage, Gulag, Shipment, Pine, and King.

If the concept of Call of Duty’s Gunfight Mode is unfamiliar to you, then here’s a quick briefing on what is required of you in this mode.

  • Each round will last a maximum of 40 seconds
  • A round win will award one point, it’s the first to six points
  • To win the round, you either have to eliminate all three members from the other team or claim the flag that will appear once the 40 seconds has elapsed
  • If no one gets the flag or no team is eliminated, then the team with more HP will win the round

Games of Gunfight become very competitive, very quickly. So grab a couple of capable and efficient friends, strap yourselves in, and prepare for a tense war.

It seems like the mode will only be available until February 11th, so make sure you take advantage of it as soon as you can.

Image credits: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Switchblade X9 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 7

The Switchblade X9 is a brand-new SMG in CoD Mobile Season, and we’ve put togther the best loadout to help you dominate matches.



Best Switchblade X9 loadout in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 7 introduces a brand-new weapon in the form of the Switchblade X9, the lightweight SMG from Black Ops Cold War. Here’s how to get the most out of it with our best Switchblade X9 loadout.

CoD Mobile Season 7 has arrived, and it’s throwing yet another new gun from the series’s history into the mix. After the L-CAR 9 and KSP 45 dropped in Season 6, the Switchblade X9 from Black Ops Cold War is the latest addition to the roster.

This fast-firing SMG was a beast back BOCW, and it’s set to make a splash once again in CoD Mobile thanks to its high damage output and impressive mobility.

Before you drop into a match you’ll need to know the ideal setup, so here’s the best Switchblade X9 loadout for CoD Mobile Season 7.

Best CoD Mobile Switchblade X9 loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Stock: YKM Light Stock
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Ammunition: Extended Mag A
  • Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

The Switchblade X9 already melts up close, so our loadout is geared around increasing its range slightly and doubling down on its mobility. We kick things off with the Monolithic Suppressor to buff the SMG’s effective range and to make shots almost silent.

Next up, the YKM Light Stock improves ADS movement speed, helping you strafe and adjust your shots mid-fight with ease. Then the OWC Laser – Tactical and Granulated Grip Tape reduces the overall ADS time and bullet spread to make the Switchblade X9 far more precise, even at mid-range.

Finally, we round out the loadout with Extended Mag A for added ammo capacity. The Switchblade X9 burns through ammo at a rapid rate, so a few more in the chamber is definitely needed.

CoD Mobile Season 7

Best CoD Mobile Switchblade X9 Perks

  • Red Perk: Lightweight
  • Green Perk: Vulture
  • Blue Perk: Dead Silence

Since our best Switchblade X9 loadout focuses on movement we recommend doubling down by using the Lightweight Perk in the Red slot, allowing you to burst around the mao and get in the faces of the enemy team.

As a fast-firing SMG, it’s easy to chew through ammo and leave yourself vulnerable after a few kills. Equipping Vulture puts your mind at ease since you’ll be picking up extra bullets after kill, while also promoting an aggressive playstyle.

Lastly, we’ve gone with Dead Silence to make your movement silent, allowing you to sneak up on enemies without being detected.

How to unlock Switchblade X9 in CoD Mobile

If you’re looking to run the Switchblade X9 in CoD Mobile, all you have to do is hit Tier 21 on the Season 7 Battle Pass.

Luckily, this is one of the free tiers so you won’t have to splash out any real money to unlock the weapon. Simply earn enough XP and it’s all yours.

If Season 7 draws to a close and you haven’t had time to reach Tier 21, don’t worry, when season 8 begins an in-game challenge will become available to unlock the Switchblade X9.

Best Switchblade X9 alternatives in CoD Mobile

There are a number of great SMGs on offer in CoD Mobile, such as Season 3’s MAC-10 which is completely devastating at short range. Alternatively, you could go for the JAK-12 Shotgun, capable of one-shotting enemies if they dare come too close.

For more on CoD Mobile check out our guide on Class Chips and Chip Stations, and the return of the Shi No Numa Zombies mode.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 7: New Vision City patch notes, Ghost in the Shell crossover, new BR POI

Here’s everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 7: New Vision City, including the Battle Royale POI, new weapons, and patch notes.



CoD Mobile Season 7 promo image

CoD Mobile Season 7 is here, and here’s everything we know about the New Vision City update, including the patch notes, Ghost in the Shell crossover, and new Battle Royale POI.

CoD Mobile Season 6: To the Skies brought a plethora of new content, including Modern Warfare 2’s Favela map as well as new weapons like Cold War’s KSP 45.

Now, Season 7, titled Vision City, has arrived, bringing a new Battle Pass along with other additions for CoD Mobile players to explore. We’ll go over everything included in the new season update below.

CoD Mobile Season 7: New Vision City Battle Royale

CoD Mobile Season 7 features an all-new Battle Royale POI for players to explore known as New Vision City, and this futuristic location is inspired by the Netflix series Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045.

This new area is located in the southwest region of the map and has a nighttime setting with neon lights, crossing tracks, as well as a central plaza where you can battle other players. You’ll also find some new mechanics in New Vision City.

Instead of retrieving dog tags, you can revive your fallen teammates by collecting their ghosts from the locations where they were killed. There are also AI robots and mechanical dogs that you can fight.

CoD Mobile New Vision City

CoD Mobile Season 7: Night Vision City new weapon

The Switchblade X9 from Black Ops Cold War is now available as a free Battle Pass reward in CoD Mobile Season 7, and this light-weight SMG boasts impressively high mobility as well as low recoil.

You can unlock the Epic version of this weapon in the Premium Battle Pass. According to the official patch notes, a third version of the Switchblade X9 is set to arrive at a later point during the Night Vision City update.

Ghost in the Shell operator in Cod Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City Claw Operator Skill

Season 7 also features the Claw Operator Skill from 2016’s Infinite Warfare, which grants you 96 bullets while turning your gun into a high fire-rate weapon. The bullets will bounce off hard surfaces such as walls and then ricochet before hitting enemies.

You can unlock this Operator Skill as a Battle Pass reward, and aiming down sights with it grants you more “focused damage.”

CoD Mobile Season 7 Togusa’s Survey event

The Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045-inspired event called Togusa’s Survey takes place from August 4 to September 7, tasking players with restoring downed communications, aiding allies, and finding post-humans.

You can progress through the event by completing Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. There are also yellow nodes that trigger Battle Royale missions, and you can check the event’s progress by taking a look at the Post-Human Report.

Togusa's Survey promo in CoD Mobile Season 7

CoD Mobile Season 7: New Vision City Battle Pass

CoD Mobile Season 7 brings a brand-new Battle Pass filled with new content for you to unlock, including brand-new Operator skins, a new weapon, Operator Skill, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, and COD Points.

The free Battle Pass content includes the Claw Operator Skill from 2016’s Infinite Warfare at Tier 14, and you can also get your hands on the Switchblade X9 SMG from Black Ops 4 at Tier 21.

If you’re willing to purchase the premium Battle Pass then you’ll get access to all the content available in Season 7, including Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Operator Skins such as Motoko as well as Weapon Blueprints for the Kilo 141, Arctic .50, Shorty, and Switchblade X9. 

CoD Mobile Season 7 Ghost in the Shell character promo

CoD Mobile Season 7: New Vision City patch notes

Ranked Match Update

New Theme and Rewards

  • New Ranked Match rewards are available.

New Features

  • Grand Master Bonus
  • Once players reach Grand Master III in either BR or MP, they will receive an XP bonus in the other lower Ranked MP or BR before leveling up to Grand Master.

Daily First Win

  • Receiving the first win of the day in some modes will grant the player Rank XP.
  • Modes with first-win bonuses refresh daily at midnight.

Gamemode Multi-Select Bonus

  • Players can earn an extra Rank XP bonus by completing Ranked Matches in various modes.

Map Pool Update in Ranked Mode

In Season 7, the map pool of Ranked Mode will be divided into two pools: the Generic Map Pool and the Seasonal New Map Pool. Players ranked Pro or higher may randomly select maps from either map pools, while players ranked below Pro can only choose the maps from the generic map pool.

  • Generic Map Pool: Composed of maps with stable player experience and balanced performance, accessible for players of all Ranks.
  • Seasonal New Map Pool: Composed of new maps and optimized existing maps, accessible for players at the Pro Rank or higher.

New Map Ranked Protection

  • For players that get randomly queued into a new map pool and end up losing the ranked match, the new map challenge will trigger protection where the losing team can gain a Rank XP bonus.

Other Optimization

  • Adjusted the weight of performance score and result score.
  • The settlement of Rank XP has been modified to increase the proportion of performance points and decrease the proportion of result points.

Optimized team-up ranked match experience.

  • We have improved the balance of team-ranked matches and reduced the queue time to enter the match.

Ranked Match Balance Optimization

  • Players at Legendary Rank will not join a match with players at Master Rank in the single ranked match.

Ranked Icons

  • We have added the 2022 S1 and S2 rank icons.

Limited-Time Offer for Tournament Seasonal Camos

  • Tournament Seasonal Camo Crates (Selectable) from previous Seasons are available for a limited period of time in the Tournament Milestone. Players can now choose Tournament Seasonal Camos from the previous Seasons.

Ranked Mode Update

Team Deathmatch:

  • We have removed a map where engagement paths were overly complicated and presented unnecessary difficulty for players to gain a head start. We will subsequently reevaluate and optimize the maps.
  • Removed Map: Scrapyard 2019
  • New Maps Added: Favela, Apocalypse, and Summit.

Search & Destroy:

  • We have removed some maps with poor player engagement experience and unnecessary learning pain points. We will subsequently reevaluate and optimize these maps.
  • Removed Map: Hardhat and Vacant.
  • Newly Added Map: Favela, Summit, and Takeoff.


  • We have removed some maps where the pacing of the gameplay was confusing and slow. We will subsequently reevaluate and optimize these maps.
  • Removed Map: Hardhat, Vacant and Hacienda.
  • Newly Added Map: Favela and Nuketown.


  • We have removed some maps with unnecessary learning complexity and unbalanced objectives. We will subsequently reevaluate and optimize these maps.
  • Removed Map: Hardhat, Scrapyard 2019, and Vacant.
  • Newly Added Map: Apocalypse and Raid.

New Mythic Share Feature

New Feature: Mythic Share

  • This feature allows players to share their fully leveled Mythic weapons with their teammates using Mythic weapon projections.

Feature Introduction

  • When the Mythic weapon reaches the highest level, the Mythic weapon share feature will be unlocked for players to share max-level Mythic weapons with their teammates.
  • The number of Mythic weapon projections that a player can share per round equals the number of max-level Mythic weapons the player owns.

Mythic Weapon Projection Features

  • Players may share the projection at the beginning of each round.
  • Mythic weapon projections will directly replace your teammate’s current primary weapon and can be dropped up to three times.
  • When the Mythic weapon projection is dropped in any form, the appearance will disappear and only the basic weapon shape and attachments will be retained.
  • Mythic weapon projection supports multiple MP modes. Mythic Share-related features can be turned on/off in settings.

New Operator Skill


  • Claw is a lethal firearm with ricochet ballistic rounds, rapid rate of fire, and rapid-fire spread shot.

New Features

  • A new weapon comparison system is now available, displaying more comprehensive and accurate information to help players select their own loadout.
  • Vehicles in the Ground War now support camo equipment. The vehicle camo update in BR loadout will also sync with Ground War.

Other Updates

  • We have added a scorestreak bonus for the in-game medals to enhance the feedback on medal achievements.
  • We have added a new throwing action for the Trophy System. The throwing trajectory has changed, but it will not affect the maximum throwing distance.
  • We have made some optimizations to the OB system.

Battle Royale Update

Ghost in the Shell Themed Event Gameplay

The Post-humans have invaded Isolated and Public Security Section 9 comes to end the disorder. By participating in the Themed Event, players may go to Isolated to explore the clues left behind by the post-human invasion. Players will meet Motoko and other members of the Public Security Section 9 in the new area of New Vision City. Together, let’s rise against the Post-humans and put an end to the new era of war.

Hacked Terminals and Rampaging GRUNT-52

With the invasion on Isolated, Post-humans hacked into the terminals and took control of the majority of the AI. Soldiers that were left behind to handle the chaotic situation. Clearing the terminal virus and killing the rebellious robots will provide players the chance to receive cyberware parts.

Combat Readiness Center and Cyberware Installation

In order to fight against the post-human invasion, Public Security Section 9 and Atlas Corporation have built a Combat Readiness Center in Isolated. Players may exchange cyberware parts for unique abilities.

There are four options:

  1. Bee Scout: Upgrade the Brain to control the Bee Scout to scan and detect enemies. The Bee Scout can also hack an enemy’s brain to retrieve their real-time location.
  2. Smart Shotgun: Upgrade the Neuro System to use the Smart Shotgun to track enemies who are within tracking range.
  3. Fist of Iron: Upgrade the Body to gain the ability to sprint and jump higher. You will be able to use Fist of Iron to down an enemy.
  4. Virtual Vision: Upgrade your Optical System to enhance the ability to perceive information by locating nearby high-tier loot and enemy shooters.

PS: During a match, the Cyberware installation cannot be reversed once it is redeemed, however, it will remain with the player even after the player revives.

Special Revive Effect

  • Public Security Section 9 brings a new 3D printing technology to help soldiers return to the battlefield. This technology will not be affected by the Post-humans’ network.

Storyline Combat

  • Through the players’ assistance, Motoko and her team have found a way to defeat the post-humans. Players, let’s fight alongside Motoko and the Public Security Section 9 team to the very end!

Adjustment on Passive Skill of Classes

In the BR mode, each class has a unique passive skill. However, the strength of these passive skills varies greatly and can influence players’ decisions on choosing certain classes.

We have adjusted the passive skills of the classes in this version so that players can have more options.

Other Updates

  • BR Prop Hunt is available now in the custom room!
  • The settlement of Rank XP has been modified to increase the proportion of performance points and decrease the proportion of result points.
  • We have added a custom interface for the kill information HUD above the crosshair, with adjustable size, position, and transparency.

Comprehensive Update

Seasonal Camo Update

Seasonal camos, earned from Tournaments can now be applied to blueprints! The coverage areas for seasonal camo are different from completionist camos.

Comprehensive Optimization

Optimized the arm swing frequency of sprinting animation. The arm swing frequency of some heavy weapons has been sped up without affecting the actual sprinting speed.

  • Optimized the performance of the client-server simulation. The performance of teammates’ and enemies’ movement animations will be more accurate and smoother.
  • Optimized the hip fire action performance of the following weapons: DL Q33, Locus, Outlaw, Koshka, Kilo Bolt-Action, SP-R 208, and MK2.
  • Optimized the holding and firing performance of AK-47, AK117, and RUS-79U.
  • Optimized the crosshairs of the high-magnification lens. Now the crosshairs are more detailed and realistic in ADS under the realistic scope.

New Weapon

Switchblade X9: A lightweight SMG with high mobility and low recoil for superior handling.

New Attachment

Branson: Using factory automation, the first 2 bullets fire faster.

COD Mobile Season 7 Weapon Balance Changes



  • Improved range


  • Improved damage


  • Improved damage


  • Improved damage
  • Improved range


  • Improved/adjusted damage


  • Improved damage
  • Reduced horizontal recoil

PP19 Bizon

  • Improved damage
  • Improved flinch


  • Improved reload speed


  • Improved damage and adjusted range (base and large caliber)
  • Reduce large caliber ADS time penalties


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved bullet spread accuracy
  • Improved flinch


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved bullet spread accuracy


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved magazine capacity


  • Improved recoil
  • Improved damage



  • Reduced bullet spread accuracy
  • Increased sprint-to-fire delay
  • Reduce damage
  • Reduce sprint-to-fire boost from YKM Light Stock


  • Reduced damage
  • Increased flinch


  • Reduced duration


  • No longer speeds up the recharge of Operator skills

Dead Silence

  • Increased sound spread range

For more Cod Mobile content, check out our article on the return of Classic Zombies mode with Shi No Numa as well as the best weapons in the game.

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Backbone introduces new PlayStation-themed mobile gaming controller

Backbone debuts a new PlayStation 5-themed mobile gaming controller to play your iPhone games on the go with controller support.



Backbone is extending their partnership with PlayStation to debut an PlayStation 5 DualSense themed version of the company’s popular mobile iPhone gaming controller.

Backbone announced the new controller as part of their extended licensing partnership with Sony PlayStation to include PlayStation buttons, colors, and logos on the controller. The new product is called the Backbone One – PlayStation® Edition and available at Backbone’s site.

Backbone has worked with PlayStation to support Remote Play through their mobile controllers, allowing players to play PlayStation titles on the go with a controller in hand. The Backbone One controller is available currently for iPhone only with an Android version expected this fall.

Backbone One Features

The new controller is built to fit right in with the PlayStation design and features it’s own app on iPhone to setup and download a variety of games.

The controller is highlighted with three key features for the product:

  • An exquisite design: The elegant colors, materials, and finishes are all inspired by the design of the PS5 console’s DualSense wireless controller, including transparent face buttons and a visually distinctive floating appearance. 
  • Purpose-built for PS Remote Play: The latest version of PS Remote Play even lets you wake your PS4 or PS5 remotely, so you can play PlayStation games anywhere. The Backbone app will also feature special integrations with the PlayStation and PS Remote Play app that make the experience even more special, like a dedicated row with new releases and updates from PlayStation and the ability to automatically deep link you into the PlayStation app to install it onto your console remotely so you can play it later via PS Remote Play.
  • An reimagined app: The biggest update to the app to date, the Backbone app will now allow users to navigate the Backbone app without the device connected via touch screen. Now it’s easier than ever to discover new games, watch highlights, or connect with friends. As soon as you’re ready to hit play again, simply connect your Backbone device and the app will automatically transition you back from Standalone Mode to Controller Mode.

Backbone One First Thoughts

Backbone sent a review unit for us to checkout, and we tested it out first with Call of Duty: Mobile. The controller is very easy to use, set up, and start playing. Players have to download the Backbone app on their iPhone to pair the controller and start playing.

And since Call of Duty: Mobile supports controllers, it worked great with the Backbone device. Call of Duty: Mobile brings the best of Call of Duty on the go, with recent numbers saying the title has over 500 million downloads.

Using a controller makes the action feel even better and helps bring the experience to that of the console versions of the game.

You can play a variety of mobile games with the controller, so long as said-game as mobile controllers support. You can also play PlayStation Remote Play, letting you access some of your favorite PlayStation titles on the go (with good internet connection), and even play Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming titles with this controller, including Fortnite on the web.

The controller overall feels great, sturdy, and easy to hold – even when using with an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The joystick feels stable while traversing intense games, and the buttons have very similar feel to that of the PS5 Dualsense controller.

We look forward to using the controller more with other titles, even with PlayStation remote play on Call of Duty games, and later on when Warzone Mobile releases.

Learn more about Backbone products at Backbone’s site.

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