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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile devs explain why the Heartbeat Sensor isn’t in-game yet

Developers for Call of Duty Mobile have addressed the reason why the long-awaited Heartbeat Sensor hasn’t appeared in the game yet.



With Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 just around the corner, one developer has finally explained why the Heartbeat Sensor isn’t in the game yet along with when we can expect to see the device arrive.

There is a variety of tactical equipment that you can use in Call of Duty to give yourself an edge over your opponents. One of the most commonly-used pieces is the Heartbeat Sensor. This tech is capable keep track of multiple targets and alerts you of nearby enemies.

Despite being a popular pick, especially in Warzone, this item has yet to appear in Call of Duty: Mobile. There has been speculation about its arrival for quite some time, so players have been waiting to hear something from the developers.

Well, now we finally have an answer. One of the developers of the game addressed this issue, and finally explained when we’ll be seeing the Heartbeat Sensor in COD: Mobile.

There is a thread in the CoD Mobile subreddit about the Season 13 Public Test Build, where fans of the franchise can discuss their thoughts on the upcoming update. One of the developers was there and decided to answer a question about the Heartbeat Sensor.

When is the Heartbeat Sensor coming to CoD Mobile?

The response was to a fan that brought up that the Heartbeat Sensor can’t be found in the game, despite it being mentioned in the list of tactical equipment. The developer explained that is something that is still under development, so it was never meant for the public test build, but we may see it soon.

“It is something being developed and may show up in a future update,” they wrote. So while players may not be able to utilize the Heartbeat Sensor right now, it’s something that’s definitely still in the works and will likely appear soon.

They didn’t elaborate beyond that, but it’s nice to know that they do have plans to introduce the Heartbeat Sensor to CoD: Mobile at some point. If we’re lucky, then we might see it in the next season. Hopefully, it will stay clear of the many bugs that have plagued Warzone.

CoD Mobile Season 13, also known as Winter War, will go live on December 21. It’s filled with a plethora of exciting content such as new weapons, vehicles, and the return of the Nuketown Russia map from Black Ops 4. There is also a brand new snowy POI available on the map.

The new update promises to be an exciting one. We’re looking forward to the new additions in the season, and will keep you updated with what else we find.

Image credits: Treyarch

Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile Season 6: The Heat update patch notes, release time, Zombies

CoD: Mobile Season 6 has been revealed, and we have everything you need to know about the update, including the release time and patch notes.



cod mobile season 6 the heat update release time

CoD: Mobile Season 6 will be bringing a whole new host of content to the popular game for players to enjoy, and we have everything you need to know, including patch notes, release time, and the new Zombies Undead Siege mode.

Season 5 of CoD: Mobile has been an exciting time for the popular Call of Duty game, but it will soon come to an end and be replaced by CoD: Mobile Season 6 that has been revealed to be called The Heat.

This new period of content will bring plenty of new things for players to experience, which means the community will undoubtedly be excited to jump into all of the action when the CoD: Mobile Season 6 The Heat update release time arrives.

With this in mind, here is all the new content CoD: Mobile players can enjoy when Season 6 officially launches.

CoD: Mobile Season 6 The Heat update release time

cod mobile season 6

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6, The Heat, will be released on July 29 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM BST (July 30).

New CoD: Mobile Season 6 weapons

As with all new CoD: Mobile Seasons, there will be some brand-new weapons for players to enjoy. As part of the Season 6 free Battle Pass, you can unlock the rapid-fire MX9 SMG.

Continuing the trend of bringing in Modern Warfare weapons, The Heat will see the Rytec AMR Sniper Rifle arrive later in the season. This will likely be unlocked through a challenge, which will be revealed when it arrives.

New CoD: Mobile Season 6 maps

CoD Mobile Season 6 slums map

CoD: Mobile Season 6 will also bring two new maps to the extensive roster of fan-favorite arenas.


The first is a Black Ops 2 favorite, Slums, which was loved by the competitive and casual community’s alike. In this map, players fight around a center fountain, and the devs advise you “check those corners.”


And next is a 2v2 Gunfight map from Modern Warfare, Stack. Perfect for “small team tactics,” Stack has players duking it out in a “near symettrical map set in a desert training facility.” You can choose to either immediately challenge the enemies in spawn or push up for more close-range fight.

CoD: Mobile Season 6 Battle Pass rewards

CoD Mobile Season 6 new weapons

The Season 6 Battle Pass contains several rewards across its free and premium tiers, including new Scorestreaks, weapons, and Operator skins.

Battle Pass rewards include:

Season 6 Battle Pass Free Tiers

  • Swarm Scorestreak (Tier 14)
  • MX9 SMG (Tier 21)
  • AK-47 – Epiphany
  • Calling Card – Rugged

Season 6 Battle Pass Premium Tiers

  • Rosa — Double Agent
  • ICR-1 – Blood Money
  • Calling Card – Escape in Style
  • New Charm at Tier 1

New CoD: Mobile Zombies Undead Siege mode

CoD Mobile Season 6 undead siege mode

Players who jump into the new season will have the chance to experience the new Undead Siege Zombies game mode, which will thrust players into a fight for survival against hordes of the undead.

This mode will release on July 31st, where you must defend your mobile base against wave after wave of zombies. The mode will take place over five in-game days, where you must scavenge for supplies during the day and fight the undead at night.

Undead Siege Themed Event

Alongside the release of Undead Siege, CoD: Mobile will host an event to celebrate the mode later in Season 6. For competing tasks in Undead Siege, multiplayer, and Battle Royale, you can earn rewards such as the FR .556 — Undead Watcher and a Zombified Edward Richtofen Operator Skin.

CoD: Mobile Season 6 Clan Wars and Ranked Series rewards

CoD Mobile Clan Wars

Both Clan Wars and the Ranked Series modes will be recieving small updates that offer competitors several new rewards.

The Heat’s Clan Wars and Ranked Series rewards are as follows:

Ranked Series Primary Rewards: CR-56 AMAX – Street Venom (earned at Master I in Multiplayer), and Lerch – Penalty Kick (earned at Master III in Battle Royale).

Clan Wars Primary Rewards: A new Firebreak Operator Skin with equippable aesthetic items and the RUS-79U – Cagebreaker Weapon Blueprint.

Watch CoD: Mobile World Championship in-game

Also, with Season 6 comes the CoD: Mobile World Championships Stage 3: Regional Playoffs. And for the first time, you can actually watch it both on YouTube and in-game. There will also be viewership rewards on offer and we’ll update you when we have more information.

There is no doubt that the arrival of CoD: Mobile Season 6 at The Heat update release will be an adrenaline-fueled time for the game’s passionate community.

For more CoD: Mobile, check out our weapon tier list for the fan-favorite game, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best gun in CoD Mobile: Every weapon ranked

CoD: Mobile’s guns are amazing and plentiful. We’ve taken them all, assigned them a tier, and ranked the top 10 from worst to best.



The 5 Best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

Since launching on October 1, 2019, CoD: Mobile has taken handheld gaming by storm and made Activision even more successful. The game boasts a huge array of fearsome weapons, so we’ve ranked the guns from worst to best.

Call of Duty: Mobile is still very much into its reboot phase with the game being reset to Season 1 instead of Season 14. Now into its second season, CoD Mobile is growing by the season and continues to add more and more content to the free-to-play game.

Apart from new maps and game modes, the biggest inclusions that players look out for each season is the prospect of new guns. Every Call of Duty game establishes a consistent meta that gamers will hone in on and make the most out of.

CoD: Mobile has many guns to use, and we’ve gone through them all to try and decide which are perhaps not as proficient in the art of killing, and which simply rule the game.

Best guns in CoD: Mobile Ranked List

cod mobile operators aiming

We’re going to take a moment to assign each of CoD: Mobile’s guns an official ranked place before we place them in order. There’s a lot to get through, let’s see where we ranked them all.

Here is every CoD: Mobile gun ranked:

  1. Man-O-War
  2. DL Q33
  3. DR-H
  4. ASM10
  5. QQ9
  6. HVK-30
  7. Locus
  8. AS Val
  9. MSMC
  10. AK117
  11. PP19 Bizon
  12. Holger 26
  13. CR-56 AMAX
  14. Peacekeeper MK2
  15. Cordite
  16. Arctic-50
  17. Chopper
  18. SP-R 208
  19. KRM-262
  20. Striker
  21. SKS
  22. Fennec
  23. RUS-79U
  24. KN-44
  25. Razorback
  26. AK-47
  27. Echo
  28. QXR
  29. Outlaw
  30. AGR 556
  31. NA-45
  32. BK-57
  33. LK24
  34. Type 25
  35. GKS
  36. HBRa3
  37. Kiloo Bolt-Action
  38. XPR-50
  39. FR.556
  40. Chichom
  41. PDW-57
  42. ICR-1
  43. RPD
  44. HS0405
  45. M4LMG
  46. BY15
  47. HG 40
  48. M4
  49. M16
  50. M21 EBR
  51. Pharo
  52. UL736
  53. HS2126
  54. S36

CoD: Mobile best guns

10. AK117

CoD Mobile AK117

Recent buffs have made the AK117 a viable option after being unusable for such a long period of time. It doesn’t particularly enjoy long-range encounters, but this is remedied by its hire fire rate in close-range combat.


msmc cod mobile

A blistering fire rate makes the MSMC one of the most important weapons in the whole game.

It does mean that some accuracy and recoil are sacrificed to accompany it, but it’s still a powerful and fun gun to use.


as val cod mobile season 2

A newer addition to CoD: Mobile’s staggering selection of firearms. The AS VAL was imported over from Modern Warfare and it fits in nicely, especially with its close-mid-range potential.

7. Locus

as val in cod mobile season 2

A very intimidating Sniper Rifle to come up against as its damage and fire rate make it a nuisance to counteract.

It is sadly let down by its after-shot recoil though, which gives players a chance to strike.

6. HVK-30

hvk-30 in cod mobile season 2

A very well-balanced Assault Rifle that is pretty much great in all categories, meaning its only downside is that it doesn’t truly excel in any area. This is not a bad thing, and it’s why the HVK-30 is still chosen by many.

5. QQ9 – Best SMG in CoD: Mobile

qq9 in cod mobile season 2

If you want an easy-to-handle SMG with fluid mobility and an obnoxiously high fire rate, then the QQ9 is your choice.

The ADS is pretty swift and speeds up the TTK, which makes it comfortably the best SMG in CoD: Mobile.

4. ASM10

ASM10 in cod mobile season 2

It doesn’t possess the best fire rate of an Assault Rifle, but it makes up for this with meaty rounds that can inflict some serious damage. A popular gun that continues to feature in many loadouts.

3. DR-H

dr-h in cod mobile season 2

Extremely efficient, has a superb fire rate for an Assault Rifle, and packs more punch than it’s given credit for.

If you can control its recoil, then the DR-H is a beast.

2. DL Q33 – Best Sniper Rifle in CoD: Mobile

dl q33 sniper rifle in cod mobile season 2

Placing this high on the list may come down to ability in terms of Sniper Rifles, but at the end of the day, the DL Q33 is unstoppable.

It virtually one-shots everything and is incredibly accurate, making it an impeccable weapon.

1. Man-O-War – Best Assault Rifle in CoD: Mobile

cod mobile man-o-war

This compact weapon of mass destruction continues to dominate CoD: Mobile with its very-high DPS, manageable recoil, and understated accuracy. There is simply no better gun to use in CoD: Mobile.

That completes our list. These are the best weapons tiered and ranked in Call of Duty: Mobile. Be sure to check out the best guns in Cold War and the best guns in Warzone too!

Do you disagree with any of our selections? Be sure to let us know on our CharlieINTEL Facebook Page and CharlieINTEL Twitter Page!

Image credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD: Mobile Undead Siege Zombies game mode officially revealed

A new Zombies experience is coming to CoD: Mobile in the form of Undead Siege, and we have the details you need to know covered.



cod mobile undead siege

The Zombies experience in CoD: Mobile is about to get even more exciting with the new Undead Siege game mode that will provide plenty of adrenaline-fueled action for players.

The world of CoD: Mobile is a buffet of things Call of Duty players love from the franchise, and Zombies is one of the best things that the game has to offer.

While the Zombies experience in CoD: Mobile has already been exciting, it is about to get ramped up a notch with the upcoming arrival of a new Undead Siege game mode.

With this in mind, here is everything you need to know about the new CoD: Mobile Undead Siege game mode.

Cod Mobile Undead Siege

CoD: Mobile Undead Siege

The CoD: Mobile Undead Siege Zombies game mode will see players on the game’s Battle Royale map with the mission to survive an outbreak of Zombies for five days and nights.

Players will have to collect supplies and equipment to prepare their own base for attacks from the undead.

You will be able to use their own loadouts, but more firepower will be needed to survive, which is why players will be able to use heavily fortified turrets to help protect their base in the new Zombies game mode.

Zombies fans will be happy also to see that fan-favorite characters from the Zombies experiences of past Call of Duty games will be making appearances in the new game mode.

There will also be 25 rewards players can earn in the Cod: Mobile Undead Siege game mode by completing specific tasks and objectives during their fight for survival against the undead horde. These rewards will include weapons, characters, and more.

There is no doubt that the community will be excited to experience all of the adrenaline-fueled action that this new Zombies game mode is ready to throw at them when it officially arrives in the popular game.

For more CoD: Mobile, check out the best AS VAL loadout for Season 5, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision

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