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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 10 patch notes: Shadows Return release date, weapons, maps, more

Here’s the full CoD: Mobile Season 10 update patch notes, including its release date, weapons, maps, and more.



CoD Mobile Season 10 operators

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 is coming soon, bringing a ton of updates to the popular mobile shooter. Here’s Shadows Return’s release date, as well as the full patch notes, including the new weapons, maps, modes, and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9’s Nightmare is wrapping up, and Season 10, titled Shadows Return, is almost here. The devs have revealed all of the upcoming content, confirming a classic Modern Warfare map, as well as a powerful new Scorestreak.

Here’s Shadows Return’s expected release date, as well as all of the content, including the new weapons, maps, Scorestreak, buffs, and nerfs.

CoD: Mobile Season 10 release date

COD Mobile Season 10 operators

Call of Duty: Mobile’s devs have confirmed that Season 10 will go live on November 17 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET / 12 AM GMT (November 18).

There isn’t usually any downtime between seasons, so it’s likely that Season 10 will begin as soon as Season 9 ends.

CoD: Mobile Season 10 weapons

CoD: Mobile’s dev team have revealed the Season 10 weapon line-up, revealing that the SVD and CBR4 will make their way to the mobile shooter.

The SVD is the Dragunov, a semi-auto Sniper Rifle that has featured in several CoD games, and it can be unlocked at Tier 21 of the Season 10 Battle Pass. The CBR4 is a fast-firing SMG that you’ll be able to unlock through a challenge later in the season.

Vacant arrives in CoD: Mobile Season 10

Call of Duty mobile season 10 vacant

Call of Duty: Mobile has brought across plenty of maps from the Modern Warfare franchise, and Season 10 will bring Vacant.

Vacant is a classic Call of Duty map, taking players to the close-knit corridors of an abandoned office building. Originally seen in Call of Duty 4, it’s also appeared in Modern Warfare 2 DLC, Modern Warfare (2019), and Warzone’s Verdansk map.

CoD: Mobile Season 10 Orbital Laser Scorestreak

CoD: Mobile Season 10 leaks have also revealed that the Orbital Laser Scorestreak could be making its way to the game.

The Energy Storm deploys a powerful beam of energy which then slowly moves through the map, killing anything it touches. You’ll unlock it at Tier 14 of the Battle Pass but there’s no confirmation on how many points you’ll need to earn to use it, though.

Control arrives in CoD: Mobile Season 10

CoD Mobile Season 10 control mode

Control is a classic Call of Duty game mode, and it’s arriving in Season 10 of CoD: Mobile.

This will see two teams fighting over bomb sites, similar to Search and Destroy, but players can respawn. Attackers need to detonate both bomb sites before the timer runs out, and defenders must stop that from happening. Teams will alternate each round, and the first to hit the score limit wins.

Weapon Inspect added to CoD: Mobile Season 10

The Weapon Inspect feature has become standard in Call of Duty, and it’s now making its way to Mobile with Season 10.

This makes your Operator bring up the weapon to look at it, giving you an excellent in-game view of all of your attachments, Camos, Charms, Stickers, and Blueprints.

Undead Siege mode removed in CoD: Mobile Season 10

CoD Mobile Undead Siege characters

A CoD: Mobile dev confirmed that Undead Siege will be removed in Season 10, but will “return in S11 with some considerable updates to it.”

The Season 11 updates are likely to be the new Hell Mode that appeared in the test server. There’s no way of knowing what will change yet but expect tougher foes.

There’s no guarantee that Hell Mode will arrive in Season 11, but it should arrive in one of the future seasons.

CoD: Mobile Season 10 patch notes

CoD Mobile Season 10 Operator

Here are the full patch notes for CoD: Mobile Season 10, covering updates to multiplayer, battle royale, weapons, maps, and more.


New Maps


The Vacant map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now available on mobile!

  • The Vacant Map embraces two different play styles, where close combat should feel more visceral and ranged combat focuses more on targeting skills. Players should be able to opt into their style of choice, those who make the right decision will be rewarded with victory!

New Score Streaks

Orbital Laser

Orbital Laser launches a laser in the direction indicated by the player. The laser deals continuous damage to enemies situated in the center of the beam, and slows enemies on the outer area

New Game Mode


  • Each Control Game consists of multiple rounds where players rotate between playing offense and defense to score points. Number of revives are shared amongst teammates. The team scoring the most points wins the round, and the team that wins the most rounds wins the game.

MVP Replay

  • New MVP replay system will now highlight the MVP player’s two most mind-blowing skill shots instead of their final kill in game.

Map Updates

Hackney Yard

  • Lighting in Hackney Yard has been improved to spot nearby enemies
  • The railing at point A has been updated to resolve parkour glitches


  • Wooden walls in the Nuketown previously did not reduce bullet damage properly, this issue has been fixed and now damage is matched with player’s expectation.

Hovec Sawmill

  • Halloween has faded back to darkness, Hovec Sawmill is now back in the limelight (the map is now daytime)! A visual update is implemented for the water wheel.

Other MP Updates

Mode – Payout S&D

  • Players can now use Payout S&D currency to purchase customized backpacks ingame.
  • Winning condition has been changed to winning a total of 6 rounds instead of winning the most rounds per game.


  • Fixed the issue where players cannot hip-fire their weapon while sprinting when Gung-Ho perk is equipped.

Operator Skill – The Tempest

  • The Tempest has been modified that when it is fired towards the ground or wall area, the bolts of electricity will deal damage in a small area to the surrounding enemies

Scorestreak – UAV

  • Updated the UAV visual where when the scan reveals the position of enemies, the red dot will appear simultaneously.

UI Adjustments

  • The Operator Skills is updated now an operator of player’s choice can be selected in their loadout.

Push Notification Update

  • Fixed the issue where some IOS players were unable to turn on push notifications in game.

Battle Royale

New Loot Box Effects

  • BR loot-boxes received a visual update to help players spot higher tiers of loot boxes in game.

New Game Mode


  • Warfare mode is now available in Blackout.

Game Mode Adjustment

Alcatraz – Mechanism adjustment

  • Alcatraz no longer includes common and uncommon attachments.
  • Classes and legendary attachments may appear in the high-value crates.
  • Increase the number of Classes and Class Drivers in the air drop.

Alcatraz – Class refresh rotation

  • Updated the Classes that can be picked up in Alcatraz. The current rotation list is:
  • Trap Master, Hacker, Poltergeist, Refitter, Desperado, Pumped
  • The above content will be updated on November 26th

Other BR Updates

UI Adjustment

  • Fixed the issue where the guard deck or roulette wheel will interfere the virtual joystick when used
  • Fixed the issue where scopes cannot be equipped or swapped when backpack is full
  • Improved backpack management by cancelling prioritization on storing enhanced attachment.
  • Additional HUD animations were implemented when equipping an armor plate.

BR Battle Adjustment

  • Fixed the issue where auto picked up weapons were unable to fire.

BR Map Adjustment

  • Collision is modified in Blackout to reduce the chances of vehicles and airdrops getting stuck between trees.

SE Adjustment

  • Sound effect is updated for Kinetic Armor.

Action Update

  • Action sequence for Wingsuit when players land has been modified.

New Weapons


  • CBR4 is a controllable SMG with a large magazine, its 5.7mm bullet brings stronger penetration and smaller recoil, which can exert a strong dominance in the mid-to-close range.


  • SVD is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is highly mobile. It has a medium-to-high firing power, dealing slightly lower damage. Opponent can be easily eliminated if shot in the upper chest area.


  • Another new and agile melee weapon is coming! The nunchuks, a weapon synonymous with masters of martial arts, will be available through the Hand to Hand Combat Seasonal Challenge coming later in Season 10.

Clan Wars

In the past three seasons, we have noticed that some players did not receive enough tokens to exchange for the season rewards. In order to prioritize player’s gaming experience, we have made the following changes:

  • Adopting what was implemented in 12.0, we will continue to increase the amount of weekly obtainable tokens.
  • Tokens will reset every season. Previous seasonal rewards will be removed from the store and replaced by current season’s listed items. Players are guaranteed to spend their tokens before the end of each season!
  • Don’t worry if you missed the chance to claim your season rewards, missed-out opportunities will make an appearance in various fashion starting the next Clan War update.
  • Clan borders will now display the final rank of the clan war in the previous season, this border will remain unchanged until the current season ends.

Balance Adjustments

Multiplayer and Battle Royale


Shorty’s dominance in close-range combat continues to overrule secondary shotguns. To balance out secondary shotgun options, we have adjusted Shorty’s damage, increased its shooting interval and recoil recovery, and shortened the range for lethal shots.

  • Single damage: 28-20-17-15 -> 28-14-13-12
  • Slightly increased recoil: base 3.57 -> 6, max 6 -> 12


The 600ms TTK has been incompatible with the current meta, we increased 1911’s close-range damage, shortened TTK to 400ms in close-range combat, and TTK to 200ms in face-to-face combat (160ms with Lightweight Trigger).

  • Damage Range: 20-25-30 -> 9-20-25-30
  • Damage: 26-20-17-16 -> 35-26-20-17-16
  • Headshot damage ratio: 1.4 -> 1.75
  • Chest and abdomen damage ratio: 1 -> 1.15


The penta burst mode tends to affect aiming accuracy, which creates a skill barrier for players. Therefore, we shortened the burst interval and increased the magazine capacity to increase accuracy.

  • Burst interval: 0.2 -> 0.16
  • Default magazine capacity: 36 -> 40
  • Expanded magazine capacity: 44 -> 52

Halberd Mag

  • Magazine capacity: 40 -> 50
  • Damage to the chest and arms: range within 0~40m: 24 -> 26, range 40m or further: 21 -> 23

Type 25

We are buffing Type 25 because it is lacking damage even with a Stopping Power Reload, its TTK also did not show an advantage in close combat.

Therefore, both fire rate and damage to the abdomen have been increased to improve close combat effectiveness. The damage of Stopping Power Reload is increased without affecting the MP’s original TTK.

  • Decrease in horizontal recoil by 30% and the vertical recoil by 20%
  • Fire Rate: RPM 790 -> 857
  • Damage to the abdomen: 24 -> 26

Stopping Power Reload

  • Vertical recoil: +8% -> +20%
  • Horizontal recoil: +0% -> +15%
  • Damage: 25-23-20-19-16 -> 28-24-21-19-16
  • Remove reload time debuff


Man-O-war’s high damage spread, low firing rate and high recoil is making the actual TTK differ from the theoretical value.

  • The trajectory of the first 6 bullets is slightly adjusted to fix this issue.
  • Adjust vertical recoil
  • Decrease the ADS bullet spread: about 5%


MX9 was initially designed for players to gain a suppression advantage at close range when optimizing combat positioning and recoil control during high movement speed game plays. However, its high base damage and smooth recoil curve drastically increased its accuracy, making it easy to hit the upper body area during combat.

Therefore, the base damage is slightly reduced and recoil curve is adjusted to put a higher emphasis on player positioning during combat.

  • Base damage: 30-24-16-15 -> 25-21-18-16
  • Increased horizontal recoil


R9-0’s long sprint-to-fire delay and unique pumping mechanism seems to give players a sense of lag during combat. The sprint-to-fire delay and pump time are slightly reduced to improve player experience.

  • Sprint-to-fire delay: 0.25 -> 0.2
  • Bolt time: 0.5 -> 0.4


In order to adapt to the hp in Payout S&D, DLQ33’s damage to the chest, abdomen and arms is slightly increased to ensure a fully armored target can be killed. This adjustment will not change the TTK in MP mode.

  • Damage to chest, abdomen, and arms: 135 -> 150

Perk – Speed Up Kill

We are adjusting Speed Up Kill Perk because its movement speed bonus is allowing mechanical players to take on multiple opponents at once.

Therefore, the movement speed bonus of the perk will remain unchanged, the player’s movement speed bonus will be removed, the reloading bolt action remains unchanged, and player tactics such as slide jumping will no longer scale with movement speed bonus.

  • Movement speed bonus: 10% -> 0%

Recoil recovery adjustment for semi-automatic weapons

Players can change camera angle to cancel recoil recovery animation while using marksman and sniper rifles.Launcher

Launchers have always been a tricky weapon to balance in CODM. We want our players to utilize different launchers based on tactical decisions, and not abuse its power in game. Therefore, each launcher’s mobility and damage stats are now shown separately to assist players in analyzing in-game situations. We hope this change opens up more opportunities for strategic gameplay.

● Fixed the issue where AOE damage did not take effect simultaneously after launcher weapons were used.

● Weapons that were previously affected by this issue: War Machine, Sparrow, FHJ-18, SMRS, Thumper, AMR with Explosive Mag.


FHJ-18 is the best countermeasure to Scorestreaks and vehicles, we hope the following adjustments enhance its performance against them.

● Initial flight speed: 30m/s -> 60m/s, maximum speed unchanged.


SMRS has become a popular launcher due to its accessibility in different game modes. However, we noticed an underperformance of SMRS when it is used to fire at vehicles in MP, and an overpowering situation when it is used in BR mode. The following adjustments are implemented to balance the weapon performance.

● Direct Hit Damage in MP: 160 -> 300

● Explosion Range in MP: 3.5m -> 2.1m, the range for lethal damage remains unchanged.

● Direct Hit Damage in BR: 300 -> 290

● Initial flight speed in BR: 120m/s -> 80m/s, maximum speed unchanged.


We have been reluctant on buffing the Thumper because it could easily turn the tables on many situations. However, we noticed that the Thumper has been underperforming especially when being used against vehicles and during streak kills. Therefore, the damage of the Thumper has been cautiously adjusted to meet player’s expectation.

● Direct Hit Damage in MP: 130 -> 160

● Minimum Damage in MP: 10 -> 1

● Explosion Range in MP: 4m -> 3.5m, range for lethal damage increased by 30%


Map – Terminal

  • Airport restaurant sofas and aircraft seats are often used as a powerful defensive mechanism. Models and collision of these items are now adjusted to increase counterplay measures.

Map – Scrapyard 2019

  • Fixed the issue where the actual collision of the wing debris was larger than the designed model, and was blocking bullets in the midfield of Scrapyard.

Map – Crossfire

  • Fixed the issue where players vanish when they’re in certain positions on the second floor of the Crossfire Laundry Room and become visible when they are on the bus.

Perk – Martyrdom

  • Slightly shortened the explosion delay time.

Perk – Quick Fix

  • Fixed the issue where Quick Fix continues to regenerate health despite taking damage. In addition, players are now limited to a single instance of Quick Fix every 2 seconds regardless of successive kills.

Tactical – Gas Grenade

  • Reduced the deceleration rate; slightly reduced the range of action.

Score Streak – Hawk X3

  • Slightly reduce firing spread.

Operator Skill – K9 Unit

  • Increased K9 Unit’s movement speed.

Battle Royale

Nova Gas

  • The damage of Nova Gas has been adjusted accordingly to deduct only the hp and not the armor.

Safe Zone Shrinking adjustment

  • The first Safe Zone shrinking time is delayed to allow a slower pace in the early gameplay. We also reduced the damage of the first three outside safe zone fields in Blackout and Isolated.

Character Movement adjustment

  • Swimming speed is decreased and ADS movement speed is increased while character is in water

Match/Ranked Match Update


  • Additional highlight clips are available for top 5000 legendary players.
  • Adjusted ranking algorithm where defeated teams in a very close matchup will lose fewer rank points
  • Shortened queue time for evening players
  • Updated Rank Lobby screen allowing players to have easier access to see the start and end date of the season.
  • Fixed the issue of long queue time for certain MP rank matches.
  • Player’s win streak will no longer be affected if they queued into the middle of a MP match and lost that game.

Battle Royale

  • Improved the matchmaking function by grouping players with similar skill-level in the same BR.
  • Updated Rank Lobby screen allowing players to have easier access to see the start and end date of the season.

Other System Updates

Weapon Inspection

Weapon Inspection feature is added. Players can use this feature by holding down the inspection button in the center of the emoji wheel or turn on the independent inspection button in the settings.

Friend Reservation

Players may send invitations to reserve their friends when their friends are still in game – team up with a friend and play 5 games to unlock this new reservation function!

Like Players

A new praise system is added allowing players to give a thumbs up to the most outstanding teammate or opponent after the game.FOV setting

A new FOV setting is available for players to adjust their FOV while using different weapons.

Realistic Scope

A more realistic transition for the aim through scopes is added to provide a better FOV when aiming.

  • After the update, players can experience this feature by switching on the “Realistic Sight Effects” in the Audio and Graphics Settings.
  • The weapons and sights that were not implemented with this effect will be included in future updates.

Shader Preload

A new Shader Preload setting is available in audio/graphics settings to help enhance player gaming experience.

MEMC Setting

Players who routinely experience frame drop due to overheating devices can enable MEMC function in the audio/graphics settings. This additional function is implemented to help such players experience a higher framerate in game.

For the time being, MEMC only supports BR game mode when frame rate is set to ‘Max’ or above and is limited to certain Android devices. MEMC will gradually be introduced to all devices in future updates.

And that’s everything we know about Call of Duty: Mobile’s Season 10 update. Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for all updates, and check out the best Swordfish loadout for Season 9!

SOURCE: CoD Mobile devs via Reddit

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 6: To the Skies release date, Favela map, new weapons & vehicle

Here is everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 6, including the release date, new map, weapons, and vehicle.



CoD Mobile Season 6 To the Skies

Call of Duty Mobile is gearing up for a major content drop in its sixth season, and here’s everything we know about Season 6, including the release date, new map, weapons, and vehicle.

The CoD Mobile developers bring brand-new content for players to enjoy through seasonal updates, and Season 5, titled Tropical Vision, brought a map, as well as a Battle Pass with 100 tiers to progress through.

Now, players are looking ahead to the content drop in CoD Mobile Season 6, and we’ll go over everything that we know about it, including when the seasonal update is expected to arrive.

CoD Mobile Jackal and Anti Air Gun Season 6

CoD Mobile Season 6 release date

In a Call of Duty blog post, the developers revealed that the official release date for CoD Mobile Season 6 is June 29, 2022.

You can expect the update to roll out at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM BST, with the new content available in the game shortly after.

Favela map CoD Mobile Season 6

CoD Mobile Season 6 Favela map

Season 5’s Tropical Vision update brought the Apocalypse map that first appeared in Black Ops Cold War, and the devs confirmed in a Reddit thread that we would see the arrival of a map from a CoD title older than Black Ops 4 “in the next couple of seasons.”

On June 18, the developers officially confirmed that Favela from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 is set to arrive in Season 6. However, the CoD Mobile version is set to be an iteration of Favela from Call of Duty: Ghosts.

This multi-level map is set in the slums of Rio de Janeiro and features multiple two-story buildings along with rooftops that you can climb onto.

While this map is large, close encounters are frequent, ensuring fast-paced action. It remains to be seen if the CoD Mobile version will feature any major differences from the Ghosts version.

CoD Mobile Season 6 Jackal Fighter Jet

On June 21, the developers tweeted an image that showed part of an aerial vehicle, seemingly confirming the addition of the Jackal Fighter Jet which was previously rumored to arrive in CoD Mobile Season 5.

Jackals will be deployed around the Battle Royale environment of CoD Mobile. These destructive vehicles are equipped with missiles, decoys, and a Gatling Gun. “While flying, your HUD will display other jets, whether enemy-controlled or friendly controlled or non-manned.”

Jackal Fighter Jet CoD mobile Season 6

There will also be a JACKAL: Fueled Up Themed Event in CoD Mobile Season 6 that will allow players to earn rewards.

CoD Mobile Season 6 new weapons

The Oden Assault Rifle appeared in the test build and was added during Season 5, and that server also featured another weapon that will make its CoD Mobile debut in Season 6.

The KSP 45 from Black Ops Cold War was found in the test server, and this three-shot burst SMG is now confirmed to arrive in Season 6. The KSP 45 is capable of dishing out a ton of pain to its targets at medium range. The weapon also boasts low recoil, making it ideal for close-range combat.

KSP 45 CoD Mobile Season 6

This new Season 6 weapon will be available via the Battle Pass, “At Tier 21, access a precision SMG in the form of the three-round burst KSP 45.”

In addition, the L-CAR 9 secondary pistol is another weapon found in the expired test server that will appear in CoD Mobile Season 6. Players will have to complete Seasonal Challenges to get their hands on the pistol.

For more Call of Duty content, check out the Warzone Fortune’s Keep map size compared to Rebirth Island as well as our guide on how to make the Black Ops 2 Skorpion EVO in Warzone Pacific.

Image Credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Will Warzone Mobile replace Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile players are wondering whether Warzone Mobile will replace the game when it officially launches.



warzone mobile cod mobile

Warzone Mobile has officially been revealed, and players are wondering if the battle royale will replace CoD: Mobile.

Activision have officially confirmed that Warzone will be getting a mobile port of the battle royale for handheld gamers. Warzone Mobile will aim to rival Fortnite on Mobile and Apex Legends Mobile, which has become extremely popular since its launch.

Of course, Activision already has CoD: Mobile, which has a huge fanbase and is constantly evolving through seasonal updates and new content. With that being said, many are wondering whether Warzone Mobile will replace CoD: Mobile.

Will Warzone Mobile replace CoD: Mobile?

Warzone Mobile

As far as we know, Warzone Mobile will not be replacing CoD: Mobile, but rather they will be two separate entities. Having said that, there may be some crossover between the two, perhaps in terms of weaponry and leveling.

CoD: Mobile hosts an abundance of game modes and is more related to the classic Multiplayer mode that Call of Duty has become famous for.

Warzone Mobile is a handheld version of the Call of Duty battle royale game that has taken the FPS genre by storm since its release on consoles and PC in 2020.

The devs want to bring that Call of Duty battle royale experience to the massive mobile community who maybe haven’t had the chance to experience Warzone.

The experience will be different on mobile, as obviously the capabilities of handheld devices are much less compared to the power of a console or PC. Players should expect something similar to CoD: Mobile in terms of graphics and gameplay, as well as crossplay capabilities.

For more, check out our piece on CoD: Mobile Season 5, including the full patch notes.

Image Credits: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Oden loadout for CoD Mobile Season 5

Modern Warfare’s Oden has made its way to CoD Mobile, so here are the best loadout attachments and Perks to use with it in Season 5.



CoD Mobile best Oden loadout Season 5

CoD Mobile Season 5 sees Modern Warfare’s hard-hitting AR, the Oden, join the lineup of weapons. Here are the best attachments and Perks you’ll need to make the best Oden loadout.

Modern Warfare (2019) delivered some of the most popular weapons in the entire Call of Duty franchise. Most of the weapons feel memorable and the Oden is certainly a unique Assault Rifle that’s difficult to forget.

In Season 5 of CoD Mobile, players received new content including the Apocalypse map and a brand-new Battle Pass. However, like most seasons, there’s a new weapon up for grabs and in Season 5 it’s the Oden.

Here’s everything you need to make the best Oden class in CoD Mobile Season 5, including attachments and Perks.

Best CoD Mobile Oden loadout attachments

CoD Mobile Season 5 Oden
  • Muzzle: Tactical Suppressor
  • Barrel: MiP Light Barrel (Short)
  • Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Operator Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 12.7×55 Duplex Ammo

For starters, we’re going with the Operator Foregrip to increase recoil control. Due to the Oden’s slow rate of fire, missing your shots can prove disastrous. This is why boosting recoil control is important when using the Oden.

The OWC Laser – Tactical will also help keep the Oden shooting straight in addition to increasing ADS speed. Meanwhile, the Tactical Suppressor will silence your weapon and keep you hidden.

Given that the Oden is lackluster when it comes to mobility, the MiP Light Barrel (Short) will cover that weakness by increasing movement speed and ADS speed. The 12.7×55 Duplex Ammo is a complete game-changer as it shoots 1 additional pellet per shot. This results in the Oden killing incredibly quickly.

Best Perks for CoD Mobile Oden loadout

CoD Mobile Perks
  • Red Perk: Lightweight
  • Green Perk: Vulture
  • Blue Perk: Dead Silence

CoD Mobile gameplay is all about speed and with Lightweight as your Red Perk you’ll get around quicker with a boost to your movement speed.

You’ll notice that you may run out of ammo quickly with the Oden, so Vulture will allow you to take gunfight after gunfight without missing ammo. This Perk will allow you to extend a lengthy killstreak without missing out on ammo.

Of course, we have Dead Silence as our Blue Perk as it will allow you to quietly surprise your enemies with well-timed flanks.

How to unlock Oden

Oden and RPD CoD Mobile

You can unlock the Oden by reaching Tier 21 of the Season 5 Battle Pass. Thankfully, CoD Mobile players will not have to undergo a rigorous unlock challenge to acquire this devastating Assault Rifle.

It shouldn’t take you too long to reach Tier 21, and you can rank up tiers by jumping into a few Season 5 games and performing well during matches.

Best alternative to the Oden in CoD Mobile

Season 1’s Kilo is a fantastic alternative to the Oden as yet another Modern Warfare weapon. While the Kilo packs less of a punch, it is much easier to control. If the Oden simply has too much kick, then you can test the Kilo out.

For more CoD Mobile, check out everything you need to know about Warzone Mobile.

Image Credit: Activision

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