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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 5 update patch notes: In Deep Water maps, new weapons, more

CoD Mobile Season 5 has officially been announced and will be called “In Deep Water.” Here’s the full patch notes for the new season update.



cod mobile season 5 logo

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 is almost here, and the watery-themed season will be called “In Deep Water.” Activision has released the patch notes for the new season, so here’s everything you need to know about the CoD Mobile Season 5 update patch notes.

The Wild West is getting ready to ride off into the sunset as Season 4 winds down to its inevitable conclusion. Players have enjoyed technological additions such as the ever-useful Heartbeat Sensor and new guns like the Holger 26.

But after a month of Western showdowns, we can now look ahead to Season 5. It’s time to analyze everything that is coming to CoD Mobile: In Deep Water.

When does CoD Mobile Season 5 begin?

cod mobile season 5 in deep water roadmap

By looking at the Season 4 Battle Pass timer, we can decipher that the season is scheduled to finish up on June 28, 2021.

Although some players have managed to access the Battle Pass early, CoD Mobile Season 5 will begin on June 28, 2021.

CoD Mobile Season 5 update patch notes

New CoD Mobile weapons, perks, and abilities

The last few seasons have added several weapons, gadgets, and Operators from Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone, such as the Mk2 Carbine.

There are still plenty of weapons left to add, and one incredibly popular Warzone weapon, the CR-56 AMAX, has arrived with CoD Mobile Season 5.

New base weapon: CR-56 AMAX

  • The CR-56 AMAX is an assault rifle that any soldier can easily control.
  • The ballistic trajectory of the CR-56 AMAX is easy to control and can make quick work of the enemy via headshots.
  • The weapon has a large number of stock attachments. Soldiers can replace different types of stocks to choose close or long-range damage. 
  • CR-56 AMAX also has semi-auto magazine attachments, turning it into a marksman rifle to destroy the enemy. 

New Operator Skill: K9 Unit

  • Call in a military dog ​​that tracks enemies by scent and attack them automatically.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Event Rewards

Shorty shotgun cod mobile season 5

Further weapons and items can be earned by completing new challenges and missions in Season 5.

New base weapon: Shorty

  • Pump action shotgun.
  • High close-range damage and high mobility make it a stalwart defensive weapon.

New perk: Gungho

  • Hip fire, throw grenades and reload while sprinting.

CoD Mobile Season 5 premium Battle Pass rewards

CoD Mobile players shooting at helicopter
  • New Epic Blueprints:
    • BK57 – Counter Stealth Unit
    • CR-56 AMAX – Torpedo
    • DR-H – Respirator
    • QXR – Breathtaking Capture
    • PP19 Bizon – Blood Octopus
  • New Epic Soldiers:
    • Otter – Backstroke
    • Murrick
    • Locke – Human Hunter
    • Rosé – Presser
  • New Legendary Calling Card:
    • Eye of the Storm

CoD Mobile Season 5 maps & modes


Call of Duty mobile season 5 docks map
  • There’s a threat hidden in the docks on the banks of the calm London Thames. 
  • Soldiers, attach the enemy via buildings and sewers!
  • Available for 1v1 Duel, Gunfight

Suldal Harbor

  • Suldal Harbor is a medium-sized map composed of a large number of containers and a few buildings
  • There are various corners and bunkers between the buildings.
  • The fighting around the apartment building will be quite fierce. Soldiers must be careful when passing through. 
  • Available for Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and more. 

Aniyah Incursion 

CoD Mobile S5 Aniyah Incursion map
  • Aniyah Incursion is about to open in a new mode: Ground Missions. 
  • The soldiers will start offensive and defensive battles around the palace. The periphery and the interior of the palace are full of threats. Soldiers must carefully plan the attack path. 
  • Available for Ground Missions.

New Mode – Ground Missions

  • Experience the exciting gameplay of 10v10 battles on a huge map.
  • Available Maps: Aniyah Incursion

New Mode – Cranked: Confirmed

  • Kills and confirmed kills (picking up dog tags) will grant the Cranked Status. Failing to continue racking up kills or kill confirmations will result in a fiery explosion for the player. 
  • Available maps: Crash, Standoff, Firing Range, and more.

Battle Royale

  • New Event
    • A new event will start soon. Through this event, you can acquire a new Battle Royale Class – Rewind.

Improvements and optimizations

Cod Mobile Season 5 in deep water


  • Decreased damage range when the PP19 is equipped without attachments. 
  • Decreased damage range when the PP19 is equipped with Monolithic Suppressor or OWC Marksman. 
  • Decreased damage when the QXR is equipped without attachments. 
  • Decreased the damage multiplier to the chest when the QXR is equipped without attachments. 
  • Slightly increased bullet spread when the QXR is equipped without attachments.
  • Decreased the damage multiplier to the chest when the QXR is equipped with an Enhanced Bolt. 
  • Slightly increased vertical recoil when the QXR is equipped with an Enhanced Bolt. 
  • Decreased damage range when the QXR is equipped with Monolithic Suppressor or OWC Marksman.
  • Slightly increased damage range when the ASM10 is equipped with OWC Ranger or OWC Marksman.
  • Slightly increased ADS Speed when the Locus is equipped with OWC Skeleton Stock. 
  • Increased ADS Speed when the AGR556 is equipped with MIP Extended Light Barrel, OWC Marksman or RTC Steady Stock
  • Slightly decreased HP of the HAWK X3
  • Hawk X3: continuous firing will reduce accuracy 
  • Fixed a bug where player vision can pass through the wall in a specific location in Tunisia

Also, check out the fresh Call of Duty Vanguard leaks, claiming that London Docks and another surprise map will be coming to CoD 2021.

Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

How to get a nuke in CoD Mobile

Here’s what you need to do in order to get your hands on a nuke and wipe out all your remaining enemies in CoD Mobile.



Nuclear explosion in Cod Mobile

There are various different weapons that you can use to dish out some pain in Call of Duty Mobile, but nothing gets the job done like a nuke. Here’s how you can get a nuke in CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile has a wide variety of great weapons for you to try out, like the R9-0 and M13. You can use these to cause some serious damage to your opponents and secure your victory.

However, one weapon stands above all others, and that is the nuke. Detonating this will wipe out all your adversaries on the map. This guide will cover everything you need to do to get your hands on a nuke.

How to unlock a nuke in CoD Mobile

Nuke in Cod Mobile

Once you’ve ranked up to level 20, you can unlock a nuke by getting a killstreak of 20 in CoD Mobile. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to plant the nuke to take out every remaining enemy in a match.

Here’s how you can get this done:

  1. Launch the multiplayer mode in CoD Mobile
  2. Select perks that help with your survival like Persistence or Hardline
  3. Select a heavy weapon that will help you score quick kills
  4. Choose a multiplayer map and jump into battle
  5. Use the heavy weapon to secure 20 consequtive kills quickly
CoD Mobile Zombies Undead Siege mode

Once you’ve got the 20 killstreak, a ‘launch nuclear bomb’ button will appear on the hub. You’ll then be able to detonate the nuke and wipe out all of the remaining competition. Detonating the weapon grants you the Nuclear Killer and Ultimate Terminator medals.

That covers everything you need to do in order to unlock a nuke in CoD Mobile. Just hop into a few matches and you’ll be able to score that killstreak after a bit of practice.

For more CoD Mobile, you can check out how to get the Gun Master Medal, and stay tuned to Charlie INTEL.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare update patch notes: Halloween event release date, Undead Siege, weapons, maps

Here’s everything you need to know about the Halloween-themed Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9, including the new weapons and release date.



cod mobile nightmare official art

Call of Duty: Mobile is set to celebrate Halloween by bringing a spooky overhaul to the handheld shooter in Season 9. Here’s everything we know about the Nightmare update’s Halloween event, including the release date, new maps, and weapons.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 is soon wrapping up, and the handheld shooter will be getting a spooky overhaul with Season 9. This new Halloween-themed update brings back Undead Siege, as well as introduces new maps, weapons, and more.

Here’s everything we know about CoD: Mobile Season 9, including its release date and Halloween-themed content.

CoD: Mobile Season 9 start date

CoD Mobile Zombies Undead Siege mode

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9 is set to begin on Wednesday, October 20, at around 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM BST (October 21).

CoD: Mobile doesn’t usually have a significant downtime between seasons, so Season 9 should launch almost immediately after the Season 8 Battle Pass expires.

CoD: Mobile Season 9 theme

Alongside Warzone’s The Haunting event, CoD: Mobile will also be running a Halloween theme. Although not officially revealed, a leaked teaser has revealed that Season 9 will be titled ‘Nightmare.’

Expect Halloween updates to many aspects of the game, as well as spooky cosmetics in the store and Battle Pass.

New CoD: Mobile Season 9 maps

CoD: Mobile’s developers have revealed that Season 9 will bring Modern Warfare (2019)’s Hovec Sawmill and Halloween Standoff.

Hovec Sawmill was a brand new map for Modern Warfare, taking place in a small village with a burning Sawmill in the center. With several accessible rooftops, you’ll need to keep your eyes up. And for CoD Mobile Season 9, the Hovec Sawmill will be a night map, matching Nightmare’s spooky aesthetic.

Halloween Standoff also returns in Season 9, which is fast becoming a tradition for CoD Mobile. This new update gives the classic Black Ops 2 map an eery overhaul, with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations littering the nighttime version.

The devs also teased that “a surprise mystery lies ahead,” so we’ll need to wait and see what 2021’s version of Halloween Standoff has in store.

New CoD: Mobile Season 9 weapons

CoD Mobile Season 9 Thumper and Swordfish

Call of Duty fans will be quick to recognize Nightmare’s new weapons, with CoD Mobile Season 9 bringing the Thumper and the Swordfish.

The Thumper Grenade Launcher has featured in several Call of Duty games and is sure to be a powerful addition to the new season.

And Black Ops 4 players will recognize the Swordfish, a four-round burst Tactical Rifle that’s low recoil allowed it to chew through enemies with ease.

New CoD: Mobile Season 9 Tactical Weapon, Operator Skill & BR class

CoD: Mobile Season 9 also brings a new Tactical Weapon, Operator Skill, and Battle Royale Class.

The Flash Drone Tactical Weapon acts as a long-range flashbang. Players take charge of a drone that will completely blind enemies it comes into contact with. Devs said that it can be released at a distance “of about 15 meters” and has a range of “about 20 meters.”

The new Operator Skill, TAK-5, is set to be a game-changing addition to multiplayer. The TAK-5 immediately heals the full team, including the player, to full health. And not only that, but each player gets an additional 50 health.

And finally, CoD: Mobile’s battle royale gets the new Pumped class. This gives players a small jetpack that allows players to jump higher and even double jump. Plus, weapons are more accurate while in the air.

CoD: Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass

CoD: Mobile devs confirmed that the TAK-5 will arrive in the Season 9 Battle Pass alongside either the Thumper or Swordfish.

We expect there to also be plenty of Halloween-themed cosmetics in the Battle Pass, so we’ll keep you updated when the season goes live.

Undead Siege returns in CoD: Mobile Season 9

CoD: Mobile fans were clamoring for the Zombies mode to return, and Season 6’s Undead Siege brought a new twist to the classic experience. The Zombie-slaying action returns in Season 9.

In Undead Siege, players need to survive either three or five nights, defending Richtofen’s Control Center from wave after wave of the undead.

Undead Siege returns in Season 9 for the Nightmare Halloween event, and will likely last until the end of the season. Devs teased that “there are some new rewards to earn and new challenging zombie behavior to conquer.”

CoD: Mobile Season 9 Trick or Treat

cod mobile nightmare map

An interesting new side addition to Season 9 is the new ‘Trick or Treat’ in-game scenario. According to the devs: “Go door to door and try your luck. If you’re tricked, complete an in-game task to get your candy; if you’re treated, get the candy right away.

“Candy awards event XP, progressing you through the event track with milestone rewards along the way. Set your own room to trick or treat, and visit your friends’ rooms, too.”

CoD Mobile Season 9 update patch notes

Multiplayer mode and survival mode

CR-56 AMAX (equipped with M67 magazine):

  • Reduced the range, the first range was adjusted from 36M to 30M, and the second range was adjusted from 51M to 42.5M
  • Reduced the damage on the upper arm from 62 to 48
  • Slightly increased vertical recoil.


  • Increased the basic movement speed of the base gun from 0.6 to 0.65
  • Increased the reload speed of the base gun from 3 to 2.5
  • Increased the basic bullet velocity of the multiplayer mode from 600 to 900
  • Heavy long barrel – Reduced the movement speed penalty from 4% to -2%
  • 300 RTC-30 rounds magazine: Replaced the bullet speed increasing effect with a silencer effect; ADS speed -8% → -3%
  • 300 RTC-double-row 40 rounds magazine: Replaced bullet speed increasing effect with silence effect; added bomb reload speed +10%; movement speed -2% → -1%
  • Fixed the issue of BSA Mod not working in Battle Royale.


  • Reduce the horizontal recoil of the base Gun
  • Reduced hip fire spread of the base gun from 0.08 to 0.06, reduce the minimum 0.15 to 0.14
  • Increase the damage of the upper body: Arm 26 increased to 28 Chest 28 increased to 31 Head 31 increased to 33
  • Marksman Long Barrel: Horizontal recoil increased from -3.2% to -8%
  • Ranger Long Barrel: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% to -6%
  • Strike Stock: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% Increased to -6%


  • Increased base gun damage range from 10m to 14m.


  • Base gun damage increased from 25-22-20-19 to 28-24-20-19
  • Base gun movement speed increased from 1.04 to 1.06
  • Base gun ADS speed increased from 0.448 to 0.4
  • Adjusted base gun’s recoil
  • Reduced the movement speed of the 50-round magazine from -1% to -1.5%
  • Reduced the movement speed of the 60-round magazine from -1.5% to -2.5%


  • Adjusted the recoil of the base gun to make it more controllable during continuous firing

Perk – Disabled:

  • After adding disabled perk for assault rifles and light machine guns hitting anywhere in the body will reduce the movement speed.

Battle Royale Mode


  • Reduced base gun damage from 30-24-16-15 to 25-21-18-16


  • Increased the vertical recoil of the first shot by 50%
  • Bullet spread during continuous firing has been increased by 35% starting from second shot
  • Fixed the bug that SKS bullets do not require bullet velocity in BR mode.


SAM Turret:

  • The explosion damage of the Sam turret has been greatly increased from 198 to 385
  • The score of the SAM Turret has been slightly reduced from 850 to 660.


  • Increased the number of drones from 4 to 6. We’ve increased the number of drones to improve Swarm’s cost-effectiveness.


  • Reduced the score of Napalm from 1500 to 1190

Lighting Strike:

  • Slightly reduced the score of rapid air strikes from 1050 to 850
  • Increased missile explosion range from 10 meters to 15 meters.

And that’s everything we know about Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9! We’ll update this post when Activision releases the full patch notes.

For more CoD: Mobile, you can check out how to get the Gun Master Medal.

Image Credit: CoD Mobile

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Call of Duty: Mobile

How to get the Gun Master Medal in CoD Mobile

We’ve put together this handy little guide to inform you how to obtain the difficult Gun Master Medal in CoD Mobile.



cod mobile gun master badge

Completing the Gun Master Medal conditions in CoD Mobile will reward you with some exclusive items, and this little guide will tell you what you need to do.

The Gun Master Medal is one of several tricky medals for players to earn in CoD Mobile, but achieving one does earn players some nifty rewards.

With CoD Mobile Season 8 now active, there are new weapons like the M13 and R9-0 and even the debut of Black Ops IIII’s Blackout map. So there’s even more content to keep players fresh and fired up to get the Gun Master Medal.

Gun Master Medal in CoD Mobile

players fighting in cod mobile

To earn the Gun Master Medal in CoD Mobile, players need to rack up at least 8 kills in a game of battle royale in Season 8.

Now, the Gun Master Medal isn’t as difficult as the Relentless Medal in Call of Duty Mobile, but it can still be quite difficult to achieve.

You don’t need us to tell you that this isn’t the easiest thing to do, and could take quite a few goes to accomplish. Sadly, there isn’t a definitive way to go about doing this, and will just solely rely on your skill as a player.

It can be done on any of the game’s BR maps, and the only real thing we can recommend is making sure you get your loadout as early as possible and being cautious. Obviously, not too careful, otherwise you could potentially end up winning, but not get 8 kills.

blackout map in cod mobile

Even seasoned CoD Mobile players might have a tough time going for the Gun Master Medal, but hopefully, this guide will stand you in good stead.

Also, check out the best guns in CoD Mobile to see what could make this medal more attainable!

Image Credits: Activision

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