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Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 5 update patch notes: In Deep Water maps, new weapons, more

CoD Mobile Season 5 has officially been announced and will be called “In Deep Water.” Here’s the full patch notes for the new season update.



cod mobile season 5 logo

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 5 is almost here, and the watery-themed season will be called “In Deep Water.” Activision has released the patch notes for the new season, so here’s everything you need to know about the CoD Mobile Season 5 update patch notes.

The Wild West is getting ready to ride off into the sunset as Season 4 winds down to its inevitable conclusion. Players have enjoyed technological additions such as the ever-useful Heartbeat Sensor and new guns like the Holger 26.

But after a month of Western showdowns, we can now look ahead to Season 5. It’s time to analyze everything that is coming to CoD Mobile: In Deep Water.

When does CoD Mobile Season 5 begin?

cod mobile season 5 in deep water roadmap

By looking at the Season 4 Battle Pass timer, we can decipher that the season is scheduled to finish up on June 28, 2021.

Although some players have managed to access the Battle Pass early, CoD Mobile Season 5 will begin on June 28, 2021.

CoD Mobile Season 5 update patch notes

New CoD Mobile weapons, perks, and abilities

The last few seasons have added several weapons, gadgets, and Operators from Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone, such as the Mk2 Carbine.

There are still plenty of weapons left to add, and one incredibly popular Warzone weapon, the CR-56 AMAX, has arrived with CoD Mobile Season 5.

New base weapon: CR-56 AMAX

  • The CR-56 AMAX is an assault rifle that any soldier can easily control.
  • The ballistic trajectory of the CR-56 AMAX is easy to control and can make quick work of the enemy via headshots.
  • The weapon has a large number of stock attachments. Soldiers can replace different types of stocks to choose close or long-range damage. 
  • CR-56 AMAX also has semi-auto magazine attachments, turning it into a marksman rifle to destroy the enemy. 

New Operator Skill: K9 Unit

  • Call in a military dog ​​that tracks enemies by scent and attack them automatically.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Event Rewards

Shorty shotgun cod mobile season 5

Further weapons and items can be earned by completing new challenges and missions in Season 5.

New base weapon: Shorty

  • Pump action shotgun.
  • High close-range damage and high mobility make it a stalwart defensive weapon.

New perk: Gungho

  • Hip fire, throw grenades and reload while sprinting.

CoD Mobile Season 5 premium Battle Pass rewards

CoD Mobile players shooting at helicopter
  • New Epic Blueprints:
    • BK57 – Counter Stealth Unit
    • CR-56 AMAX – Torpedo
    • DR-H – Respirator
    • QXR – Breathtaking Capture
    • PP19 Bizon – Blood Octopus
  • New Epic Soldiers:
    • Otter – Backstroke
    • Murrick
    • Locke – Human Hunter
    • Rosé – Presser
  • New Legendary Calling Card:
    • Eye of the Storm

CoD Mobile Season 5 maps & modes


Call of Duty mobile season 5 docks map
  • There’s a threat hidden in the docks on the banks of the calm London Thames. 
  • Soldiers, attach the enemy via buildings and sewers!
  • Available for 1v1 Duel, Gunfight

Suldal Harbor

  • Suldal Harbor is a medium-sized map composed of a large number of containers and a few buildings
  • There are various corners and bunkers between the buildings.
  • The fighting around the apartment building will be quite fierce. Soldiers must be careful when passing through. 
  • Available for Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and more. 

Aniyah Incursion 

CoD Mobile S5 Aniyah Incursion map
  • Aniyah Incursion is about to open in a new mode: Ground Missions. 
  • The soldiers will start offensive and defensive battles around the palace. The periphery and the interior of the palace are full of threats. Soldiers must carefully plan the attack path. 
  • Available for Ground Missions.

New Mode – Ground Missions

  • Experience the exciting gameplay of 10v10 battles on a huge map.
  • Available Maps: Aniyah Incursion

New Mode – Cranked: Confirmed

  • Kills and confirmed kills (picking up dog tags) will grant the Cranked Status. Failing to continue racking up kills or kill confirmations will result in a fiery explosion for the player. 
  • Available maps: Crash, Standoff, Firing Range, and more.

Battle Royale

  • New Event
    • A new event will start soon. Through this event, you can acquire a new Battle Royale Class – Rewind.

Improvements and optimizations

Cod Mobile Season 5 in deep water


  • Decreased damage range when the PP19 is equipped without attachments. 
  • Decreased damage range when the PP19 is equipped with Monolithic Suppressor or OWC Marksman. 
  • Decreased damage when the QXR is equipped without attachments. 
  • Decreased the damage multiplier to the chest when the QXR is equipped without attachments. 
  • Slightly increased bullet spread when the QXR is equipped without attachments.
  • Decreased the damage multiplier to the chest when the QXR is equipped with an Enhanced Bolt. 
  • Slightly increased vertical recoil when the QXR is equipped with an Enhanced Bolt. 
  • Decreased damage range when the QXR is equipped with Monolithic Suppressor or OWC Marksman.
  • Slightly increased damage range when the ASM10 is equipped with OWC Ranger or OWC Marksman.
  • Slightly increased ADS Speed when the Locus is equipped with OWC Skeleton Stock. 
  • Increased ADS Speed when the AGR556 is equipped with MIP Extended Light Barrel, OWC Marksman or RTC Steady Stock
  • Slightly decreased HP of the HAWK X3
  • Hawk X3: continuous firing will reduce accuracy 
  • Fixed a bug where player vision can pass through the wall in a specific location in Tunisia

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Image Credit: Activision

Call of Duty: Mobile

Everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision release date, new weapons, Perk changes, & more

Here’s everything we know about CoD Mobile Season 5, including the release date, new weapons, Battle Pass, and more.



CoD Mobile Operators

CoD Mobile Season 5 is on its way, and here’s everything we know about it so far, including the release date, new weapons, Perk changes, Battle Pass, and more.

Seasonal updates bring fun new content for CoD Mobile players to enjoy, and Season 4, titled Wild Dogs, added new maps, game modes, as well as a brand-new Battle Pass to progress through.

Now, players are looking ahead to the major content drop that is set to arrive in CoD Mobile Season 5. We’ll go over everything that we know about the upcoming update, including the release date.


CoD Mobile operators in a sandstorm

CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision release date

The Call of Duty Mobile developers confirmed in an official blog post that CoD Mobile Season 5 is titled ‘Tropical Vision’ and is scheduled to go live on June 1 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET / 1 AM BST.

This will happen right after the current season comes to an end, and players will be able to access all the new content that arrives in the Tropical Vision update, including a new map, as well as a brand-new Battle Pass.

Operator on a bike in CoD Mobile Season 5

CoD Mobile Season 5 Apocalypse map

On May 16, the Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account teased the arrival of Black Ops Cold War’s Apocalypse map in Season 5 with a message that reads: “What secrets hide in the jungle?”

This jungle-themed medium-sized map first appeared in Black Ops Cold War Season 2 and consisted of various tight corners as well as rooms with multiple entrances, ensuring intense fast-paced action.

Apocalypse will be featured in all standard game types in CoD Mobile Season 5. Most players will battle each other in the center lane of the map, and you can also flank enemies from the village or temple on either side of the map.

CoD Mobile Season 5 weapons: Oden Assault Rifle

CoD Mobile Season 5 has brought the Oden Assault Rifle for you to unlock after progressing through the Battle Pass to Tier 21. This weapon may be slow-firing but it’s still capable of dishing out a ton of damage.

You can also unlock the new RPD signature attachment known as the Cooling Compressor Barrel by completing seasonal challenges. This will replace reloading with an overheating system, allowing you to fire continuously.

Oden and RPD CoD Mobile Season 5

CoD Mobile Season 5 possible Perk changes

The CoD Mobile test built features a major change to Persistence which is a red Perk that lets you continue your Scorestreaks even when you’ve been killed. Now, the Perk’s color has been changed to blue.

While Persistence is equipped, your Scorestreaks will be divided into low, middle, and high ranks. You’ll only be able to equip one scorestreak of each rank at the same time. However, it remains to be seen if this change will arrive in the game during Season 5.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Guns Blazing Encore mode

CoD Mobile Season 5 also features a new multiplayer mode known as Guns Blazing Encore, and this turns you into a super-soldier so that you can destroy your enemies with a custom loadout.

Your goal in this game mode is to eliminate enemy Operators in order to score points. You’ll get 1 point from killing normal Operators and 3 points from taking down super-soldiers. You’ll need to be the first player to earn 30 points in order to win.

You can transform into a super-soldier by filling your Fury gauge as you secure kills, and this will grant you dual-wield Death Machines along with a health boost.

CoD Mobile Operators

CoD Mobile Season 5 Flood Team Bravo event

The tropical storm in Season 5 has caused mass flooding, so Soap and Team Bravo are tasked with extracting the water around the area by strengthening water pumps.

You can participate in this event by completing general and special tasks across CoD Mobile Season 5 multiplayer and Battle Royale. Earning event points will let you unlock the Soap Vacay Ready Operator skin.

Cod Mobile operators in Tropical Vision

CoD Mobile Season 5 Jackal Fighter Jet

A leak from ‘CoD Mobile Intel’ suggests that the Jackal Fighter Jet is coming in CoD Mobile Season 5. This is an aerial vehicle that can engage enemies in combat in both the air and in space.

The Jackal Jet was heavily featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and it remains to be seen if the version in CoD Mobile will function differently. Since this is just a leak, we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt.

CoD Mobile Season 5 Battle Pass rewards

Each new seasonal update brings a brand-new Battle Pass filled with content for players to unlock by progressing through the Battle Pass tiers, including new weapons, equipment, characters, and cosmetics

The Season 5 Battle Pass is unique for featuring a female-led cast. The free version of the Battle Pass will get you the Echo Tactical Grenade, Tiki Troops Shotgun, Oden Assault Rifle, and other rewards.

Echo Grenade in CoD Mobile

If you’re willing to purchase the premium Battle Pass then you can get your hands on new skins for Park, Rivas, and Rosa. You’ll also unlock the new female Operator called Rampage along with weapon blueprints for guns like the AK-47 and PKM.

That covers everything that you need to know about CoD Mobile Season 5 so far. We’ll be sure to update this guide with more information as the season draws near, so check back with us soon!

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Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

How to unlock the Oden in CoD Mobile Season 5

CoD Mobile Season 5 will feature the Modern Warfare Oden AR, and here’s how to unlock the weapon in the new season.



CoD Mobile Season 5 Oden

The Oden Assault Rifle from Modern Warfare will be making its Call of Duty Mobile debut in Season 5, Tropical Vision, and here’s how you can get your hands on the powerful weapon.

New CoD Mobile content is right around the corner as Season 5 Tropical Vision is set to arrive on June 1. Players will receive an exciting new Battle Pass to level up, as well as a Black Ops Cold War map called Apocalypse.

Of course, we can’t forget the new weapons that are set to enter the fold, and fans of 2019’s Modern Warfare will recognize a powerful Assault Rifle up for grabs. Here’s how to unlock the Oden in CoD Mobile Season 5.

How to unlock the Oden in CoD Mobile

CoD Mobile Season 5 Tropical Vision

The Oden Assault Rifle can be unlocked by reaching Tier 21 of the CoD Mobile Tropical Vision Battle Pass. Luckily, it is a free tier in the Battle Pass, so all players will have access to the new weapon.

Reaching Tier 21 shouldn’t take too long, and you can rank up tiers by jumping into a few games after Season 5 arrives. Just make sure to perform well during matches!

The Oden was an incredibly unique weapon in Modern Warfare and it certainly wasn’t for everyone. It seems its notorious slow-firing characteristic will also be present in CoD Mobile.

Oden new CoD Mobile Season 5 weapon

Sure, the Oden may have a slow rate of fire, but the sheer power of the Assault Rifle is not to be underestimated. As the devs put it, the Oden “is perfect for defending objectives and covering teammates rushing into the thick of battle.” You can definitely hold down lanes with ease thanks to the Oden’s damage output.

CoD Mobile players will also be able to get their hands on a Mythic Oden Weapon Blueprint that boasts a sleek design. The Blueprint is an energy-based configuration so it’s sure to look cool in-game.

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Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Studios, leaks, Closed Alpha, everything we know

Activision have confirmed that Call of Duty: Warzone is coming to mobile. We have all the latest news and information about Warzone Mobile.



call of duty warzone mobile image

CoD: Mobile has been extremely successful, and now Activision are looking to make a mobile version of Warzone. Here’s everything we know about it, including its studios, potential maps, and more.

Activision have dominated the first-person shooter market with their Call of Duty games. Titles like Modern Warfare (2019), Black Ops Cold War, Vanguard, and Warzone have a solid fanbase.

CoD: Mobile is also massively successful, and now the developers are looking to make another hand-held title. They have plans to make a Warzone game that will be available on mobile.

Here’s everything we know about Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile so far.

Does Warzone 2 have a release date?

cod warzone verdansk 84 map

At the time of writing, we do not have any confirmed information concerning the release date of Warzone Mobile. Activision confirmed on March 10 that the game is in development, but they’ve not provided the release date yet.

Prior to the official announcement of the game, a few leaks suggested that the handheld battle royale game could see a release as early as 2022. However, this is purely speculation, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know the official release date.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile details & new studios

Warzone mobile job listing

The topic of conversation was really put under the spotlight when Activision officially announced that Warzone is coming to mobile. Along with the announcement, Activision also declared that they will be hiring individuals to work on the project.

Activision are aiming to hire talented individuals to help work on the game. “From production roles to engineering, design, art, marketing, and more, we’re looking for game-makers, passionate fans, and genuinely awesome people to join our diverse team, inspired to deliver the next world-class mobile gaming experience to fans,” they announced.

If you’re interested in being a part of the team that is tasked to develop Warzone Mobile, then you can visit Activision’s job board to see if any of the roles align with your skills.

Activision have gathered several notable gaming studios and teams to work on the project. Solid State Studios (Activision’s new internal mobile team), Digital Legends, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, and Demonware will all come together to develop Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile Project Aurora Closed Alpha

Thanks to a Call of Duty blog post, we know that the official codename for Warzone Mobile is Project Aurora. The blog confirmed that the game’s development is set to continue and that a Closed Alpha period would begin soon, “the game is still in development, and we are in the midst of our first gameplay test in the Project Aurora Closed Alpha.”

Unfortunately, players cannot sign up to the Alpha and can only access an early version of Warzone Mobile through private invitations.

The devs explained the reason behind the small test group, “the Closed Alpha is limited in size and with it we are looking to simply start to improve tuning, stress test matches, identify and fix bugs, as well as collect feedback and insights on all aspects of the game as new features come online.”    

The blog did not offer a ton of information as the Call of Duty team remain tight-lipped about Warzone Mobile details.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile map leaks

Warzone players jumping into Verdansk

While Activision haven’t officially revealed the locations that Warzone Mobile players will be able to drop into, a report from Call of Duty data miner ‘TheGhostOfHope, hints that the classic Verdansk map will make its return.

The leaker also claimed that the Verdansk in Warzone Mobile will be an alternative version of the classic map, featuring a mix of certain familiar POIs that fans have seen before along with some new locations.

However, this is just a leak and this information has not been officially verified by Activision yet. So, it’s worth taking it with a grain of salt until the developers confirm the return of Verdansk.

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Image Credit: Activision

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