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Call of Duty: Vanguard

CoD Vanguard devs reveal why standard minimap replaced with Perk

Call of Duty: Vanguard developer reveals the reason they replaced the classic minimap with a Perk in the game’s Multiplayer mode.



In a recent discussion with CharlieINTEL, a CoD: Vanguard developer revealed exactly why they replaced the Classic Minimap with a Perk.

Call of Duty: Vanguard is almost here, Sledgehammer is releasing so much new information leading up to launch. With the news of integration with Warzone and how to unlock various camos, players are excited to hear more.

Having said that, one of the devs has finally given players a reason as to why they turned the classic minimap into a Perk.

CharlieINTEL recently rebranded and presented their first Twitter Spaces event. Now, we’re ready to spread all the latest news on Vanguard and the new Warzone Caldera map.

We were also lucky enough to have one of the Vanguard developers present for the Twitter Spaces discussion. During which, he revealed various new pieces of information.

During the presentation, Creative Director for Vanguard’s Multiplayer, Greg Reisdorf, revealed new details about the game’s online mode.

One of the most interesting things that was discussed was why the classic minimap was turned into a Perk for this year’s Call of Duty.

Why CoD Vanguard made Classic minimap a Perk

In response, Reisdorf said that they were influenced by Modern Warfare. He stated, “seeing the success there in terms of just the gameplay as well, keeping players focused on what’s in front of them.”

It seems like the devs do have an understanding of “how much the minimap is super important for high-level play”. However, they also feel as if players were “just playing the minimap.”

Much like the direction for Modern Warfare, their goal is to keep “players in the game…and get you looking at what’s in front of you as opposed to up in the corner all the time at the minimap.”

Having said that, Greg Reisdorf and the team at Sledgehammer also felt that it’s only right to provide the option so that players can “find what works for them”. Hence why the classic minimap has become a Perk.

Many in the community love the classic minimap functionality, especially as reading the minimap has become such an important skill to learn when it comes to getting good at the game.

We’re glad players are getting the option and hopefully the Radar Perk satisfies those who enjoy the classic minimap. For more, check out how you can pre-download Vanguard ready for release.

Image Credits: Sledgehmmer Games / Activision