Looks like another Call of Duty XP is coming this year according to peripheral manufacturer ‘Kontrol Freek’. We’re not sure how much “inside” information Kontrol Freek has so take this with a grain of salt. It’s hard to believe they would reveal or leak XP2012 months before Activision officially announces it. Its possible they’re just assuming another XP is coming based on the confirmed success of last year’s event. After all it would be a great place to reveal the multiplayer component of Black Ops 2 just like they did with MW3.

For those wondering, Activision announced last year’s CoD:XP on June 30th and the show took place on September 2-3.

Another possible leak or rumor this week came from Machinima’s very own “xJawz” when he let slip that he’ll be heading to LONDON this year for CoD:XP 2012. leak starts at 2:45


SOURCE:  Kontrol Freek  Via  @RK1Apocalypse

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