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Call of Duty: Warzone

Cold War Assault Rifle dethrones Armaguerra as best Warzone mid-range weapon

Warzone expert WhosImmortal has revealed a Cold War Assault Rifle loadout that could dominate the mid-range meta ahead of Season 5.



Warzone Operator firing AK-47

The Armaguerra 43 has been dominating the mid-range meta in Warzone for some time now, but CoD expert WhosImmortal has revealed a Cold War Assault Rifle loadout that can outgun the game’s top weapons.

We’ve seen plenty of buffs and nerfs throughout Warzone Season 4 Reloaded, drastically shaking up the meta at all ranges. That being said, Vanguard weapons continue to dominate, with the likes of the KG M40 and Armaguerra 43 rising to the top after the NZ-41 nerfs.

If you’re looking for something a little different as we head into Warzone Season 5, the final chapter before Modern Warfare 2, then there are a number of guns from past titles that can still their hold own.

Warzone expert WhosImmortal has shown off a Cold War AK-47 loadout that he believes can challenge the meta in the final few months.

Long-time players will remember a time during the Verdansk days when the CW AK-47 was comfortably the best weapon in Warzone. Then, the release of Vanguard saw the old-school WWII weapons take center stage.

However, with all of the adjustments we’ve seen in Warzone Season 4 and the mid-season update, he feels the AK is ready to become a contender once again. In his August 20 video, he compared the Assault Rifle to some of the game’s top guns, and the numbers were surprising.

When comparing its TTK with the likes of the STG44, NZ-41, and KG M40, the YouTuber found that the AK-47 could dispatch enemies quicker than all three at around 0.8 seconds, especially up until the 38-meter mark.

WhosImmortal mentioned that the AR is especially effective in mid-range fights, which he highlighted as the most crucial range. “The area I think the AK stands out the most is this 20 to 45-meter range. That primary mid-range area you see almost every fight take place in on maps like Rebirth and Fortune’s Keep,” he explained.

Check out WhosImmortal’s Cold War AK-47 loadout below:

  • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
  • Barrel: 20” Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • Optic: Axial Arms 3x
  • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
  • Ammunition: Bakelite 60 Rnd

The YouTuber did mention that the Cold War AK-47 does have a slightly trickier recoil pattern than some of the other meta weapons, but this setup goes a long way to keeping it in check. By running these attachments the gun’s ‘S’ recoil pattern becomes narrower, making it far easier to keep under control.

The Armaguerra 43 has dominated the mid-range meta in recent weeks, but the AK-47’s high damage output and impressive TTK mean that it could overtake the SMG as the go-to sniper support as we head into Season 5.

“This Cold War AK setup is back in the conversation, this thing erases players when you land your shots,” WhosImmortal concluded.

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Image credit: Activision