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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to get and upgrade Cold War CRBR-S Wonder Weapon: Quest, Upgrades, Variations

The new Mauer der Toten Zombies map for Cold War will have the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon available for players to get and upgrade to destroy enemies.



Cold War CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

The Zombies portion of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is getting a lot of love in the Season 4 Reloaded update thanks to the Mauer Der Toten map and the new CRBR-S Wonder Weapon. Here are the unlock requirements and how to upgrade it too.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies can now enjoy the Season 4 Reloaded update and all of its exciting new content. It brings the new Mauer Der Toten map and other exciting things like the Mule Kick perk.

One of the most intriguing additions coming to Cold War Zombies with the launch of Season 4 Reloaded will undoubtedly be the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon that players will be able to acquire on Mauer Der Toten.

Luckily, we have everything you need to know about the Cold War CRBR-S Wonder Weapon so that you can add it to your arsenal and upgrade it to be a truly devastating tool for your battle against the undead.

How to get Cold War Zombies CRBR-S Wonder Weapon in Mauer Der Toten

Cold War CRBR-S Wonder Weapon being used

Players were given a first look at how they will get the new Cold War CRBR-S Wonder Weapon on Mauer Der Toten in the reveal of the Season 4 Reloaded update roadmap.

This powerful item can be obtained by players in three different ways that you can find below.

Unlock the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon via Mauer Der Toten quest

There is the main Mauer Der Toten quest that will guarantee you a CRBR-S Wonder Weapon, but as with most special Zombies objectives, the process is very convoluted.

Here is what you’ll need to do:

  1. First thing you’ll need to do is build Klaus – check out our full guide on how to do that here
  2. Head to the ‘Switch Control Room’ and command Klaus to go near the locker in there, he’ll proceed to smash it up
  3. Take the light inside of it
  4. You now need to find numbers scattered around the map, and the first one can be found inside the ‘Garment Factory’
  5. Each main number will always be in the same location, but the additional numbers in eachg location will change, so make sure you’re making note of the new numbers each time.
  6. Main number two is in the ‘Service Passage’ – so see what numbers are in there
  7. Next up is the ‘Grocery Store’ – repeat the insructions above
  8. Now that you have 6 numbers, go back to the room you found Klaus in, and enter the numbers in the right order into the safe
  9. Open the safe, and claim your CRBR-S Wonder Weapon!
CRBR-S wonder weapon in safe

Prove yourself worthy at the Trials machines

Like with every other Black Ops Cold War Zombies map there are plenty of Trials for you to undertake and complete.

If you are able to complete enough of them and reach the max possible reward, then you will earn yourself the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon.

These are some of the Trials you can expect to be given should you choose to activate one:

  • Avoid Taking Damage
  • Get Multiple Kills As Quickly As Possible
  • Kill Zombies:
  • – With Equipment
  • – In the Dark Aether
  • – In Location
  • – From a Higher Elevation
  • – With Melee Attacks
  • – With Hip Fire
  • – Within Close Range
  • – While Crouched
  • – With Critical Finishers
  • Remain Inside Location As Long As Possible
  • Rebuild Barricades
  • Take Damage and Recover Health

Open the Mystery Box

If you don’t want to complete the quest and don’t feel up to doing some trials, then you can always rely on random chance to get one.

The franchise’s trusty Mystery Box will be readily available once more, and for the sum of 950 points, you could land yourself a Sniper Rifle, or get a CRBR-S just like that.

How to upgrade CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

Cold War CRBR-S Wonder Weapon

One of the unique traits of this item is its ability to upgrade into three other versions in addition to its base energy-based pistol form.

Players can upgrade this weapon into its three other variations and the only way to do this is by picking up special Mod Kits that will drop randomly from Zombies. These Mod Kits will attach to your weapon and transform it into a completely new form.

CRBR-S Base Form

Without any modifications, the Wonder Weapon acts as a standard, but powerful Pistol. The main advantage of its typical state is that it also comes with a companion orb that floats around and shoots Zombies too.

CRBR-S Blazer Mod Kit

Blazer upgrades your CRBR-S into a literal melting machine as the gun becomes a laser beam rifle that can continue to fire and clear out a string of Zombies.

CRBR-S Defuser Mod Kit

The Defuser Mod essentially turns the Wonder Weapon into an extremely powerful Shotgun and eats up 5 rounds per shot guaranteeing destruction.

CRBR-S Swarm Mod Kit

The final mod is the Swarm Mod, and picking this up will transform the Wonder Weapon into a mini-handheld Rocket Launcher with lock-on capabilities.

Also, check out how to unlock every Wonder Weapon in Cold War’s Outbreak Zombies mode.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to set up Custom Games in Black Ops Cold War Season 4

Use our in-depth guide to learn how to set up your own Custom Games in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4.



cold war fighting on hijacked

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 4 has many weapons and modes for you to experiment with. Here’s how you can set up your own Custom Game.

For many players, the thought of stepping foot into CoD’s multiplayer is a terrifying prospect, and a quick warm-up against AI or friends is necessary. Or perhaps you want to test out a new weapon to see how it handles, but a competitive match won’t do it justice. Then a handy Custom Game is just the thing that you need.

The limitless freedom is what makes a Custom Game so handy. Black Ops Cold War has an ever-increasing roster of weapons and maps for players to dive into. Season 4 and its Reloaded update has really fleshed out the game with Mauer Der Toten vastly expanding the Zombies universe and new multiplayer maps to enjoy.

So let’s go over Custom Games and how you can set them up privately.

How to make a Custom Black Ops Cold War game

player using an m16 in cold war multiplayer

Here is how you can set up a Custom Game for yourself in Black Ops Cold War:

  1. Boot up Cold War
  2. Head to the Black Ops Cold War lobby screen
  3. Select ‘Custom Games’ from the bottom left
  4. Go down until you find ‘Edit Game Rules’
  5. Click on ‘Settings’
  6. Manipulate them until you are satisfied

You can alter the details of the match by changing the time limit, the number of times you can respawn, and how long it takes to do so. You can also change the round score and mess around with some of the more advanced settings. These advanced options will give you even more control over how the game goes.

Generally, you can choose to play against other players, but only those who you want to invite. You can also choose to play with bots so you have a bit of practice before initiating a private game. If you want to simply get a feel for the loadout, then turn the bot difficulty down.

When you’re in a Custom Game, you can take your time and go through various new guns like the C58 and MG 82 LMG, use their attachments, and see how they affect your ability to play. You won’t have to worry about being shot by other rowdy players who would ruin your concentration and keep you focused on your own survival the entire time.

How to make a Custom BOCW Zombies game

crbr-s wonder weapon in cod zombies

Setting up your own game of Zombies is generally very similar to the creation of a regular match.

Here is how you can set up a Custom Game for yourself:

  1. Open the Black Ops Cold War Zombies screen
  2. Press your right bumper or click on “Private” which is next to “Public”
  3. Create your own Custom Game

That’s it. It’s that simple. Now you can enjoy localized versions of Dead Ops 3, Die Maschine, Firebase Z, Outbreak, and Mauer Der Toten.

Where is the Custom Game button?

cod bocw custom match

During one of the Black Ops Cold War updates, many people became concerned that Custom Games had been removed altogether. The reality is that Treyarch inadvertently moves it further down every now and again.

Due to the addition of so many different playlist options, Custom Games have been relegated to the bottom of the pile. Simply keep scrolling down through the modes, and you’ll see that it’s still there.

That should cover everything you need to know about setting up a Custom Game in Black Ops Cold War.

Also, check out the best Outbreak loadout for CoD: Black Ops Cold War.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to get Warzone & Cold War Thrust Engine Blueprint

The Engine Thrust Blueprint has arrived in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, find out how to acquire it with our quick and easy guide.



warzone thrust engine bundle

The Special Ops Pro Pack is a new bundle in Call of Duty: Warzone and Cold War Season 4. It comes with many cool items, including the new Thrust Engine Blueprint, and our guide will show you how to get it.

Special skins and weapon Blueprints help to prolong longevity in Call of Duty as players get drawn to these stunning new cosmetics. Whether it’s running around looking like Rambo and John McClane, or wielding a gun that is a literal dragon, items like this keep people coming back.

The July 22, 2021 update saw some new bundles be added to the CoD store, one of which includes the glorious new Thrust Engine Blueprint.

Check our quick guide to see how you can grab it yourself.

Warzone & Cold War Thrust Engine Blueprint Guide: How to buy & price

Special Ops Bundle in CoD

The Thurst Engine Blueprint is a special weapon skin for the FARA 83 Assault Rifle, and it gives it a secretive black coating to go with Portnova’s new Roze-like skin.

To claim the bundle for yourself, you’ll just need to do the following:

  1. Boot up either ‘Black Ops Cold War’ or ‘Warzone’
  2. Head on over to the ‘Store’ tab
  3. Search through the Bundles until you see the ‘Special Ops Pro Pack’
  4. Select it, and use COD Points to purchase the bundle
  5. Now equip any items from the bundle you desire!

If you’re looking to buy it, the Special Ops Pro Pack will set you back $19.99 / £16.79

What items do you get with the Special Ops Pro Pack Bundle?

special pro pack contents

The main Operator skin and weapon Blueprint aren’t the be-all and end-all for everyone, so it’s important to know everything that comes with the bundle.

Here’s what you get with the Special Ops Pro Pack Bundle:

  • Hypersonic Operator Skin
  • Sound Barrier SMG Blueprint
  • Thrust Engine Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Ace Pilot Calling Card
  • Challenge Coin Emblem
  • 2,400 COD Points

The COD Points are a decent part of this bundle as it can pay for more Bundles, or even pay for the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Also, check out the new CoD: Mobile Undead Siege Zombies game mode.

Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch / Raven Software

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players call for major change to Special weapons

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War community is calling for Treyarch to make a major change to the Special weapons category.



Cold War Special Weapons

Special weapons are some of the most unique and exciting items in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but community members are calling for Treyarch Studios to make a major change to how they operate.

There are various categories of weapons that players can use to battle their enemies in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The game has the standard Assualt Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Pistols, and more.

However, it also has a category known as Special weapons, which consist of unconventional weapons that allow players to collect some highlight and adrenaline-fueled kills.

While these weapons can be extremely powerful, Black Ops Cold War players have begun to call for a major change in how the Special weapons can be used in the game.

Black Ops Cold War Special Weapons

Taking to the official Black Ops Cold War subreddit, community member -Lusty- started a thread stating that they wished that the Special weapons had attachments players could equip like all of the other weapon categories in Cold War.

Many other players agreed as they wish there were attachments available for the Black Ops Cold War Special weapons that would allow them to change the playstyle of the weapons or offer new ways to use these items.

An example was given by community member springsight, who commented that they would like to see things like smoke rounds for the M97 Grenade Launcher.

“I want something that makes the launcher actually viable. Give me smoke rounds, flash rounds, semtex rounds, I just want to make things go boom :(.”

There is no doubt that the addition of attachments to the M97 Grenade Launcher, Ballistic Knife, Nail Gun, and R1 Shadowhunter Crossbow would make for even more exciting moments for Black Ops Cold War players to experience.

For more Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, check out how to play Season 4 Reloaded Multiplayer and Zombies content for free, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision / Treyarch Studios

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