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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War players spot unreleased pistol on Portnova SIGINT skin

A new weapon for Black Ops Cold War has possibly been earmarked for release as players spot it on Portnova’s SIGINT skin.



cold war portnova sigint skin

The classic Makarov pistol could be Black Ops Cold War bound after an eagle-eyed player spotted it on Operator Portnova’s SIGINT skin.

Call of Duty never shies away from hiding teasers of what’s to come in their games. Before Warzone Season 3’s era-overhaul, posters started popping up in Verdansk as a sign of things to come, and even Cold War’s Zombies Perk machine suggested, at launch, that it would have 10 Perks by the end of its run – and we are indeed heading that way.

The latest teaser for players comes in the form of the game’s Portnova Operator as the popular character’s SIGINT skin has a hidden detail that most haven’t spotted – a Makarov pistol.

sykov pistol in cod warzone

Jawkess is the eagle-eyed Reddit user in question that has suggested we’ll be seeing the Makarov in Black Ops Cold War.

They referenced the new Portnova skin, SIGINT, by pointing out that as well as black shades, multiple holsters, and a headset, she also has a small pistol attached to her.

Once identified, it didn’t take the user long to come to the conclusion that the weapon in question was the Makarov pistol.

They said: “Makarov coming soon to Cold War? Seen on Portnova’s SIGINT skin.” To which another user responded: “The Makarov is on a table in the campaign, plus some skins for Park have a holstered Makarov. If they didn’t plan on releasing it 9 months ago, I don’t think they’re releasing it now.”

It should be pointed out that Call of Duty: Warzone featured the gun but renamed it as the Sykov. With how the integration works between both games, it seems that the chance may have passed to add it into Cold War, but we shall see.

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Image Credit: Activision / Treyarch