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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Cold War Zombies DLC 2 may take place in Berlin according to intel

An intel log in the Season 2 update for Black Ops Cold War seems to tease the location for the DLC 2 Zombies map.



Black Ops Cold War Zombies

An intel log in the Season 2 update for Black Ops Cold War may be confirming the location of the next main-line Zombies DLC for players.

With the release of Black Ops Cold War Season 2 and the brand new open-world Zombies Outbreak mode, players are already looking towards the release of the next Zombies map in the Black Ops universe.

In a discovery by Reddit user DiscoCrows, it appears there is now an audio log intel that references Berlin, speculated to be the next location for the future DLC 2 Zombies map.

In the recording, a Requiem station chief Heinrich Meyer talks of a developing situation in Berlin, where Dr. Valentina from Omega group was spotted in the city. There is a worry that her presence means that there will perhaps be an outbreak in a live populated city. Normally, Omega would operate in the shadows.

This isn’t the first time the Zombies community have speculated about Berlin, with a leak releasing as early as September on Reddit speaking about the addition of a Zombies map set in the city.

If you’ve completed the Firebase Z easter egg, there’s a good chance the audio log is available now for you to listen to, titled “Focal Point.” According to a comment by DiscoCrows, you may also have access to another audio log called “More Bad News” that speaks about an operation in the Ural Mountains.

For now, we’ll just have to wait for more official communication for Treyarch, or perhaps more audio logs that unlock in-game to confirm our suspicions. With the release of the new Outbreak mode this season, it could be some time until we see another Zombies map added to Black Ops Cold War.

Image Credit: Treyarch