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Treyarch have just announced what to expect this week in Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Following up on some promises made in last months studio livestream, the weather variant of Arsenal will make its way to all players, for free, on April 16.

Alongside the free new map, PS4 players will get there hands on new mode “Deathmatch Domination” first. This hybrid game mode combines TDM with Domination allowing players to gain score for their team through objectives and kills.

For Xbox One and PC players, Infected multiplayer mode is coming on April 16, with Deathmatch Domination and Arsenal Sandstorm presumably coming the following week on April 23.

Arsenal Sandstorm – Multiplayer: Arsenal Sandstorm arrives on all platforms! Experience Arsenal amidst a raging sandstorm and prep your loadout accordingly. Ready up!

Deathhmatch Domination – Multiplayer – (PS4): Deathmatch Domination, an all-new mode for Multiplayer is available on PS4 April 16. Gain score for your team by holding objectives AND getting kills in this TDM/Domination hybrid game mode.

Infected – Multiplayer: Infected in live on all platforms April 16 with zombie-themed twist! Fight to survive against an ever-growing team of infected, or join the horde and eliminate your enemies.

In the tweet Treyarch posted to reveal this information, they also mentioned that more will be coming. While this could range anywhere from minor patch notes to double XP weekend, we’ll keep you posted @CharlieIntel.

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