Activision has officially begun their assault on your hard earned money, and GameStop is firing the first shot. We’ve seen the marketing material. We’ll tell you what we know to seperate fact from fiction.


-Today is the day marketing begins, GameStop was instructed to put up the “05-02-12” marketing material starting today.
-GameStop received marketing material from Activision approximately 2 weeks ago.
-On the marketing instructions, it clearly says “Activision Classified Game: ECLIPSE”
-At the bottom of the material it indicates “Classified Call of Duty Game” in small print (on all pages).
-Lots of large Banners and more marketing on May 2nd are going up.
-All the Box art is blurred out along with the names and systems except for one, which says “ECLIPSE

Not Confirmed Yet:
-They still have no idea when pre-orders will start.
-Trailer of some kind on May 2nd.
-From the looks of it and the opinion of GameStop employees, Eclipse should have been blurred out with the rest but wasnt for some reason.
-According to one GameStop manager, the blurred character is the same guy from Black Ops box art (posing different, different gun)


Here’s the million dollar question.. “So is it Black Ops 2? Is it Call of Duty: ECLIPSE? Is it Black Ops 2: ECLIPSE?”… we’ll be finding out very soon 

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