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Elite Content Drops 9-12 are available now for Call of Duty Elite Premium Members on PlayStation 3. The content drops are:

  • Oasis (MP Map)
  • Iron Clad (Spec Ops)
  • Kill Switch (Spec Ops)
  • Getaway (Face-Off)
  • Lookout (Face-off)
  • Erosion (Face-off)
  • Aground (Face-off)

This marks the debut of the new game-mode Face-off to the PlayStation 3.


Visit our DLC Page for more info!

Tomorrow, June 15th, Face-Off maps Erosion and Aground will be available for free for everyone on PSN!


UPDATE: Content Collection 2, which includes 7 pieces of content, will be available on June 21st for PS3. It’s available now for preorder. 

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