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Activision and Treyarch have officially announced that Daily and Weekly Contracts are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday, June 14.

Daily Contracts and Weekly Contracts will be available: the rewards include bonus Cryptokeys, exclusive Calling Cards, and more. In addition, Treyarch will be adding new contracts ever day starting on June 14. Treyarch will cycle new contracts every 24 hours, at 10AM Pacific daily. Weekly Contracts will cycle ever Monday at 10AM PT.

There is also a special Mercenary Contract that will be available, which will allow you to use the newest playable specialist for a limited time only, the Blackjack. In order to get Mercenary Contracts, you have to complete Weekly Contracts.

The Blackjack is the new 10th specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The character is the Black Market dealer himself. The limited time period for Blackjack is 60 minutes of game time. Treyarch notes that if you are in the middle a game when your 60 minutes expires, you will be allowed to finish that game using Blackjack.

These are the Blackjack’s abilities:

  • ROGUE – Copy the Specialist Weapon of enemies that you kill when your Power Meter is full. You must get kills to fill your Power Meter. 
  • GAMBLER – Get a random Specialist Ability when your Power Meter is full. Power Meter has a faster than normal fill rate.

With the Rogue ability, once your power meter is filled, killing the next specialist will let you have access to their ability. But if you kill additional specialist as your meter is filled, the option to “Flip” the ability will appear to cycle through which one you want to activate.

For the Gambler ability, once the power meter is filled, a random ability will be drawn. If you do not like that ability, you can press Left on the D-Pad and have it randomly select another ability.

Treyarch has revealed a new item for the Blackjack called Side Bets. When you’ve activated the Mercenary Contract, Blackjack will challenge you to “do your best” with the Rogue and Gambler abilities. If you complete the challenges, you will earn an exclusive calling card.

Treyarch has confirmed that the Blackjack specialist can only be used in Public Matches; the character is not playable in Custom Games or Arena.


SOURCE: Treyarch

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