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Apex Legends

Crazy Apex Legends melee glitch is back

The melee glitch allows Apex Legends players to deal high amounts of damage with just a few hits, causing some massive problems.



Melee Strike Apex Legends glitch

The Apex Legends melee glitch has made its return to the battle royale, and it’s letting players dish out an extremely high amount of damage with just a few hits.  

There have been plenty of glitches and exploits that have plagued Apex Legends since it first launched back in 2019. Players have been dropped under the map, Legends have swapped models, and there have been multiple melee exploits.

These exploits let you string together melee strikes so that you can dish out close to 100 damage with just a few hits. This can be absolutely devastating to players who don’t have a shield, so Respawn issued a fix for it.

However, it seems that the notorious melee strikes exploit has made its return in Apex Legends Season 8.

Apex Legends roster

This exploit was first discovered just a few months after the game launched back in 2019 as Apex Legends players began dealing bonus damage by canceling their Ultimate abilities mid-melee attack.

While the developers had applied a fix for this issue back in Season 5, it seems that the exploit has returned to plague the battle royale’s matches again. Reddit user Xyno_Slane fell victim to it during a match and posted the clip in the Apex Legends subreddit.

Their opponent was playing as Horizon and was able to use the exploit to dish out a ton of damage to the Redditor, who then went down in just a few strikes. Since their shields were depleted, they didn’t stand a chance against this move.

A few other Redditors commented in the thread about their own experiences with this melee exploit. It seems that quite a few players have been abusing this glitch while playing as Horizon, and ruining the game for others.

While it’s not clear exactly why this exploit has returned, one possible explanation is that since Horizon was added after the fix in Season 5, Respawn might have accidentally programmed her in a way that lets her abuse it.

Regardless of the cause, this bug is causing major problems for Apex players, so we hope that the devs will patch it up soon.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends

Unreleased Apex Legends Legacy Valkyrie skins revealed by dataminers

Apex Legends Season 9: legacy saw the introduction of new Legend, Valkyrie and dataminers have already found some new recolors for her skins.



apex legends valkyrie skins

Apex Legends’ newest addition hasn’t been out for long, as the Legacy update was released on May 4th. However, dataminers have still managed to find further upcoming content for the new character, including some interesting recolors of some Apex Legends Valkyrie skins.

Since the release of Season 9: Legacy, players have been enjoying the new content for Apex Legends, like the new Arenas mode, Infested Olympus, and the Bocek Bow.

Apart from the server issues on release day, the latest Legend, Valkyrie, has been available for fans to experience, bringing a new dimension to the game’s roster. Dataminers have been quick to explore the new code, revealing some of the new Legends’ upcoming skin recolors.

apex legends valkyrie skins

The new update has allowed dataminers to provide fans with some interesting insights into upcoming Apex Legends content. They have revealed two future events, Origins and Arenas Flash, and presented 3 new recolors for Valkyrie’s base skins.

Apex Legends Valkyrie skins & recolors

Dataminer @Shrugtal is the one responsible for these new leaks, as well as the Revenant heirloom that was also revealed recently.

The skin recolors revealed are for these base Legendary skins:

  • Military Grade
  • Assure Blessing
  • Titan Tested

When will the recolors come out?

It’s unsure when players will be able to purchase these recolors, especially as these are just leaks and anything datamined is subject to change, as it has not yet been announced or revealed by Respawn Entertainment in an official capacity.

However, we know that skin recolors are usually available to purchase in the exclusive store with Legend Tokens if you have the correct base skin.

For more information on Valkyries Legendary and Epic skins, check out our article detailing them and all of the exciting looks that they will be bringing to the battle royale game for the latest character to join its roster.

For more on Apex Legends, stay updated via Charlie INTEL and check out our article on the new option to report players for “smurfing.”

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends devs address Season 9 loot issues

Various Apex Legends players have noticed some issues with the loot following the Season 9 update, and Respawn have responded to this.



Respawn respond to loot issues in Apex legends season 9

While Apex Legends Season 9 brought a ton of new content to the battle royale, it also faced major server outages and various problems with in-game loot that Respawn Entertainment is investigating.

The Apex Legends Legacy update added a huge amount of new content being to the game. The update brought a brand-new battle pass, a new Legend named Valkyrie3v3 mode Arena, and a host of patch notes.

However, it also brought a host of server issues that kept players from logging into the battle royale. Now, there are other problems with the in-game loot, and Respawn Entertainment is looking into it.

apex legends valkyrie

Popular streamer Daltoosh discussed the Legacy update on Twitter and pointed out a notable decrease in the number of in-game backpacks and rare armors. Many of the commenters claimed to have noticed the same thing.

This led to a response from Apex Legends’ Producer, Josh Medina, who reassured fans that he’d have “folks check out the loot.” Respawn made very various changes to the loot pool due to the new starter kits.

The new kits will spawn you in with a level 1 shield, knockdown shield, and helmet, along with two syringes and two shield cells. The level 1 armor has been made much rarer, while level 1 helmets and knockdown shields have been removed.

It’s possible that this may have caused some unintentional changes to the in-game backpacks and the frequency of higher shield levels as well.

Unfortunately, players of the battle royale will have to put up with this problem in Apex Legends Season 9 until a fix is found. That said, it’s at least encouraging to hear that the developers are aware of it and are working on a solution.

For more on Apex Legends, stay updated on Charlie INTEL and check out our article on all the weapon buffs and nerfs for the Legacy update or how dataminers have uncovered an upcoming Flash Event for the new Arenas game mode.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment

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Apex Legends Legacy: Arenas Flash event revealed by dataminer

Apex Legends dataminers have revealed the Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event for Season 9: Legacy. Let’s get into the details about the Arenas themed event.



apex legends event

As with most game updates, the new Season 9: Legacy update for Apex Legends allowed dataminers to rummage through new code and find some interesting developments, as it seems the new Arenas mode will be getting an Apex Legends Flash Event in the future.

Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy was released May 4th, bringing a host of new content like the Bocek Bow, Infested Olympus, a fresh Battle Pass, and even the new Legend, Valkyrie.

On top of this, Apex Legends also dropped the new 3v3 game mode, Arenas, which gives players a new way to experience the free-to-play battle royale. As with any update, dataminers were able to access new code and even reveal an event associated with the new mode.

Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event

Apex Legends Arenas Flash Event

Dataminer @Shrugtal posted the leaks on Twitter, showing off the reward tracker for the event. It seems players will be rewarded with an Eva-8, Wattson, and Bloodhound skin.

On top of that, players will also get stars towards their Battle Pass, crafting credits, and two Apex Packs, one of which will be a guaranteed Epic

Shrugtal has also stated that Arenas Flash will not be a collection event, meaning there won’t be a new heirloom. However, players should still expect a collection event in the future for Season 9: Legacy, as dataminers, also revealed Revenant’s heirloom in the code.

When does the Arenas Flash event start?

Arenas will have 3 separate events, hence the Flash in the title, as they will come and go. The first will be on May 11th, the second on May 25th, and the final one will be on June 8th.

It is also believed that the Arenas Flash on May 25th will be different from the others, as this will be the one with the Reward Tracker that Shrugtal posted.

That’s all for the Arenas Flash event coming to Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, but you can stay updated on Charlie INTEL. For more on Apex, check out our article on the new Origins event.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

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