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Call of Duty: Warzone

Crazy Warzone glitch lets trucks run over players indoors

A bizarre hitbox registration issue caused one Warzone player to die in a frustrating but funny way in CoD’s battle royale game.



cod warzone glitch hitbox truck

An unfortunate hitbox issue via Warzone’s collision-detection system led to the amusing demise of one Warzone player as a weird glitch caused him to be killed indoors by a truck.

Warzone has had a busy time in the last few weeks with a torrent of updates coming to the popular battle royale game to try and fix various issues. Countless problems have arisen such as the Stim Glitch returning for the fifth time, a glitch that gives players instant Warzone victories, and most recently a bug that has caused hit markers to disappear altogether.

Both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have had hit-registration issues, and the former seems to have a new one that could make vehicles a far more valuable means of attaining kills.

cod warzone truck

It’s hard to believe that hiding in a house could still leave you vulnerable to being killed by a truck, but that’s amazingly the scenario that one Warzone player was presented with.

Reddit user Mikeymca documented their experience via a short video, saying “Thought I’d give the game another chance. Didn’t last long. I don’t expect 100% realism but c’mon Raven”.

In their video, our player was camped out in a house and noticed a truck pull up outside. Instead of panicking and firing at the truck, they patiently waited and bided their time to see what the truck did. This actually turned out to be a great move as another player stormed into the room and was immediately taken down by Mikeymca.

However, this led to our player’s downfall as the truck drove right past the house, scraping alongside it, and inexplicably registering contact with the player – killing him instantly.

The killcam clearly shows that the truck didn’t hit the player, and even if there is a smidge of their avatar sticking out of the wall, that should be an impossibility anyway.

Issues like these are what’s causing frustration in the Warzone community and these bugs are in danger of potentially alienating the player base. Activision is obviously doing their best to fix what they can, and given that they’ve said Warzone will remain “front and center” for the franchise for many years, you feel that they will do their best to improve issues like this.

Image credits: Activision