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CWL Fort Worth, the second open event of the 2019 CWL Season, takes place March 15th through March 17th.

With CWL Las Vegas done and dusted in December and the upcoming Pro League Qualifier (Jan. 16th – Jan 20th), Call of Duty eSports is heating up for a fiery year of competition.

After the Pro League Qualifier, the Pro League begins on February 4th and runs all the way through to July 5th.

CWL Fort Worth Info

The next CWL event and second open event of the year will be CWL Fort Worth.

Taking place in Fort Worth, Texas inside the Fort Worth Convention Center, the event will feature both a professional pool play/bracket and an amateur bracket. Each has its own separate prize money pools.

The dates for CWL Fort Worth are March 15th through March 17th.

Before the event, an online National Qualifier will be held for CWL Fort Worth on March 2nd in the following countries: Australia & New Zealand, Canada, France & Belgium, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, Spain & Portugal, UK & Ireland, and the United States.

The prize for the National Qualifiers will be fully paid travel and accommodation to CWL Fort Worth.

Japan will hold their National Qualifier on Jan. 12th & 13th with an offline stage on Jan 26th & 27th at the Tokaigi Game Party Japan 2019.

Team & Spectator Passes

Team Passes have yet to go on sale for CWL Fort Worth, but for those looking to go see their favorite teams live, we have good news.

Through the CWL Twitter account, it has been confirmed that spectator pass sales will go live tomorrow (Friday Jan. 11th, 2019) at 9am PST/12am EST.

The tickets can be purchased from the MLG Online Store.

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