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The top Call of Duty teams from around the world come to the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio to compete in Stage 1 of the Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 Pro League Stage 1. The event begins January 23 at 4PM ET.

A total of 16 teams are in the CWL Pro League. The teams are separated into two divisions, based upon Pro Points standings. The divisions are shown below are shown below. Division A will play matches January 23 – February 1 and February 20 – March 1. Division B will play matches February 6 – February 15 and March 13 – March 22. The schedule for the first four weeks of matches are shown below. 

Matches will be streamed live on Twitch and MLG on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at 4PM ET.

For the regular season, each of the 16 teams will secure $12,500 in guaranteed qualification prizing. The playoffs, which will feature the top four teams from each Division, will feature a $500,000 prize pool and take place in the MLG Arena on April 6-8.


Division A
  • Team Kaliber – Accuracy, Chino, Kenny, Theory
  • OpTic Gaming – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
  • Rise Nation – Gunless, Loony, Methodz, TJHaly
  • Echo Fox – Assault, Aqua, Faccento, Saints
  • eRa Eternity – Bevils, Decemate, Fero, Ricky
  • Red Reserve – Joee, Joshh, Rated, Zer0
  • Vitality – Malls, Riskin, Wailers, Zayrox
  • Mindfreak – Buzzo, Denz, Fighta, Shockz
Division B
  • Luminosity – Jkap, John, Octane, Slacked
  • eUnited – Arcitys, Clayster, Prestinni, Silly
  • FaZe Clan – Attach, Priestahh, Replays, Zooma
  • Team EnVyUs – Classic, Huke, Temp, Slasher
  • Evil Geniuses – Aches, Apathy, Enable, Nameless
  • Splyce – Bance, Jurd, Madcat, Tommey
  • Unilad – Moose, Seany, Skrapz, Wuskinz
  • Epsilon – Dqvee, Hawqeh, Nathan, Vortex

Schedule (all times EST):

This is the schedule for the first four weeks of the CWL Pro League. You can stay up to date with the latest schedule at MLG’s website.

Week 1:

Tuesday, January 23:

  • 4:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs Vitality
  • 5:30pm EST: eRa Eternity vs Team Kaliber
  • 7:00pm EST: Mindfreak vs Red Reserve
  • 8:30pm EST: Team Kaliber vs OpTic Gaming
  • 10:00pm EST: eRa Eternity vs Echo Fox

Wednesday, January 24:

  • 4:00pm EST: Red Reserve vs Vitality
  • 5:30pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs eRa Eternity
  • 7:00pm EST: Red Reserve vs Rise Nation
  • 8:30pm EST: Echo Fox vs Team Kaliber
  • 10:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs Mindfreak

Thursday, January 25:

  • 4:00pm EST: Mindfreak vs eRa Eternity
  • 5:30pm EST: Vitality vs Echo Fox
  • 7:00pm EST: Team Kaliber vs Red Reserve
  • 8:30pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs Rise Nation

Week 2

Tuesday, January 30

  • 4:00pm EST: Red Reserve vs Echo Fox
  • 5:30pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs Vitality
  • 7:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs eRa Eternity
  • 8:30pm EST: Echo Fox vs OpTic Gaming
  • 10:00pm EST: Team Kaliber vs Mindfreak

Wednesday, January 31

  • 4:00pm EST: Vitality vs Mindfreak
  • 5:30pm EST: Red Reserve vs eRa Eternity
  • 7:00pm EST: Mindfreak vs OpTic Gaming
  • 8:30pm EST: Vitality vs Team Kaliber
  • 10:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs Echo Fox

Thursday, February 1

  • 4:00pm EST: eRa Eternity vs Vitality
  • 5:30pm EST: Echo Fox vs Mindfreak
  • 7:00pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs Red Reserve
  • 8:30pm EST: Team Kaliber vs Rise Nation

Week 3:

Tuesday, February 6

  • 4:00pm EST: Team EnVyUs vs FaZe Clan
  • 5:30pm EST: Luminosity vs Unilad
  • 7:00pm EST: Evil Geniuses vs Epsilon
  • 8:30pm EST: eUnited vs Splyce
  • 10:00pm EST: Luminosity vs Evil Geniuses

Wednesday, February 7

  • 4:00pm EST: Splyce vs Unilad
  • 5:30pm EST: Luminosity vs Epsilon
  • 7:00pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Splyce
  • 8:30pm EST: Evil Geniuses vs Team EnVyUs
  • 10:00pm EST: eUnited vs FaZe Clan

Thursday, February 8

  • 4:00pm EST: Splyce vs Epsilon
  • 5:30pm EST: Unilad vs Team EnVyUs
  • 7:00pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Evil Geniuses
  • 8:30pm EST: Luminosity vs eUnited

Week 4:

Tuesday, February 13

  • 4:00pm EST: Epsilon vs Team EnVyUs
  • 5:30pm EST: Splyce vs Luminosity
  • 7:00pm EST: eUnited vs Team EnVyUs
  • 8:30pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Unilad
  • 10:00pm EST: eUnited vs Evil Geniuses

Wednesday, February 14

  • 4:00pm EST: Unilad vs Epsilon
  • 5:30pm EST: Team EnVyUs vs Splyce
  • 7:00pm EST:  Epsilon vs eUnited
  • 8:30pm EST: Evil Geniuses vs Unilad
  • 10:00pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Luminosity

Thursday, February 15

  • 4:00pm EST: Epsilon vs FaZe Clan
  • 5:30pm EST: Unilad vs eUnited
  • 7:00pm EST: Team EnVyUs vs Luminosity
  • 8:30pm EST: Splyce vs Evil Geniuses


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