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Call of Duty League

CWL Pro League Stage 1 begins January 23



The top Call of Duty teams from around the world come to the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio to compete in Stage 1 of the Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 Pro League Stage 1. The event begins January 23 at 4PM ET.

A total of 16 teams are in the CWL Pro League. The teams are separated into two divisions, based upon Pro Points standings. The divisions are shown below are shown below. Division A will play matches January 23 – February 1 and February 20 – March 1. Division B will play matches February 6 – February 15 and March 13 – March 22. The schedule for the first four weeks of matches are shown below. 

Matches will be streamed live on Twitch and MLG on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at 4PM ET.

For the regular season, each of the 16 teams will secure $12,500 in guaranteed qualification prizing. The playoffs, which will feature the top four teams from each Division, will feature a $500,000 prize pool and take place in the MLG Arena on April 6-8.


Division A
  • Team Kaliber – Accuracy, Chino, Kenny, Theory
  • OpTic Gaming – Crimsix, Formal, Karma, Scump
  • Rise Nation – Gunless, Loony, Methodz, TJHaly
  • Echo Fox – Assault, Aqua, Faccento, Saints
  • eRa Eternity – Bevils, Decemate, Fero, Ricky
  • Red Reserve – Joee, Joshh, Rated, Zer0
  • Vitality – Malls, Riskin, Wailers, Zayrox
  • Mindfreak – Buzzo, Denz, Fighta, Shockz
Division B
  • Luminosity – Jkap, John, Octane, Slacked
  • eUnited – Arcitys, Clayster, Prestinni, Silly
  • FaZe Clan – Attach, Priestahh, Replays, Zooma
  • Team EnVyUs – Classic, Huke, Temp, Slasher
  • Evil Geniuses – Aches, Apathy, Enable, Nameless
  • Splyce – Bance, Jurd, Madcat, Tommey
  • Unilad – Moose, Seany, Skrapz, Wuskinz
  • Epsilon – Dqvee, Hawqeh, Nathan, Vortex

Schedule (all times EST):

This is the schedule for the first four weeks of the CWL Pro League. You can stay up to date with the latest schedule at MLG’s website.

Week 1:

Tuesday, January 23:

  • 4:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs Vitality
  • 5:30pm EST: eRa Eternity vs Team Kaliber
  • 7:00pm EST: Mindfreak vs Red Reserve
  • 8:30pm EST: Team Kaliber vs OpTic Gaming
  • 10:00pm EST: eRa Eternity vs Echo Fox

Wednesday, January 24:

  • 4:00pm EST: Red Reserve vs Vitality
  • 5:30pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs eRa Eternity
  • 7:00pm EST: Red Reserve vs Rise Nation
  • 8:30pm EST: Echo Fox vs Team Kaliber
  • 10:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs Mindfreak

Thursday, January 25:

  • 4:00pm EST: Mindfreak vs eRa Eternity
  • 5:30pm EST: Vitality vs Echo Fox
  • 7:00pm EST: Team Kaliber vs Red Reserve
  • 8:30pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs Rise Nation

Week 2

Tuesday, January 30

  • 4:00pm EST: Red Reserve vs Echo Fox
  • 5:30pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs Vitality
  • 7:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs eRa Eternity
  • 8:30pm EST: Echo Fox vs OpTic Gaming
  • 10:00pm EST: Team Kaliber vs Mindfreak

Wednesday, January 31

  • 4:00pm EST: Vitality vs Mindfreak
  • 5:30pm EST: Red Reserve vs eRa Eternity
  • 7:00pm EST: Mindfreak vs OpTic Gaming
  • 8:30pm EST: Vitality vs Team Kaliber
  • 10:00pm EST: Rise Nation vs Echo Fox

Thursday, February 1

  • 4:00pm EST: eRa Eternity vs Vitality
  • 5:30pm EST: Echo Fox vs Mindfreak
  • 7:00pm EST: OpTic Gaming vs Red Reserve
  • 8:30pm EST: Team Kaliber vs Rise Nation

Week 3:

Tuesday, February 6

  • 4:00pm EST: Team EnVyUs vs FaZe Clan
  • 5:30pm EST: Luminosity vs Unilad
  • 7:00pm EST: Evil Geniuses vs Epsilon
  • 8:30pm EST: eUnited vs Splyce
  • 10:00pm EST: Luminosity vs Evil Geniuses

Wednesday, February 7

  • 4:00pm EST: Splyce vs Unilad
  • 5:30pm EST: Luminosity vs Epsilon
  • 7:00pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Splyce
  • 8:30pm EST: Evil Geniuses vs Team EnVyUs
  • 10:00pm EST: eUnited vs FaZe Clan

Thursday, February 8

  • 4:00pm EST: Splyce vs Epsilon
  • 5:30pm EST: Unilad vs Team EnVyUs
  • 7:00pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Evil Geniuses
  • 8:30pm EST: Luminosity vs eUnited

Week 4:

Tuesday, February 13

  • 4:00pm EST: Epsilon vs Team EnVyUs
  • 5:30pm EST: Splyce vs Luminosity
  • 7:00pm EST: eUnited vs Team EnVyUs
  • 8:30pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Unilad
  • 10:00pm EST: eUnited vs Evil Geniuses

Wednesday, February 14

  • 4:00pm EST: Unilad vs Epsilon
  • 5:30pm EST: Team EnVyUs vs Splyce
  • 7:00pm EST:  Epsilon vs eUnited
  • 8:30pm EST: Evil Geniuses vs Unilad
  • 10:00pm EST: FaZe Clan vs Luminosity

Thursday, February 15

  • 4:00pm EST: Epsilon vs FaZe Clan
  • 5:30pm EST: Unilad vs eUnited
  • 7:00pm EST: Team EnVyUs vs Luminosity
  • 8:30pm EST: Splyce vs Evil Geniuses


Call of Duty League

How to get Call of Duty League Stage 1 rewards

Call of Duty League Stage 1 kicks off on February 11, and by watching you can get in-game rewards such as calling cards and double XP.



CDL Stage 1 rewards

Call of Duty League 2021 kicks off on February 11 and offers viewers a ton of free in-game items to earn, so here’s how to unlock the CDL Stage 1 viewership rewards.

Following the CDL Kickoff Classic, the Call of Duty League will officially kick off on February 11 with the Opening Weekend hosted by Atlanta FaZe.

With Dallas Empire looking to defend their title, the return of H3CZ’s OpTic, and newcomers LA Thieves looking to prove themselves, it’s shaping up to be a great year for competitive Call of Duty fans.

While watching the narratives of the year unfold, you can also earn free in-game rewards such as calling cards and double XP just for watching. Here’s how to get the CDL Stage 1 rewards.

How to earn CDL Stage 1 rewards

black ops cold war gameplay

To earn the free in-game rewards for the CDL launch weekend, you must have an Activision account. If you don’t have one already, you can create one on by heading to ‘register’ in the right-hand corner.

Link CoD account to YouTube

Rewards are earned by watching CDL Stage 1 through a YouTube account linked to Call of Duty.

To link your account on PC and mobile:

  1. Open or the YouTube app
  2. Select your profile photo and hit ‘settings’
  3. Click on ‘Connected Apps’
  4. Locate ‘Activision’ and hit ‘connect’
  5. Sign in to your Activision account

While signed in with your linked YouTube account, watch CDL matches on YouTube,, or the COD companion app to earn the rewards.

Account linking begins on Wednesday, January 27, so make sure to link accounts between then and February 11.

CDL Stage 1 in-game rewards

CDL viewership rewards

For watching at least 60 minutes of the CDL opening weekend on February 11-14, you will earn the ‘cash stack’ weapon charm to hang on your weapons in multiplayer and battle royale.

And as you watch matches throughout Stage 1, you’ll earn Double XP and Double Weapon XP tokens to redeem for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

For watching at least three hours of the Stage 1 Major in the first week of March, you can earn three competitive CoD themed calling cards and an emblem. With these, you can channel your inner Cellium by rocking the ‘Snaked’ calling card and taunt your opponents with the ‘salty’ emblem.

With League Play confirmed to be arriving in Black Ops Cold War in the coming weeks, the calling cards and emblem will be perfect additions to complement your grind.

Image Credit: Activision

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Call of Duty League

Scump explains why scorestreaks weren’t used at the CDL Kickoff Classic

Some fans were confused why scorestreaks weren’t used at the CDL Kickoff Classic, so OpTic Chicago’s Scump set the record straight.



scump talks cdl scorestreaks

The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic pitted 2021’s 4v4 CDL teams against each other for the first time, but some fans were confused why competitors weren’t using scorestreaks. Talking on Twitch, OpTic Chicago’s Scump explained why.

Scorestreaks are an integral part of Call of Duty, where staying alive and maintaining a killstreak can reap massive rewards. While not as common in competitive Call of Duty, streaks are used to reward the most dominant players.

Streaks were GA’d (Gentlemen’s Agreement not to use them) in Modern Warfare but will be making a return in CDL 2021 in Black Ops Cold War. Many scorestreaks have already been removed by the league, but pros have adjusted this further through GAs.

Black ops cold war scorestreaks

The Artillery Strike and Cruise Missile have had their values changed, and unlike public multiplayer lobbies, scores will reset on death. If players stay alive and can call in either of these streaks, the course of the game could change dramatically.

However, in the CDL Kickoff Classic on January 23 and 24, scorestreaks weren’t called in at all, which led to confusion amongst fans.

Why scorestreaks weren’t used in the CDL Kickoff

Talking to his Twitch chat following his team’s decisive victory over the LA Thieves, a viewer asked Scump why streaks weren’t used at the weekend.

“Apparently something in the ruleset in CDL… I think you can’t set the amount of points that you unlock the streak at or they insta-stack, I’m not sure,” said Scump. “Something was messed up with the streaks though, that’s why.”

While some fans and players prefer having no scorestreaks, the fact they weren’t used in the Kickoff isn’t indicative of their future in CDL 2021.

“I think we’re planning on using them but they were messed up this weekend,” Scump concluded.

There are plans to bring scorestreaks to the league in future, but as the Kickoff Classic was a friendly tournament to showcase the new teams, not everything was entirely set up yet.

Expect to see scorestreaks being used when the Call of Duty League officially begins on February 11 with the Atlanta FaZe’s Home Series.

Image Credits: Scump / Activision

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Call of Duty League

Call of Duty League 2021 Stage 1 groups & fixtures revealed

The groups for Stage 1 of 2021’s Call of Duty League have officially been announced, alongside the fixtures for the coming weeks.



Call of Duty League 2021 Stage 1 begins on February 11, and at the CDL Kickoff Classic, the groups and fixtures for this first stage were officially announced.

While it was fun seeing the new 4v4 rosters facing off against each other in the Kickoff Classic event, perhaps the most important part of the weekend was seeing Stage 1’s group selection take place.

Before the highly-anticipated OpTic Chicago v LA Thieves show match, we saw members and owners of each CDL team choose who would be playing in opposing groups, officially revealing the Stage 1 groups.

Here are the groups going into CDL 2021 Stage 1, how they were chosen, and what this first stage will look like.

CDL 2021 Stage 1 groups

Group AGroup B
Dallas EmpireAtlanta FaZe
LA ThievesOpTic Chicago
Minnesota RØKKRFlorida Mutineers
London Royal RavesToronto Ultra
New York SublinersLA Guerrillas
Seattle SurgeParis Legion

How the CDL Stage 1 groups were chosen

In a slightly confusing format described as a ‘reverse snake draft,’ teams chose who would play in the opposing group.

As the top two teams from CDL 2020, Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe were placed into different groups, A and B. Teams then picked who would be competing in the opposing group, beginning with Dallas Empire.

Dallas Empire, last year’s champs, chose first, and then FaZe chose after. The selection process went like this:

  1. Dallas Empire chose OpTic Chicago for Group B
  2. FaZe chose LA Thieves for Group A
  3. OpTic Chicago chose Minnesota RØKKR for group A
  4. LA Thieves chose Florida Mutineers for Group B

Teams continued to choose teams turn about until each group had been decided.

Atlanta FaZe Home Series

Each stage consists of three Home Series weekends, with Atlanta FaZe hosting the opening weekend on February 11. Group A will be playing on Thursday and Saturday, with Group B playing on Friday and Sunday.

Atlanta FaZe Home Series schedule

It kicks off with newcomers LA Thieves going against Minnesota RØKKR, and champs Dallas Empire taking on Seattle Surge.

After getting knocked out by Atlanta FaZe in the 2020 semi-finals, OpTic Chicago (formerly Chicago Huntsmen), will be looking to settle the score on Sunday. To add further rivalry, FaZe’s Arcitys played for the Huntsmen in last year’s league.

You can check out the fixtures for the entirety of Stage 1 on

The top two teams from Stage 1 will have first pick in Stage 2, which is set to begin on March 18.

Image Credit: Activision

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