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Call of Duty League

Call of Duty World League Seattle Recap – Powered by KontrolFreek®



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The fifth CWL event of the 2018 season was this weekend, as over 160 teams went to Seattle, WA for the Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 Seattle Open event featuring a $200,000 prize pool. This was the first CWL event in history in Seattle, WA.

After three days of Call of Duty: WWII action, Rise Nation took the crown and secured the lion share of the $200,000 prize pool.

Pool Play: 

On Thursday and Friday, the open bracket play concluded with the top 4 open bracket teams, alongside four relegation teams, making their way into Group Play: Lightning Pandas in Group A; Ghost Gaming was placed in Group B; Enigma6 was in Group C; EZG Blue was in Group D.

Lightning Pandas, Team EnVyUs, eUnited, and Team Kaliber all finished first in their pools after the pool play was completed. The top two teams from each group were then placed into the Winners, and the lower two teams from each group were placed in the Losers Bracket.

Bracket Play:

The winners bracket was set after the pool play matches, and it was one of the most bizarre brackets we have seen in Call of Duty: WWII. Top teams that were expected to be in the Winners Bracket — like Luminosity, FaZe, OpTic — all started on the losers bracket after poor pool play performance.

In the first round of Winners Bracket Quarterfinals, eUnited, the new Evil Geniuses roster, Echo Fox, and Ghost Gaming pushed forward to the semifinals winning their respective series.

The Winners Bracket Finals match up saw eUnited go up against Evil Geniuses. Evil Geniuses won the series 3-0 to secure their place in the CWL Seattle Grand Finals.

Loser’s Bracket:

This was one of the most wild losers bracket in the Call of Duty: WWII season. Top teams – Rise Nation, FaZe, Splyce, and more had to start in the losers bracket. And in this bracket, there were some unexpected results. For the first time since Black Ops 3 Champs, OpTic Gaming placed Top 16 after getting eliminated by Luminosity 3-0 in their first Losers Bracket match. Rise Nation, FaZe, Red Reserve, and Luminosity pushed forward to the fourth round of the losers bracket.

The losers bracket continued as many big name teams were eliminated from the event, like Stage 1 Champs FaZe Clan, Team EnVy, and Luminosity.

The losers bracket finals was eUnited vs Rise Nation. And Rise Nation had an incredible losers bracket run this weekend. They started in Round 2 of the losers bracket and fought their way to the losers bracket finals. In that match, they took down eUnited with the hot 3-0 win and advanced to the Grand Finals to face off against Evil Geniuses.

Grand Finals:

The Grand Finals of CWL Seattle saw the new Evil Geniuses roster go up against Rise Nation. Evil Geniuses came out strong in Game 1 Hardpoint, but Rise tied up the series quickly with a win in Game 2. Rise continued their hot streak as they took the first best of five series 3-1 over Evil Geniuses!

In the second best of five series, Rise Nation’s momentum continued as they won it with the hot 3-0 series win and secured their second tournament win of the Call of Duty: WWII esports season!

Next CWL Open Event: CWL Anaheim  

The final Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 2018 Open Event will be CWL Anaheim, live June 15-17, which features a $200,000 prize pool. Spectator Passes are available at

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Competitive Settings V1.01 announced



Call of Duty League has announced the first version of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Competitive Settings for the 2021 season.

UPDATE – Nov. 23: Activision has updated the Call of Duty League Competitive Settings to no longer have Semtex restricted.

These settings will be updated and changed as the seasons go on, and as more feedback is given from players to Treyarch & CDL.

The 2021 Call of Duty League season will kick off soon, with a full schedule on the season to be announced by the League in the near future.

Competitive Call of Duty rules adjust over time. The rules below represent the settings in place for Call of Duty Challengers events. Version 1 of the 2021 season Competitive Settings is foundational and rules may change throughout the year. Maps and modes may also change at a later date.

Competitive Settings V 1.0 have been developed in coordination between League Administration and representatives (players, coaches) of the Call of Duty League.

The season begins with the Call of Duty Challengers online Elite & Scout events in December.

Competitive Rule Set V1.0

Maps & Modes:

  • Hardpoint
    • Cartel
    • Checkmate
    • Crossroads
    • Garrison
    • Moscow
  • Search & Destroy:
    • Checkmate
    • Crossroads
    • Garrison
    • Miami
    • Moscow
  • Control:
    • Checkmate
    • Garrison
    • Moscow

Restricted Items:

  • Primary Weapons:
    • All LMGs
  • Secondary Weapons:
    • All Shotguns
    • All Launchers
    • All Special Weapons
  • Attachments
    • Body
      • SWAT 5MW Laser Sight
      • Ember Sighting Point
    • Stock
      • Dual Wield
  • Tactical:
    • Stimshot
    • Decoy
  • Lethal:
    • C4
    • Tomahawk
  • Field Upgrade:
    • Proximity Mine
    • Field Mic
    • Gas Mine
  • Perks:
    • Perk 1:
      • Paranoia
      • Forward Intel
    • Perk 2:
      • Tracker
  • Wildcard:
    • Danger Close
  • Scorestreaks:
    • Combat Bow
    • Spy Plane
    • Counter Spy Plane
    • Care Package
    • Sentry Turret
    • Air Patrol

More information on the Call of Duty League Competitive Settings, including specific settings for Hardpoint, S&D, and Control modes, are available on the CDL site.

As always, stay tuned for the latest news on the Call of Duty League 2021 season.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty nominated for multiple awards at 2020 Game Awards

Modern Warfare, Warzone, and CoD Mobile have been nominated for multiple awards in The Game Awards 2020.



Modern Warfare, Warzone, and CoD Mobile have been nominated for multiple awards in The Game Awards 2020.

The Game Awards is one of the internet’s largest live stream events. Reaching nearly 50 million viewers in 2019, the 2020 show is set for December 10.

In 2019, Modern Warfare won the Game Award for Sound Design, and Call of Duty Mobile won Best Mobile Game. Modern Warfare and CoD: Mobile have been nominated again, with Warzone up for two awards.

Voting is now open on, so check out what categories Call of Duty has been nominated for.


Modern Warfare & the CDL

Modern Warfare has been nominated for Best Esports game following the CDL 2020 in which Dallas Empire took the title, beating Atlanta FaZe 5-1. For winning the title, they have been nominated for Best Esports Team of the year.

Dallas Empire players Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro have been nominated for Best Esports Player.

The Call of Duty League Championship 2020 has also been nominated for Best Esports Event.


Warzone, which launched in March 2020, has been nominated for two awards.

Call of Duty’s new battle royale took the world by storm, being one of the biggest battle royale games this year. Due to its success, it has been nominated for Best Multiplayer, going against internet icons such as Fall Guys and Among Us.

With its live-service model and regular updates, Warzone has also been nominated for Best Ongoing Game. The game will integrate with Black Ops Cold War in December, continuing its live-service model.

Call of Duty Mobile

After winning Best Mobile Game in 2019, CoD Mobile has again been nominated for Best Mobile game again. With regular updates and seasons, and many fan-favorite Call of Duty maps and weapons, CoD Mobile has established a loyal fanbase.

To vote for your favorite games from 2020, log in to

Source: The Game Awards

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to watch Black Ops Cold War Launch Week CDL events



Throughout the Black Ops Cold War launch week, Call of Duty professional teams will be hosting events live with large prize pools.

All of these tournaments will be live streamed to the Call of Duty Twitch channel and CDL team Twitch channels between November 14th to November 20th. Every competition will have a prize pool of $25,000.

Each event will be hosted by a professional Call of Duty franchise team, and will feature guest stars, like other pro players, celebrities and streamers.


Atlanta FaZe – Cold War Clash featuring FaZe Clan

Saturday, November 14 at 1 p.m. PT

Format: Bracket-style classic competitive modes featuring FaZe Clan streamers

Watch on Twitch.

OpTic Chicago – Cold War Launch Event

Sunday, November 15 at 11 a.m. PT

Format: Group play draft with single elimination competitive modes featuring OpTic players and NRG streamers

Watch on Twitch.

Minnesota Røkkr Arms Race

Monday, November 16 at 12 p.m. PT

Format: Pro-mod style format with single elimination competitive modes featuring Røkkr players and top streamers.

Watch on YouTube.

Dallas Empire – Battle of the Throne

Tuesday, November 17 at 10 a.m. PT

Format: CDL competition format with four teams comprised of an Empire player, two top streamers, and an athlete/artist/celebrity.

Watch on YouTube.

Florida Mutineers – Release the Kraken: Cold War 

Wednesday, November 18 at 9 a.m. PT

Format: Amateur community tournament with up to 64 teams.

Watch on YouTube.

London Royal Ravens –  Cold War Colosseum

Thursday, November 19 at 9 a.m. PT

Format: Draft players with classic competitive modes featuring ReKT influencers and celebrities

Watch on YouTube.

Toronto Ultra – $25K Coldish War

Friday, November 20 at 12 p.m. PT

Format: “Dirty Bomb” game mode point race featuring OAM talent and pros

Watch on YouTube.

Source: Call of Duty League

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