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Today (Jan 16th.) marked the start of the Pro League Qualifier. A grueling competition between 28 teams to decide the remaining 12 spots in the 2019 CWL Pro League.

So, after a day of competition, let’s recap what transpired. Here are the pools after today’s matches. Detailed stats and map counts can be found at cod-esports.gamepedia.com.

Some of the biggest points of interests were the upsets of the day. Nameless, a CWL caster, dubbed the event “Upset City.”

Several lower seed teams took favorite teams to task. Among these upsets was Midnight eSports beating 100 Thieves 3 to 0 in one of the first matches of the day. Another came in the form of the Austrialian line-up of Mindfreak beating Evil Geniuses in a tight 3 to 2.

To continue the series of successful non-NA wins, Overtime eSport (a fully French line-up) crushed Team Space. Team Space placed Top 8 at CWL Las Vegas as Str8 Rippin. Additionally, Fact Revolution got off to a hot start, sitting at 2-0 at the top of their pool.

As the last major upset of the night, Enigma 6 beat the well known Faze Clan team in 3 to 1 fashion.

Fan-favorites Team Envy and Pittsburgh Knights both only played one match for the day. Both teams won their games, 3:2 and 3:0 respectively.

Thursday’s games start at 12PM PST/3PM EST on twitch.tv/callofduty.

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