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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Description of several Black Ops Cold War campaign missions 



During a virtual briefing of Black Ops Cold War late last week, we got to see parts of three different mission experiences in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s campaign. 

Here’s descriptions of the missions. All gameplay was PS5 gameplay and pre-beta. 

Early Campaign Mission Cutscene: 

A first cut scene was shown to us during the briefing. This cut scene, per Raven, takes place early on in the game’s story. 

This cut scene takes place inside a White House briefing room, as Russel Adler and team showcase their evidence and information on how to catch Perseus. Officials in the room are doubting the intel that Adler’s team brought in, and were questioning as to if Perseus is even real or not. General Hag claims during the scene that ‘it’s more myth than fact’ about Perseus’ whereabouts. 

But the intel they have suggests he’s in play again and has plans to launch an attack against the West. CIA analysts consider him the ‘single largest threat to the free world.’ Russell Alder says, when doubted by the generals, ‘you don’t have to take us seriously, but innocent people will die.’ There’s something ‘major’ happening after 13 years of not hearing of Perseus. 

The scene continues with President Reagan entering the room to get an update on what’s happening. The President says ’is the threat real? Can you stop Perseus?” But Adler calls out that the mission would probably be illegal and in violation of treaties. Reagan ends with ‘Give Adler what he wants’ and says ‘I know you won’t fail us.’ The scene ends. 

First Mission: Ukraine

This mission was a mid-game mission, and it takes place in a Soviet structure behind the Iron Current. This mission features stealth and high action gameplay, where fans have to find out what’s held inside the said structure. 

Fans enter a massive Soviet base and attempt to recover what’s left inside, but are met at first with a glaring 1980s Russia’s vision of America-style set. It looks like ‘any town USA.’ 

This mission is very classic Call of Duty style. When you breach into the perimeter, your team gets detected and has to take out the Russian forces. The mission shows AK-47 weapon, mounted turrets on vehicles as you have to storm through the city to get out with the intel. 

The mission footage ended with a montage style of parts of the mission, including mounted turret on a vehicle to vehicle combat. 

Second Mission: Moscow 

The second mission we saw took place inside the KGB Headquarters in Russia. The building is called the Lubyanka. This is one of the missions that emphasize player freedom and Raven’s decision to allow player choice in Black Ops Cold War. 

This mission starts with you as an undercover Soviet Agent inside an office in Lubyanka. The first half of this mission lets you pick how you want to play it. A screen Raven showed us offered you to play through it by making a choice of whether to Steal, Poison, Bribe, or Blackmail a certain individual in the mission. This dictates how the first half of the mission goes. As you are walking through the Lubyanka, there’s a tense feeling echoed through the character. 

The second half of the mission is the classic Call of Duty action you know from past Black Ops games. You must fight your way through the entire Lubyanka and successfully secure intel and take it out of the Headquarters. 

The mission demo presentation ended with the intense fighting sequence as you work your way out of the location. 

Third Mission: Laos (Vietnam) 

The third mission we saw was a flashback mission to the Vietnam War. The team needs to find vital intel in the past that helps shape Black Ops Cold War story. 

This mission takes place in the later half of the overall story, and they need to find the hidden clue. 

In this mission, players pick the path they want to play through – there are four different options to experience. The map takes place during both day and night in Laos.

The Laos mission is the most unique and mind-bending mission in Call of Duty history, Raven says. You can reset this mission as you play through it and make different decisions throughout the mission itself. There’s four different options to live through this mission. It’s ‘never seen before in Call of Duty.’ 

The clip started in Laos during day time fighting in the jungle as you navigate through enemies and massive firefight. The mission jumps for the sake of time to the night time in Laos as you fight your way to secure the Helicopter to get clear of the area. You can actually reset the mission as you work your way through it and experience it in different ways. 

One clip Raven showed us shows the mission start over and then make players go through a mind-bending experience. Bunkers are falling from the sky into the map, and twists you into falling into it. And then you fall through different dimensions as you try to adjust your mind to get back into the main action. You hear voices in your head with one saying you’re the ‘only one who knows’ the truth about something redacted.

The sequence ended at that point. 

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War players want one major change for Mastercraft blueprints

Black Ops Cold War Mastercraft blueprints are great, giving players detailed thematic skins for their weapons, but some players want one change.



Black ops cold war mastercraft change

Black Ops Cold War offers players great customization options for weapons, but it seems some players still want more, especially when it comes to Mastercraft blueprints.

Black Ops Cold War is now in its fourth season, introducing new content seasonally for players who are still enjoying the classic Call of Duty multiplayer experience.

One thing those dedicated players love is the customization and camos, with recent calls for the custom emblems to return. However, it seems some players want one change for the Mastercraft blueprints.

black ops cold war mastercraft

Reddit user MultiBlueGamer put up a post with the suggestion that Mastercraft blueprints should keep their aesthetic even when players change the attachments on the weapon:

“Can we make some kind of Petition to make it so attachments don’t change the look of MasterCrafts? Some of these MasterCraft look sick but have terrible attachments, PLEASE Treyarch!”

Although it may seem small, it is pretty frustrating when you want to use a certain Mastercraft because you like the look of it but have to use attachments you don’t want to keep the intended design of the Mastercraft.

This would be a great quality of life change for Black Ops Cold War, mostly for those players who are dedicated to getting Mastercraft blueprints but still want to use the attachments that give them the best stats.

Users in the comments seem to agree, but most are fairly pessimistic about the developers taking the time to change something as small as this and are merely hoping that it will change in future Call of Duty installments.

One comments even suggested separating the gunsmith and attachments:

“This is why stat-changing attachments and the gunsmith should be separate. The only attachments that should alter the appearance are optic sights and suppressors. Then make the gunsmith completely cosmetic. That way you can make the gun look how you want without having to run attachments you don’t want, and vise versa.”

This would definitely be interesting and probably be a welcomed quality-of-life change by players, but who knows if this will ever happen.

For more on Black Ops Cold War, stay tuned via Charlie INTEL and check out our article on how to turn off crossplay.

Image Credits: Treyarch / Activision

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Warzone players call for boycott over Blizzard lawsuit and hacking problems

Due to the Blizzard lawsuit and endless hacking, Warzone, and other Call of Duty players, are calling for a boycott of Store purchases.



activision blizzard warzone

Warzone players are encouraging all Call of Duty gamers to boycott the purchase of skins and bundles from the store in response to the recent Activision Blizzard lawsuit and constant Warzone hacking.

It’s been an unsettling time for Call of Duty and its respective titles – Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, CoD: Mobile, and Modern Warfare. The ongoing Activision Blizzard lawsuit has impacted the franchise, and fans are calling for fellow players to stop buying goods from the CoD store in protest.

This includes everything from skins to Operator Bundles to even the Seasonal Battle Pass. Warzone players are citing the lawsuit, “empty updates,” and hackers as the driving force behind this movement.

activision blizzard headquarters

The lawsuit is dealing directly with an “alleged toxic workplace,” and has even lead to a full walkout by employees in response to the unfortunate situation.

Added to this is the purported series of empty updates “full of microtransactions in order to milk the players,” and the ever-increasing threat of hackers, and players have seemingly had enough.

Reddit user Jaszs has lead the charge by saying: “I’m writing this as someone who has played every. single. COD since COD2, and WZ since day 1 until yesterday, and also a former Blizzard fan. Yes, I know it may sound bad, but based on what’s going on (sexual harassment lawsuit, suppressing and abusive treatment of their employees…) I really think those guys don’t deserve anything from us, their customers.

“You can even keep playing the game if you want (there are some cool alternatives though; if you need some just ask in the comments!), just don’t spend any money in their store. In any case, you should also remember that they are the same guys that are releasing empty updates full of microtransactions in order to milk the players, releasing over and over the same game and not giving a single f*ck about the increasing number of hackers.”

The very passionate statement received over 300 comments and counting, and it’s universally in favor of boycotting Activision’s Store ahead of the Warzone Season 5 launch.

Given that there are many responses, here are a selection of replies:

  • “I’ve got 900 COD points and level 90 on the battle pass. Not spending a penny more on this game. They don’t respect their employees, they don’t respect the players (anti-cheat lmao) they aren’t getting anymore of my money.”
  • “Once all this sh*t came to light, my entire friend group collectively uninstalled the game and swore off of it for good. We were already mad at the game for being poorly managed with hackers and constant glitches/crashes. I suppose this was the lead straw that broke the metaphorical camel’s back.”
  • “Based on the way they’ve handled cheating, the CW integration, and the general state of the game in the last year, I’m shocked than any of you have been buying cosmetic items from them. Do you realize what kind of message you’re sending by making the worst CoD their highest-earning one?”

At the time of writing, the post has nearly 1.8K upvotes and rising. Given the player count of Warzone far exceeds this, it’s hard to imagine this boycott would do too much damage.

Conversely, Producer at Sledgehammer Games Alayna Cole has Tweeted an important message concerning the circumstances.

Boycotting the Activision store will have an obvious knock-on effect in terms of sales revenue, and would ultimately disrupt the salaries and jobs of many employees who are not involved in this lawsuit.

It’s a hard position for all involved and for players who engage in Call of Duty games. The lawsuit is still long ongoing, and we’ll continue to update you at Charlie INTEL with any breaking developments.

Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

How to turn off crossplay in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone

Here’s what you need to do in order to turn off Call of Duty’s Crossplay functionality in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4.



cold war and warzone logos with playstation and xbox

While playing Call of Duty with your friends on different platforms can be fun, there is a risk of you encountering hackers and cheaters. You can avoid that by using our guide to turn off crossplay in Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 4.

Crossplay in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone is a feature that connects players across all platforms through an “Activision Account.” Players who do not opt-in to this system will be unable to play cross-platform across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

If you do have an Activision Account, you will be automatically entered into the crossplay player pool by default. If you feel like this isn’t for you, and you want the option to disable this, then follow our quick and easy guide.

How to turn off crossplay for Black Ops Cold War

crossplay settings in cold war
  1. Log into Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings’
  3. Go to the ‘Account & Network’ tab
  4. Change Crossplay from ‘Enabled’ to ‘Disabled’

How To Turn off Warzone Crossplay

turning off crossplay in cod
  1. Log into Warzone
  2. Go to the ‘Options’ section
  3. Navigate to the ‘Account’ tab
  4. Change Crossplay from ‘Enabled’ to ‘Disabled’

Once crossplay is disabled, you’ll only matchmake against players on your native platform. You can toggle crossplay back on at any time. We especially recommend having it on while queuing for Warzone.

Also, be warned, only PlayStation can turn off crossplay in Warzone. Xbox and PC players will be forced to turn the option back on before beginning matchmaking.

Why turn off crossplay for Cold War & Warzone?

cold war and warzone crossplay

Simply put, cheaters and hackers. If you’re a console-only player, you might run into a few from the PC platform. While Raven Software has been issuing ban waves in an attempt to stop the constant torrent of blatant cheaters and constant hackers, they still continue to exist.

We strongly recommend keeping crossplay on to ensure the queue times stay short, we also understand that running into cheaters is not fun.

Unfortunately, if you’re on PC, turning off crossplay will significantly increase your matchmaking times. We do not recommend turning off crossplay unless you are on a console.

Why should I keep crossplay on?

players fighting on vehicles in warzone

If you’re wondering why you should keep crossplay on – first and foremost, interconnectivity. With crossplay enabled, you can play with Call of Duty friends on other platforms. If this is off, players on other platforms won’t be able to join your sessions and you won’t be able to join them.

Secondly, matchmaking times will be impacted if you turn off crossplay. More so on PC than other platforms, but the matchmaking pool you enter into on console will be against players with no Activision ID and other players who have turned off crossplay.

Lastly, connections. You’ll be entered into a more narrow pool of players, so this could also have a negative impact on your ping. Overall though, you should still be matchmade into the best available games.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you proceed with matchmaking but we would definitely recommend factoring in all the information above and thinking carefully.

Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software / Treyarch

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