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Destiny 2 players call for major changes to “stale” Seasonal Activity grind

Season of the Splicer once again brought back the upgrade tree for the new season’s special item, and Destiny 2 fans are tired of the grind.



splicer gauntlet in destiny 2

Guardians are becoming frustrated with Destiny 2’s continued approach to Seasonal Activity upgrades for Vendors, and Season of the Splicer has proved to be the tipping point.

Each new season of Destiny 2 usually comes with the same kind of baggage for Guardians to unpack. This includes new Exotic Weapons, a new Artifact, a Battle Pass, and most recently, Weekly Challenges.

One thing that players have become accustomed to is the prospect of grinding to upgrade the season’s new Vendor item. Players are complaining that the requirements are basically a drag, and want Bungie to change them going forward.

splicer gauntlet upgrades page

The impassioned stance shown by Reddit user iblaise has been received by a large portion of the Destiny 2 community who agree with the user’s thoughts.

iblaise said, “I’m sure we all let out a big sigh when we saw the Splicer Gauntlet’s upgrade tree this Season, and how familiar it looks to the War Table, Variks’s Sabotage, the Prismatic Recaster, the Seraph Bunkers, and the Sundial Obelisks.

“Yes, that’s right, every season since Season of Dawn, we’ve had to upgrade these systems by doing specific Activities related to those Seasons (excluding Variks, which was more general Europa content).”

The post has attracted nearly 10k upvotes with several hundred comments all agreeing with the notion of altering the “vendor with three rows to upgrade” system.

“When The Witch Queen releases though, I really hope we can move slowly away from this model, or at least not rely on it every single season. All it has done, at least for me, is make each Season feel like more of a slog when it’s basically the same thing over and over,” continued iblaise.

Destiny 2’s activities are usually fun, such as the new Override activity which the Splicer Gauntlet benefits from the most, but endlessly grinding them can become tiresome.

One of the top comments said, “Menagerie was the peak of D2 in my opinion – perfect balance of puzzles, punishment, and reward. It helps it existed before Champions…I never felt like I was fighting for kills with other players, difficulty scaled quite well with power level – the different bosses also really helped to make things different each week.”

Given that the upgrade tree has been largely consistent for the past few seasons now, you do wonder if Bungie will deviate from the model. But if feedback like this continues, then the devs may have no choice but to come up with something fresh ahead of The Witch Queen expansion.

Image Credit: Bungie


Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards: December 3

The Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards are out for the week of December 3. Use our quick and easy guide to see what items can be redeemed.



trials of osiris logo

Players who love to battle it out in competitive PvP action to earn Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris rewards can now see what the week of December 3 has to offer.

Destiny 2‘s Trial of Osiris has become a staple of Bungie’s sci-fi shooter, thanks to its heated action, and the rewards for December 3 are now available to see.

One of the most popular game modes that the first-person shooter offers is, no doubt, Trials of Osiris, which is the game’s competitive multiplayer playlist that allows Guardians to test their skills against other players.

One of the exciting factors of this game mode, besides proving your skills, is the new set of rewards that players can earn with their success every week. Here are the newest set of Trials of Osiris rewards in Destiny 2.

What are the Trials of Osiris rewards for December 3 in Destiny 2?

destiny 2 trials of osiris rewards this week

The more reputation you can earn in Bungie’s Trials of Osiris, the better quality of rewards you will receive in Destiny 2.

The map that players fight on changes each week, and this week, the combat takes place on Convergence.

Here is the complete list of Trials of Osiris rewards for the week of December 3:

  • Reputation Rank 10: Eye of Sol (Kinetic sniper rifle)
    • Once you’ve reset your reputation, you can earn The Messenger (Kinetic pulse rifle)
  • Reputation Rank 16: Igneous Hammer (Solar hand cannon)
    • Once you’ve reset your reputation, you can earn Sola’s Scar (Solar sword)
  • Flawless run: The Messenger (Adept)
destiny 2 trials of osiris saint 14

To earn the Flawless Reward, players will need to win seven Trials of Osiris matches without losing a single game.

It’s a tough feat, no doubt, but it’s doable with enough skill, patience, and understanding of the game’s mechanics.

Hopefully, this week’s Trials of Osiris rewards are worth you going after and can be used to make your overall Destiny 2 experience more fruitful and enjoyable!

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Image Credits: Bungie

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Destiny 2 Xur location and items: December 3 – 7

Here is where you can find Xur the Merchant and get different Exotic items for yourself when playing Destiny 2.



Xur the Merchant in Destiny 2

You can get Exotic items for yourself in Destiny 2 by visiting Xur the merchant. This character moves around, so here is his location and all the items that you can get from him.

Destiny 2 has become a classic since its release in 2017, with a large player base in 2021. The Season of the Lost update has added various weapons like the Lorentz Drive exotic and Darkest Below.

You can also get different Exotic items each week by visiting the merchant, Xur. He hangs out in random locations around the map, and this guide will let you know where to find him along with his inventory.

Where to find Xur the Merchant in Destiny 2

Xur the Merchant in Destiny 2

Xur’s location in Destiny 2 changes each week. Currently, Xur can be found within the Tower’s Hanger, standing on a platform just before the hanger stairs.

Once you visit him, you can get yourself some neat new Exotic items to use in the game. Xur will provide you with items that are at the same power level as you.

Xur’s December 3 – 7 items in Destiny 2

You can find all of the items available for sale from Xur this week in Destiny 2 below:

Exotic Gear

  • Exotic Engram
  • The Huckleberry – Submachine Gun
  • Raiden Flux – Chest Armor
  • An Insurmountable Skullfort – Helmet
  • Apotheosis Veil – Helmet

Legendary Weapons

  • Dire Promise – Hand Cannon
  • Enigma’s Draw – Sidearm
  • False Promises – Auto Rifle
  • Ikelos_SR_V1.0.2 – Sniper Rifle
  • First In, Last Out – Shotgun
  • Honor’s Edge – Sword
  • The Keening – Sidearm

Legendary Armour

  • Phoenix Strife Type 0 – Gauntlets
  • Phoenix Strife Type 0 – Chest Armor
  • Binary Phoenix Mark – Titan Mark
  • Phoenix Strife Type 0 – Helmet
  • Phoenix Strife Type 0 – Leg Armour
destiny 2 xur

This week’s collection of wares consists of impressive weapons, helmets, quests, and cosmetic items. You can equip these and reap their benefits when running into combat in Destiny 2 if you are looking for some new things to use against your enemies.

Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for more Destiny 2, and check out the possible Destiny 2 and Halo crossover.

Image Credits: Bungie

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Destiny 2 Anniversary Event hints at Halo crossover

Destiny 2 players have spotted some Halo weapons in the upcoming 30th Anniversary event, and they believe it could be teasing a crossover.



Master Chief and Destiny 2 Guardian

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack will arrive in Destiny 2 soon, and the teasers appear to show Guardian’s rocking some very familiar Halo weapons. This has sparked rumors that a Halo crossover will be arriving in Destiny 2 soon.

Bungie kickstarted the legendary Halo franchise back in 2001 but since parting ways with Microsoft, has now moved on to developing and supporting Destiny. Now, Halo is in the hands of 343 Industries.

Bungie will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a special Destiny 2 event that brings over content and cosmetics from its previous games. Although it’s Bungie’s most famous franchise, there was no confirmation that any Halo content would arrive.

However, on the 30th Anniversary Pack’s Steam page, eagle-eyed players believe they have spotted Halo weapons that tease a crossover.

Halo weapons spotted in Destiny 2

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack launches on December 7 and brings a new Dungeon, as well as the Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher, and weapons and armor from its previous games – Myth and Marathon.

Although Halo put Bungie on the map, the end of its Microsoft partnership has meant that Destiny and Halo have never had a crossover. However, it appears that could change.

Players have spotted weapons that look extremely similar to Halo’s classic Battle Rifle and Focus Rifle (or Covenant Carbine) in an image from Destiny 2’s ‘Dares of Eternity’ activity.

Some also believed that they spotted a Needler in the same image, but it’s actually a new armor set where the shoulder piece has some very familiar purple needles poking out of it.

However, there’s no guarantee that this will be an official crossover. It’s likely that Bungie has crafted new weapons that are inspired by Halo’s but in such a way that it doesn’t directly bring them over.

While an official crossover is possible, we’ll need to wait until the 30th Anniversary event releases to know just how much Halo will arrive in Destiny 2.

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Image Credit: Bungie / 343 Industries

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