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Destiny 2 players call for major changes to “stale” Seasonal Activity grind

Season of the Splicer once again brought back the upgrade tree for the new season’s special item, and Destiny 2 fans are tired of the grind.



splicer gauntlet in destiny 2

Guardians are becoming frustrated with Destiny 2’s continued approach to Seasonal Activity upgrades for Vendors, and Season of the Splicer has proved to be the tipping point.

Each new season of Destiny 2 usually comes with the same kind of baggage for Guardians to unpack. This includes new Exotic Weapons, a new Artifact, a Battle Pass, and most recently, Weekly Challenges.

One thing that players have become accustomed to is the prospect of grinding to upgrade the season’s new Vendor item. Players are complaining that the requirements are basically a drag, and want Bungie to change them going forward.

splicer gauntlet upgrades page

The impassioned stance shown by Reddit user iblaise has been received by a large portion of the Destiny 2 community who agree with the user’s thoughts.

iblaise said, “I’m sure we all let out a big sigh when we saw the Splicer Gauntlet’s upgrade tree this Season, and how familiar it looks to the War Table, Variks’s Sabotage, the Prismatic Recaster, the Seraph Bunkers, and the Sundial Obelisks.

“Yes, that’s right, every season since Season of Dawn, we’ve had to upgrade these systems by doing specific Activities related to those Seasons (excluding Variks, which was more general Europa content).”

The post has attracted nearly 10k upvotes with several hundred comments all agreeing with the notion of altering the “vendor with three rows to upgrade” system.

“When The Witch Queen releases though, I really hope we can move slowly away from this model, or at least not rely on it every single season. All it has done, at least for me, is make each Season feel like more of a slog when it’s basically the same thing over and over,” continued iblaise.

Destiny 2’s activities are usually fun, such as the new Override activity which the Splicer Gauntlet benefits from the most, but endlessly grinding them can become tiresome.

One of the top comments said, “Menagerie was the peak of D2 in my opinion – perfect balance of puzzles, punishment, and reward. It helps it existed before Champions…I never felt like I was fighting for kills with other players, difficulty scaled quite well with power level – the different bosses also really helped to make things different each week.”

Given that the upgrade tree has been largely consistent for the past few seasons now, you do wonder if Bungie will deviate from the model. But if feedback like this continues, then the devs may have no choice but to come up with something fresh ahead of The Witch Queen expansion.

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Are Destiny 2 servers down? Current server status

There will be times when the Destiny 2 servers go down due to various reasons and here is how you can keep up to date with the current server status.



Are Destiny 2 Servers Down

The Destiny 2 community is one of the biggest in the video game world, so there are plenty of players who are more than interested when the servers for the popular game go down.

There is no denying that Destiny 2 is one of the biggest games in the world, as the first-person shooter has plenty of Guardians who enjoy all of the adrenaline-fueled action the game has to offer.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that when the Destiny 2 servers go down, players are very curious as to why that is happening and when they will be back online to get back to playing and using one of their god roll weapons.

Here are some resources you can utilize to check whether or not the Destiny 2 servers are down.

Destiny 2 servers down

Are Destiny 2 servers down?

At this time, the Destiny 2 servers are not down and are currently working as intended.

If you start to experience issues with signing online and playing Destiny 2, there are a couple of ways you can check the current server status of the game.

The Bungie Help Twitter account will post updates regarding server issues for the game, so checking this Twitter account is a good way of keeping up to date with whether or not there is a server issue with the game.

Bungie also schedules their server maintenance where players can check on their website and see if the servers are supposed to be down for things like updates.

Finally, downdetector is a reliable source where players can report outages and help to inform the community when it comes to the Destiny 2 servers being down.

It is also important to note that when large updates are happening for the game, Bungie will take the game offline to successfully apply the update, so it is expected that players will have some trouble connecting when expansions or new seasons launch.

For more Destiny 2, check out the Riiswalker god roll perks for PVE and PVP, and stay tuned for future news and guides.

Image Credits: Bungie

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Destiny 2 Riiswalker god roll perks for PVE and PVP

The Riiswalker is a powerful Destiny 2 weapon, and players can maximize its potential by acquiring the god roll perks for this piece of loot.



Destiny 2 Riiswalker God Roll

There are many weapons that Guardians can use to achieve victory in Destiny 2, with the Riiswalker being one of the best players can acquire especially if they attain one that has a god roll.

The world of Destiny 2 has plenty for players to enjoy and experience. One of the biggest attractions is the various weapons that players can collect and use in their battles.

These weapons reach their true potential when they are equipped with their god roll that contains perks that maximize their potential.

One of the strongest weapons that Destiny 2 players can get their hands on is the Riiswalker, so here is the Destiny 2 Riiswalker god roll you should be on the lookout for when trying to get the best version of this Legendary shotgun.

Destiny 2 Riiswalker God Roll

Destiny 2 Riiswalker God Roll

Now, the particular Destiny 2 Riiswalker god roll you want will depend on whether you will be using it for player versus environment or player versus player battles.

Perks that work well in PVE battles are not guaranteed to perform well when it comes to battling it out in the Crucible, Iron Banner, or Trials of Osiris.

With this in mind, here is the PVE and PVP Destiny 2 Riiswalker god roll for either scenario you will find yourself when playing.


  • Smallbore
  • Assault Mag
  • Surplus
  • Vorpal Weapon


  • Rifled Barrel
  • Accurized Rounds
  • Quickdraw
  • Iron Reach

It is important to note that Guardians can only get this Legendary Shotgun through the Iron Banner playlist, so you will only be able to get this weapon when Iron Banner is live in the popular first-person shooter.

Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed you will get the Riiswalker god roll whenever you get this weapon, as the perks you get will be random in the same way, so you will have to pray to the loot gods that the next time you get this weapon to drop that it will have the PVE or PVP perks you want.

For Destiny 2, check out everything you need to know about Valor Ranks and stay tuned for future news and guides.

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Destiny 2 Valor Ranks: Point requirements & how to reset

Destiny 2 players can increase their Valor rank for bragging rights and rewards, so here’s the point requirements and how to reset your rank.



Destiny 2 lord shaxx crucible

As you play PvP matches in Destiny 2, you’ll begin to earn Valor Ranks which showcase your skill and dedication, and you can also reset your rank for rewards.

Destiny 2 offers players ranks to increase as they play PvP and complete raids throughout a season. There are two types of rank points to earn in Destiny 2, Valor and Glory.

Valor increases as you play the game, no matter if you’re winning or losing, and Glory is your competitive rank where you’re rewarded and punished for wins and losses.

We’re taking a look at Destiny 2’s Valor Rank, explaining how you can increase it, and how to reset it when the time comes.

How to increase Valor Rank in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 increase power rank

Valor Rank in Destiny 2 is essentially your season level. As you play PvP in playlists such as Quickplay or Rumble, you will earn Valor Rank points. And unlike the competitive Glory Rank, you’ll earn points no matter if you win or lose.

However, winning games will offer you more points, so concentrate your efforts on doing this of course.

You’ll begin with the Guardian rank with six more ranks to progress through, with the option to reset your level for a reward once you hit the highest tier.

Here are all of the Valor Ranks and their point requirements:

  1. Guardian: 0 points
  2. Brave: 50 points
  3. Heroic: 350 points
  4. Fabled: 700 points
  5. Mythic: 1150 points
  6. Legend: 1800 points
  7. Exotic: 2000 points

How to reset Valor Rank in Destiny 2 Season of the Splicer

Destiny 2 lord shaxx reset power rank

Once you hit the highest level of Valor at 2,000 points, you can reset your rank similar to the traditional Prestige system from Call of Duty. Like CoD, doing this reaps several benefits such as unlocking Exotic Engrams.

Resetting Valor changed with Season of the Chosen, and you now have to talk to Lord Shaxx to do it.

Here’s how to reset Valor in Season of the Splicer:

  1. Talk to Lord Shaxx in the Crucible
  2. You now need to claim these items from Shaxx:
  3. ‘Upgrade Module’
  4. ‘Enhancement Core’
  5. ‘Pyretic Clash’
  6. ‘Enhancement Prism’
  7. ‘Light Crash’
  8. Select and hold ‘Reset Reputation’ on the right of the rewards

Once you have reset your Valor Rank, you’ll go back down to zero and will receive an Exotic Engram. You can keep doing this all season, rewarding your dedication with plenty of great rewards.

Your Valor Rank will also reset once the next season begins, so make sure you unlock everything you want to before Season 15 launches.

Image Credit: Bungie

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