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Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen: Release date, trailer, story, strikes & weapons

Here are all the early details we know about Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen including important story details, new strikes, and a lot more.



destiny 2 season of the chosen leaked image

We are coming to the end of Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt period. Fans are already looking to Season 13 and all the new stuff that the accidentally leaked “Season of the Chosen” will bring, such as its start date, story info, new strikes, and more.

“Season of the [Redacted]” as Bungie has been calling it is quickly coming up on the horizon. Its real name was found through datamining some time ago and it’s officially been confirmed thanks to an accidental Tweet that broke the embargo date.

The official Bungie website has already provided many hints and nods to content that is going to be seen in the upcoming season. So we’ve compiled a lot of this information into one big, handy go-to for Destiny players.

destiny 2 season of the hunt

Destiny 2 Season 13 start date

Each season of Destiny 2 usually lasts for about 10 weeks and Season 12 looks to be no different.

Season of the Hunt will end on February 9, with the brand new Season of the Chosen also set to commence on February 9.

Destiny 2 Season 13 story

Bungie is trying to stretch Beyond Light as much as they can by really developing the story throughout its duration, and the accidental Tweet may have already revealed who Season 13’s antagonist will be.

The image shows what appears to be Caiatl, Calus’ daughter, taking up the majority of the picture’s background. There have been many hints that this was the direction the story was headed thanks to teasers throughout the season.

destiny 2 calus

Destiny 2 Season 13 strikes

Bungie needs to make sure they’re keeping Destiny 2 fresh and hot as always to keep their loyal fanbase coming back for more. This is why it’s good news that the leak has suggested we’ll see a few new strikes in Season of the Chosen.

Furthermore, some “returning favorites” are to be expected as well, meaning there will be a lot of extra new strike content to look forward to. Also, Cabal’s soldiers are expected to be in specific places on the map now, leading to a lot of new potential fights and maybe even activities.

Destiny 2 Season 13 weapons

Weapons and armor from The Dreaming City and Moon are set to return from these locations. The Reverie Dawn and Dreambane armor sets will make a comeback and so will four weapons from each location. This will include some absolute classics such as the Waking Vigil hand cannon.

Drop rates will be weighted towards the updated iterations to help players increase their chances of landing the newer gear. On top of their makeover, the armor and weapons will also differ from their previous iterations by coming with higher stats, and extra perk options.

The official “This Week at Bungie” blog also stated that we’d see the following:

  • In Season 13, we’re adding six new Legendary weapons to our ritual activities, two each for strikes, Gambit, and Crucible.
  • In addition to the weapons above, Nightfall strikes are getting three unique weapons, with The Palindrome, The Swarm, and Shadow Price all making their Destiny 2 debuts. If you’re brave enough to take on Grandmaster Nightfalls, you will be also able to earn Adept versions of these weapons. 
destiny 2 waking vigil

Destiny 2 Season 13 other changes

Whilst the story and other key changes will obviously take the headlines, Season 13 is expected to introduce some other less-heralded, but equally, vital changes to freshen up the game.

Vendor changes

Vendor tokens are being phased out in favor of doing tasks to level up each vendor. You’ll also be able to reset the level if you hit the maximum cap. Make sure to turn in the tokens you have now as to not miss out on potential rewards.

Seasonal challenges

Say goodbye to Crucible, Strike, and Gambit bounties as they are being kicked to the curb in favor of new Seasonal Challenges. Each week, players will see lots of new challenges and can be accomplished via playlists or other activities.

Umbral Engrams

Rejoice as Umbral Engrams have been confirmed by Bungie to be returning in Season of the Chosen. These useful items allow players to focus on specific weapons and armor drops they really want.

Bright Dust

destiny 2 bright dust

Players will have more ways to earn Bright Dust with Season of the Chosen as Bungie has confirmed that Seasonal Challenges will reward Bright Dust. These are the specific amounts:

  • Seasonal challenges can net up to 10,000 Bright Dust
  • Season Pass helps out with 10,500 Bright Dust
  • Weekly Challenges offer 14,040 Bright Dust

This combines together for the sum of 34,540 Bright Dust for players to potentially earn as they play Season 13.

Destiny 2 Season 13 trailer

Bungie has released the official trailer for Season 13 of Destiny, officially confirming the “Season of the Chosen” name.

As you can see from all this information, Bungie is relentless in its attitude to delivering a huge amount of stellar content for fans to look forward to.

More information is expected to become official very soon as we’ll be sure to update you when we get it.

Image credits: Bungie


How to fix Destiny 2 Error Code: BUFFALO

A common Destiny 2 problem is the Error Code: BUFFALO message. So let’s dive into the issue, what causes it, and ways to fix it.



destiny 2 error code buffalo

Players trying to enjoy Destiny 2 content, such as Season of the Lost, may find that they can’t sign into their account. This could be down to the Error Code: BUFFALO bug, and we’ve broken down the issue and how to fix it.

Sometimes, all players want to do is hop onto Destiny 2 after a long day of work, school, or whatever it may be, and jump online.

But issues are always going to be encountered now and again, and Destiny 2 is not immune to this. Bungie’s first-person shooter has a myriad of different problems that players can bump into, with one, in particular, being troublesome – Error Code: BUFFALO.

What is Error Code: BUFFALO on PlayStation, Xbox & PC?

destiny 2 season of the lost guardian artwork

If you’re struggling to access Destiny 2 online and it’s appearing with “Error Code: BUFFALO,” this is because the game can’t sign you in.

According to Bungie, this could be for one of several different reasons:

  • Console
    • Your chosen platform service is undergoing maintenance
    • Your PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscription has expired
    • Players in Korea’s “allotted purchased internet usage time has run out or online account plan has expired”
  • PC
    • Trying to access your Destiny 2 account at the same time on multiple PCs at once

Ways to fix Code Error: BUFFALO problem in Destiny 2

destiny 2 festival of the lost guardians pose

The solutions to the Code Error: BUFFALO problem are basic counteractions to the suggested causes above.

Here’s what you can try to attempt to solve the issue:

  • Console
  • PC
    • Check all your devices that you may have signed into to play Destiny 2, because another user may inadvertently have accessed your account on a different computer

We hope these different solutions help you to solve the Code Error: BUFFALO issue, and that you can resume enjoying Destiny 2 Season of the Lost.

Also, check out how to claim Destiny 2 Prime Gaming rewards.

Image Credit: Bungie

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How to get Destiny 2 Ager’s Scepter Catalyst

Here’s how to unlock the Destiny 2 Ager’s Scepter Catalyst. The Catalyst can be used to upgrade the incredibly powerful exotic trace rifle.



destiny 2 agers scepter catalyst

Ager’s Scepter is a powerful Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2, and its weapon catalysts can make it even stronger.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost started less than a month ago, and there’s already a ton of new content to enjoy. This includes new missions, modes, and gear. And there’s still a lot more to come over the next five months.

One of the new Exotic weapons introduced this season is Destiny 2’s Ager’s Scepter. This new Trace Rifle is one of six in the entire game. And with the ability to slow and freeze enemies, Ager’s Scepter is a menace.

Season Pass holders will have to complete the questline “A Hollow Coronation” to unlock the Exotic. But the fun doesn’t stop there because players can now unlock Catalysts for the Ager’s Scepter to make it even more powerful.

How to get Destiny 2 Ager’s Scepter Catalyst

Catalysts are special modifiers in Destiny 2 that upgrade exotic weapons. They don’t raise the light level of weapons like Upgrade Modules but instead modify certain aspects of the weapon.

Each weapon has its unique Catalysts that have specific means of finding them. For Ager’s Scepter, players can find the Catalyst by opening Wayfinder’s Troves in Astral Alignment. The Ager’s Scepter Catalyst was made available after the rest on September 21, 2021.

Astral Alignment is this season’s matchmade activity. It is a six-player seasonal activity that takes place in four phases. You will need to work with your teammates to complete each wave.

Wayfinder’s Troves appear at the end of Astral Alignment. You will have a few moments before the match concludes to open them. However, you will have to have 150 Parallax Trajectory to open each Trove. It is also not guaranteed that the Wayfinder’s Trove will drop an Ager’s Scepter Catalyst.

Destiny 2 ager's scepter catalyst

Getting a Catalyst takes an awful lot of time and patience, but they are worth it. If you can add even more power to an already overpowered trace rifle, you will want to do whatever it takes.

Sadly, that means players will have to grind Astral Alignment activities this season.

For more Destiny, check out how to get the Thorn Armor set, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

Image Credits: Bungie

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Destiny 2 Xur location and items: September 17 – 21

Here is where you can find Xur the Merchant and get different Exotic items for yourself when playing Destiny 2.



Xur the Merchant in Destiny 2

You can get Exotic items for yourself in Destiny 2 by visiting Xur the merchant. This character moves around, so here is his location and all the items that you can get from him.

Destiny 2 has become a classic since its release in 2017, with a large player base in 2021. The Season of the Lost update has added various weapons like the Lorentz Drive exotic and Darkest Below.

You can also get different Exotic items each week by visiting the merchant, Xur. He hangs out in random locations around the map, and this guide will let you know where to find him along with his inventory.

Where to find Xur the Merchant in Destiny 2

Xur the Merchant in Destiny 2

Xur’s location in Destiny 2 changes each week, and he can be found in the Tower between September 17 and 21. The merchant will be standing near the back stairs of the Hangar.

Once you visit him, you can get yourself some neat new Exotic items to use in the game. Xur will provide you with items that are at the same power level as you.

Xur’s September 17 – 21 items in Destiny 2

This week’s collection of wares consists of impressive weapons, helmets, quests, and cosmetic items. You can equip these and reap their benefits when running into combat in Destiny 2.

Here’s a breakdown of every item that you can get from Xur the merchant this week in the game.


Merciless in Destiny 2

This fusion rifle comes with the Exotic perk, Conserve Momentum, which lets it charge the fusion bursts faster for every non-lethal hit. This lets you kill bigger enemies much quicker.

Merciless was considered one of the best Exotic weapons in year 1 of the game. While there are better weapons in Destiny 2 to choose from, you can still have a ton of fun with this gun.

Shards of Galanor

Shards of Galanor in Destiny 2

This item comes with the Sharp Edges perk, which refunds Super energy based on the number of blades you hit with Blade Barrage. This will allow you to dish out more pain during Strikes and Crucibles.

One-Eyed Mask

One-Eyed Mask in Destiny 2

This Titan helmet was considered to be one of the best Exotic items during Destiny 2: Forsaken, and it comes with the Vengeance Exotic perk. This will mark enemies that deal damage to you, letting you track them through walls.

Geomag Stabilizers

Geomag Stabilizers in Destiny 2

These Exotic boots were from Forsaken, and their Exotic perk is Close Enough. This recharges your Chaos Reach Super while sprinting if you have at least 90% energy. You can increase the duration by damaging enemies with Chaos Reach.

Exotic Cipher Quest

Xur Exotic Cipher quest in Destiny 2

Xur also has a new quest for an Exotic Cipher this week. This lets you purchase old Exotics from the Monuments to Lost Light kiosk in the tower. You should do this Quest so that you can acquire Exotics like Heir Apparent and Truth.

The merchant requires you to complete 21 Strikes or win Crucible or Gambit matches this week. You’ll earn the Exotic Cipher once you’ve completed this Quest.

Stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for more Destiny 2, and check out the Destiny 2 Hotfix Update patch notes.

Image credits: Bungie

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