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Details about the COD Championship 2014 to be released in January



Infinity Ward’s Senior Community Manager, Tina Palacios, has posted an update on the studio’s official Facebook page regarding eSports.

She talks about the new Broadcaster Mode and the new CODeSports settings that have been implemented for MLG Columbus.

The great thing about our new eSports update is that you can go into Private Match or System Link now to enable various eSports rules to your liking, and then when you customize your loadout, you’ll see what’s been removed from the competitive scene. The team is eager to see these changes in place for the event. I’ve been watching some of the teams livestream their moments on Twitch and all that was missing was Puckett casting them. Speaking of which, if you get the chance, I highly recommend you watch the All-Star showdown today.

Palacios has also confirmed that Activision and Infinity Ward will be providing new details regarding the Call of Duty Championship 2014 in January.

There’s a lot of excitement in store for our fans, and I’m happy to say that Infinity Ward is proud to be apart of it. Now who wants to take bets on who will win the COD Championships next year? You can expect to find out first details in January for this big event.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward Facebook