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Activision has announced details on the new Call of Duty World League National Circuit, a new circuit for amateur teams, that do not qualify for the Pro League Stage 1, to compete in.

There is a separate national circuit for each of the regions included, and players can now sign up on GameBattles, based upon region:

Stage 1 of the CWL National Circuit begins on January 26. Activision plans to include Brazil and Mexico during Stage 2 of the circuit, with registration opening for those regions in February. There are specific eligibility requirements when signing up.

Each team in a specific region must have at least two players on their team from that region listed.

For example, here are the team-variations eligible to compete in the Spain and Portugal circuit:

  • Four players from Spain (or Portugal)
  • Two players from Spain, two players from Portugal
  • One player from Spain, one player from Portugal, two players from the United Kingdom
  • Two players from Spain, one player from Andorra, one player from Monaco (all European tournaments will also include several non-National Circuit countries listed in the European National Circuit handbook)

Once your team has signed up, each region will allow the top 8 teams, based upon pro point standings, to compete in the Stage of the National Circuit in their respective region. Matches will be played on GameBattles app in Call of Duty: WWII on PS4.


At the end of each of the four Stages, there will be a playoff for the eight teams in the circuit in each region.

The top four teams, based upon standings, will play in a single elimination bracket. The first place team will play the fourth place team, and the second will go up against the third in the first round of the bracket.

The 5th and 6th placed teams in each region will not be playing in the playoff but will be back for the next Stage of the National Circuit action.

The 7th and 8th place teams at the end will have to play in a relegation tournament to keep their spot in the National Circuit in their region.

Here are the dates for the playoffs for each stage of the National Circuit:

  • Stage One Playoffs and Relegation: February 16
  • Stage Two Playoff and Relegation: April 13
  • Stage Three Playoff and Relegation: June 1
  • Stage Four Playoff tournament: July 13

The winning team each of stage in the CWL National Circuit, in each region, will receive $1,000 cash prize, along with 3,000 CWL Pro Points per player on the team. The first place team in the playoff from each region will also earn fully-payed trip to a CWL Open event.

  • Stage 1 Winner will be sent to the CWL Atlanta Open
  • Stage 2 Winner will be sent to the CWL Seattle Open
  • Stage 3 Winner will be sent to the CWL Anaheim Open
  • Stage 4 winner will be sent to the CWL Championship Last Chance Qualifiers.

More information is available on Activision’s site here.

SOURCE: Activision

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